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  1. GlennF

    2019 Maverick Mirage HPX-V 17’ $48,500

    It sure is Pretty
  2. GlennF

    This Is a Sunset

    love to go thru the mangroves in the morning
  3. GlennF

    Gel coat rehab

    You did a great job restoring that finish. Looks great!
  4. GlennF

    Draining the Live Well

    overboard, not into bilge
  5. GlennF

    First day out!

    Congratulations! Nicely rigged with all the bells and whistles. Best of Luck.
  6. GlennF

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I bought some Meguiar's, can't wait to try it. thx
  7. GlennF

    Hewes 18 red fisher length on trailer

    I’m a big fan of Rhodan too. Good luck in your search.
  8. I like looking at other people's rigs I always get good ideas like Intheslot12's pouches on the inside of his hatch lids. Thx Beautiful rig, good luck, sorry you're selling it
  9. GlennF

    Hewes 18 red fisher length on trailer

    Come-on geeviam Stiring the pot is half the fun, especially when it's someone else's money. lol I agree that the new RF16 is sweet, especially with that improved bow flair. Having had two RF18's (2013 & 2018) I'm certanly biased. I like that they redesigned the 2021 18 but kept the hull design. That separate anchor locker was overdue. It's more like my 21 Bay now. Making a flipdown backrest from the poling platofrm like Hell's Bay was also a good move. Hope you get lot's of enjoyment from your 16. With that 115 SHO is must fly. That's what we had on our last 18 and it ran ok. Best whishes, Glenn
  10. GlennF

    Tow Vehicle- Pickup to SUV

    That truck looks like it's on steriods, it's a beast
  11. GlennF

    Tow Vehicle- Pickup to SUV

    LOL, optical illusion. That was our 2013 RF. Our newer (2018) RF looked smaller behind the Ram. The Ram hardly knows it's back there.
  12. GlennF

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I'm afraid that shine belongs to SouthernWake. But I am envious. I like how you can see his golf cart in the shine of the hull
  13. GlennF

    Hewes 18 red fisher length on trailer

    Those whipray's are sweet. I see a lot of guides using them for bonefish in Islamorada. We're headed out tomorrow as well. Some Kingfish nearshore. Looking forward to seeing some fish pictures from you tomorrow DavidG, good luck
  14. GlennF

    Tow Vehicle- Pickup to SUV

    I’m with lurem, Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with air suspension 4X4 did nice job. I used to go from Parrish FL to Islamorada at least a dozen times (40-50 days) a year with no problem
  15. GlennF

    Thinking of switching to Pathfinder

    Amen to that!
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