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  1. DavisIslander


    Well done; I love the smiles!
  2. DavisIslander

    Tampa Bay Gag Season 2020 Finale

    Secret? Secret spots for Pompano? Say it ain't so! I had a chance to go yesterday and chase 'em, couldn't get out of backyard modification. Soon!
  3. DavisIslander

    New Cover For My Redfisher

    Looks great! Congrats....
  4. Been driving this wonderful vessel like a "scalded dog" (old timers will know this term) and recently (as in the last three times out), I've started to get vapor lock on my 2004 115 4-stroke Yamaha. 354 hours on the motor and it runs beautiful. (usually) After a few starts and stops, I get the dreaded rar-rar-rar-rar and it won't start. After waiting a decent timeframe (30-60 minutes) it cranks right up. So...are there any remedies or work-around that I can employ to remove this new annoyance. BTW, can't wait for trout to open back up here in Tampa Bay, (May 2021)..been sla
  5. DavisIslander

    Tampa Bay gag diggin’ - Trip 2

    I'm going to have to run some plugs this coming Saturday...need to get out on the water. I just hate the Weekend Boaters and everything that comes with that. UGH But the lure of tasty grouper will always win!!
  6. DavisIslander

    Skinning Pompano

    Pan fried? Deep fried? Hmmm kinda like fried-butter at the State Fair? (as in, no thanks). I would think Pomps are too delicate to deep fry, don't you think? Pan fried skin on a Pomp has a nice crunchiness to it! Then again, "to each their own" applies. I baked a big chunk of Chilean Seabass last night at 425 for 25 minutes. It was BUTTER!!
  7. DavisIslander

    Skinning Pompano

    I've always left the skin on because of this! If you don't want to eat it, peel it off once cooked. Delicious fish any way you cook it. Broiled, grilled, baked - tasty! I need them to show up in numbers here in Tampa Bay!
  8. DavisIslander

    Unable to post photos

    Hey Boom! Are you clicking where it states, choose files... That's where I usually go and then click on the image.
  9. DavisIslander

    Reds are coming alive.

    Shallow! Can tell by your trolling motor! Nice job!
  10. DavisIslander

    Reds and Snooklets

    Very nice! Quality fish indeed! BTW, got enough bait??? laughing! Great to see!
  11. DavisIslander

    Video of Unmanned Boat Crashing Into Dock

    Can't fix stupid indeed! What's been burning my butt with kill-switches and such lately is the advertisements showing beautiful flats boats gliding across the bay/inland waters at a high rate of speed with two young men crouched over, hair blowing in the wind, etc. You get the picture! What a wonderful life/adventure! And it is! What's missing? Yep; life jackets/kill switches. I was banned from a FB fishing group (go figure) for debating this topic. Without mentioning any manufacturers , I inquired as to why these beautiful videos lacked safety equipment being wor
  12. DavisIslander

    I did it again - dag nabbit!

    I promise not to, I only plug it when trailering and storing it! Water's fine - come on in SPLASH!
  13. DavisIslander

    I did it again - dag nabbit!

    I went to West Marine and found this gem for $4 bucks! I’ve found my replacement for now!
  14. DavisIslander

    I did it again - dag nabbit!

    Laughing! As long as it fits I’m a happy angler!!
  15. DavisIslander

    I did it again - dag nabbit!

    My RF18 has a bass seat plate up forward of the hatches. The opening has a metal screw cap insert that is just like the gas tank cap. You unscrew it, put your pedestal pole w/seat and away you go. Yeah, just like that! Sure enough dag nabbit, took the screw top off, put the pedestal in and bumped the top with my foot and it jumped up and rolled off the boat in 22 feet of water. "You kidding me?" And of course you can't buy a Perko 528008 CHR cap (only). So...can I use the Perko rubber waste cap instead? I'm thinking yes.
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