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  1. DavisIslander

    Garmin depth finder issues

    Looks like the 94? Reduce your noise and it should help out considerably!
  2. DavisIslander

    My boat keeps stealing my hats

    Love my Redfisher 18 but come on now, stop stealing my hats! Went out yesterday and again, blown overboard. Without a chin strap I'm getting tired of purchasing new hats! How many hats have you lost to your boat? Just curious....
  3. DavisIslander

    R tires vs D tires; mixed on trailer

    I had a flat the other day and consequently needed to replace the tire. I'm running D14's on the trailer right now, but the replacement is an R14. Is it bad to mix the Rs and Ds on the trailer at the same time? I usually travel less than 20 miles to launch (on average less than 1 mile). Should I take it back and have them change it out to a D? Thank you
  4. DavisIslander

    Cheap boat jk

    Slightly used! Here at the Davis Islands boat ramp. Images were taken upwind.
  5. DavisIslander

    Trolling motor shaft length for 18’ Hewes

    Ahhhhh, I wouldn't go with a 48! I have the 54" and it's good!
  6. DavisIslander

    Not a good sign

    They sure do! Sadly $$$ talks and they have puppets in high places!
  7. DavisIslander

    Not a good sign

    I wish we could limit the number of folks moving to our state but alas, "it's a free country"! I'm frustrated as well, but trust me, commercial folks are not taking Redfish, Snook, or Trout either. I plan on driving North to Hernando to at least try to bring home a Red. Miss eating Snook and Red. Not much for Trout.
  8. DavisIslander

    Florida Fishing Products

    Sounds great! Any Cons:
  9. DavisIslander

    Rust Remover

    Thank you everyone! A nice project to work on when the wind whips up here in Tampa Bay! Appreciate the input!
  10. DavisIslander

    Sheepshead - Winter trip #2

    Nice job! Tasty haul that's for sure!!
  11. DavisIslander

    Rust Remover

    I’m getting these rust “rings” and would like to know what everyone is using to remove it? Wire brush? Toothbrush? Chemicals? Thanks! Tight lines!
  12. DavisIslander

    Gandy Ramp

    Stand down! It was discussed last night at the County Commission meeting and thrown out. They WILL NOT lock up the boat ramps.
  13. DavisIslander

    IPilot remote freeze up?

    Sounds like a battery issue...that's where I would start. Also unplug and plug in motor.
  14. DavisIslander

    Sanity check Guest EBS-2111

    Thanks guys, just needed to see it!
  15. DavisIslander

    Merry Christmas

    Yes, Merry Christmas all! Tight Lines
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