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  1. GlennF


    What advertisement?
  2. GlennF

    Remote fob management

    It’s brilliant, can’t count how many times I’ve forgotten to tuck it in my shirt only to get the fob tangled in the cast net.
  3. GlennF

    Mercury V12

    Gosh, I can remember when Dad upgraded our Thompson Lapstrake from a 50hp Evinrude to a Johnson Seahorse 90 and we thought that was badass till we ran across some other teenagers that summer running a 115 Mercury that merc seemed so tall and funny looking but it was fast. No wonder Bombardier shut down Evinrude last year.
  4. GlennF

    Summer keys fishing help

    Stay at the Kontiki in Islamorada. Offshore go with the Avets for trolling. TLDs are fine but old school by today’s standards. Wind shouldn’t be much of an issue those months so go out to the Islamorada Hump. it’s on just about any Oceanside chart. Staying at the Kontiki you’ll run into like minded folks happy to help you. For Tarpon channel 2 & channel 5 early or near dusk. Like moderator said bait of choice for tarpon is live mullet and chunks of dead ones or razor bellies. Go once and you’ll be ruined like the rest of us and you’ll go back again and again. It’s a sickness.
  5. GlennF


  6. GlennF

    THIS is a sunrise

    You ***! I mean, good for you, hope you have a good trip and have a great time.
  7. While I’m a fan of the 115 SHO and there’s a lot of Yamaha dealers & parts available, I also know of a captain in Islamorada that put 8000 hours on a Suzuki. Just saying. Course, I’d go Yamaha
  8. GlennF

    Rods and Reels for Sales

    What are you doing? Are you giving up Tarpon fishing? Nice heavy stuff, should go fast on here.
  9. GlennF

    '13 Redfisher 18 fuel vent problem

    I had a 2013 RF and while I did not have that issue I recall some others did. I think there are some old threads regarding this issue, key is finding the right words in your search.
  10. GlennF

    2009 Cobia bay?

  11. GlennF

    2009 Cobia bay?

    Earlier this year we moved from our Hewes RF 18 to a Cobia Bay 21 in order to better accommodate the grandkids etc on our fishing trips. I loved our 2018 RF but the CB has so much more storage space and passenger seating and capacity combined with a better rough water ride we have not regretted it. I call the 21 CB a poor man’s Pathfinder. Solid boat and like I said good ride. good luck
  12. GlennF

    Tarpon fishing

    Depends on the time of day and how hard the current’s ripping. 8oz feels a little heavy at channel 2 or 5. Barrel sinker half that size should do. I like columns 68-70 down south and 6’ 60-80lb leader should do nicely. Keep an eye out for Don in a beat up flats boat (looks a little like a Carolina skiff). If there’s mullet around he’ll sell you a couple. If you get some keep your livewell lid down or they jump right out. Tip him and he’ll give you a couple dead mullet you can chunk with. Good luck.
  13. GlennF

    New to me 2003 2400v

    Sweet! Best of luck
  14. GlennF

    A little help please

    Breezy Palms is good. We like the Kon Tiki in Islamorada. I agree with wthree3, June is much better and snaps (Mangrove snappers) might be more prevalent and pretty much everything is biting well. June and September is our favorite time for backwater. April’s winds are unpredictable and July/August is so hot and often rainy. Good luck glenn
  15. GlennF


    Finally got out, It’s been chilly, had 3rd shoulder surgery etc........ weather was great, no wing = flat calm water. Water temp so low snook had lockjaw and bait floated around in livewell like it was in shock but my wife would not give up. They weren’t big but she dragged about a dozen out of the mangroves.
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