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  1. SSPhone

    ISO ‘99 17T

    Looking for a project hull. ‘99 17T with side console.
  2. Anyone had luck finding a cover to put on their boat that either goes over the polling platform or under around the legs? I want something that we can put on when we leave it on the trailer or lift.
  3. SSPhone

    Anyone go from Power Pole to Talon?

    I have a 12’ Talon on a Hurricane deck boat and love it. No pumps to mount and take up room that my boat just doesn’t have. Yes I have have had the insides drop out lucky for me we were swimming that day already so I hopped back in the water and pushed it back up and put a bungee cord on it to get it home. Repaired in 2 days at a authorized minn Kota repair at no charge.
  4. SSPhone

    99 PF 17T bilge pump

    Where's the LIKE button? Thanks captpn
  5. SSPhone

    99 PF 17T bilge pump

    So I dont know the age of these pumps yes they both are working when I hit the switch and they do remove the water. It's just the unknown factor that makes me think I will just replace both with the automatic type with the switch built in. There's not much room to work in the little hole so hoping for the best when trying to remove the old ones.
  6. SSPhone

    99 PF 17T bilge pump

    99 17T bilge pump change out. Right now I have 2 Rule 500 pumps but neither are automatic and I just don’t feel good about leaving the boat in the water overnight. Any suggestions on removing the existing pumps to replace with new? There’s not much room in there to move around.
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