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  1. GlennF

    new to me 2015 217

    Great looking boat! Hope it's serving you well. I'm a big Cobia fan. We had a 2010 21' Cobia CC and loved it. Went to a 2013 Hewes Redfisher, then to a 2018 Redfisher and now have a 21 Cobia Bay. Happy Boating. Glenn
  2. GlennF

    21 Cobia Bay compass?

    it does look sharp with the Blue dial
  3. GlennF

    21 Cobia Bay compass?

    Thanks, do you know if it will fit in the existing cutout?
  4. GlennF

    2016 Cobia Bay

  5. HI Guys, My 2016 Cobia bay currently has an after market compass mounted on top of a plastic plate secured by 4 screws. The boat originally had a factory installed flush mount compass. I would like to replace the after market compass with the factory flush mount model. Like I mentioned it looks like it had 4 screws mounting it in place. When I look on Cobia's website to "build a boat" it refers to an optional compass for $150 but there's no specific information as to what brand, size, etc. Can someone tell me which compass I'm looking for? Thanks, Glenn
  6. GlennF

    21 Cobia bay dropped?

    No worries, I found a neglected 2016 and I’m nursing it back to health. New wrap and lots of buffing and waxing.my poor man’s Pathfinder is coming along.
  7. GlennF

    2016 Cobia Bay

    Our recently acquired Cobia Bay is cleaning up well. Poor boat is a 2016 and I’m pretty sure it’s never seen wax. Been buffing the deck and polishing aluminum all week. Goes to the dealer this week for electronics.
  8. GlennF

    Yamaha 150 with 1300 hours

    You Guys gave me all this technical advice and my wife and I drive 2 hours down there and they're just finishing the wrap and we go all nuts and I left my list in the *** car and you know we bought that boat. LOL
  9. GlennF

    Yamaha 150 with 1300 hours

    Thanks Capt DeWalt for the link to the Yamaha maintenance schedule. The 1,000 hour section provides me with a few more specific questions to ask the dealer. much appreciated
  10. GlennF

    Yamaha 150 with 1300 hours

    Wow; thanks everyone for your input. While my wife and I have been boating our entire lives (both over 60) we are constantly learning and gaining wisdom that usually comes from experienced folks like yourselves. I particularly like the idea of the rpm readout and an interested to see how many hours above say 4000 rpms. to address the possible sandbar stays I’ll have the water pump changed as well as power head and lower unit oil. since I made the post I had the opportunity to talk to the FBC franchise owner and he assured me that while members my not be typical boaters and tend to drive the boats like they’d drive a car the motors are well maintained at regular intervals to maintain the warranty eligibility. The 1 year warranty is what remains of the Yamaha warranty. The dealer selling the Cobia’s seems very diligent and informed. He is very accommodating regarding my punch list items as well. Since 1999 we’ve been very fortunate to only buy/order new (a 208 GW, a 21 Hydra-Sport, a 2510 Parker, 208 Cobia, a 17 Montauk, and a 2013 & 2018 Hewes RF) so when I look at these FBC vessels we’re being pretty picky. We narrowed it down to the best 1 of 6 and that one has 1300 hours which got my attention. Price with T-Top and new stainless prop is $26,500. I plan to either wet slip the boat or lift store it. again, thank you for your input and your time warmest regards, stay safe glenn
  11. GlennF

    Yamaha 150 with 1300 hours

    We just sold our 2018 Hewes RF and looking at a 2016 Cobia 21 Bay from Freedom Boat Club. Boat is in very good condition. My only concern is the 1300 hours on the Yamaha 150. I know it's a lot more hours than average. I have had a couple experienced folks tell me those hours would not concern them. My sources are a charter captain that gets over 5,000 hours on his motors before he starts thinking about replacing them and my other source is my cousin who before retiring owned a US Towboat franchise. He said they worked those motors hard and didn't look to replace them till 4,000 hours. I will be getting a one year warranty on the motor so that helps. I know there are some very experienced folks on this forum so I'm interested in your thoughts. Thanks, Glenn
  12. GlennF

    RF18 Trolling motor battery location

    What do have their JakeK chickenpox? Somebody spill something?
  13. GlennF

    1996 Bayfisher center baitwell clear hatch?

    Hood question: why clear lid? Bait stays friskier in lighted conditions. Most if the better serious offshore boats use clear lids. When you close a solid lid the bait gets disoriented. Healthy bait is the key, doesn’t matter so much when using shrimp but for white bait like pilchards light and moving water is best. MBG does such a nice job with their dual feed live well getting good water movement in all columns last step is clear lid
  14. GlennF

    1996 Bayfisher center baitwell clear hatch?

    Been hoping MBG would go to a clear lid for years.
  15. GlennF

    Hewes Redfisher 18 rod holder install?

    I know I’m late to this but Birdsall marine out if Palm Beach made me two rod holders for my platform uprights that we’re angled perfectly and outstanding quality
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