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  1. Glenn, back in November of ‘20 you posted a picture of your Redfisher sitting in the water where you mentioned getting recommendation from Caribee as to prop. I could not find where you state which prop you used? Also, is that boat a 16’ or 18’. I just purchased a new dealer stock RF18 that was outfitted with the VF115 and jackplate. I am going thru the prop selection process right now. So far have only tried the PT SCD4-17 and not entirely satisfied with the results. Thanks for any information you can provide. 

    1. GlennF


      Hi Rvan, that was a 2018 18 Redfisher. I sold it about a year ago and moved to a 21 Cobia bay.

      i can’t recall the prop numbers at the moment. Let me look back in my emails etc and see what we landed on.

      I can tell you the prop my dealer delivered the boat with was the same one in the performance bulletin and while the top end was good the shallow water hole shot was terrible.

      the service Mgr at Caribee asked me where and how I’d be using the boat. In our case we used it a lot in the Keys and ran shallow a lot. The prop he recommended was terrific. It was a 4 blade. While I lost a little off the top it still hit 44-45 mph, stayed on plane at lower rpms and averaged around 6 mpg.

      let me dig around and find the part number.

      I didn’t have a jack plate, wish I did but I had to go with the lower poling platform so the rig would fit through my garage door. I hope you like you new Redfisher.



    2. GlennF



      The rig came with a 13 1/8 19P prop and MBG and Caribee’s Mgr Danny Serna recommended a SCD 4BLD 18P.  This was like a $850 prop. In my case I was fortunate to have bought 3 boats from my dealer and they swopped it out for me at no charge.

      This 4 blade prop had more pronounced cupped blades and let the boat plane faster with less bow rise and hold plane at slower speeds. 

      hope this helped, good luck with your new rig.


    3. Rvan


      Thank you sir. Very much appreciate your time and information. 

  2. GlennF

    Red Tide in Tampa Bay

    It’s worse than 2018, that spill must have had something to do with it. Caught a couple nice mangrove snappers at the skyway and when I got back to the marina to filet them soon as I cut into them they smelled terrible.
  3. GlennF

    New fishing buddy

    Best kind of fishing buddy, they don’t talk back and tell you “you’re not doing it right”. Tight lines
  4. GlennF

    ARS Opener

    show off! if I had slobs like that I'd show em off too
  5. GlennF


    I don't think I burn 100 gallons of fuel in a month (thank goodness)
  6. GlennF


    Was too windy to get offshore yesterday so we hung around inside and got some snappers in Tampa Bay. Not what I'd call slobs but averaged 13-14". Lot of shorter ones went back to grow some more.
  7. GlennF

    ARS Opener

    very nice!
  8. GlennF

    TM Shaft Length

    Rhodan GPS 24V I can’t remember if I went 54” or 60”. Simple easy to use remote and crazy good anchor mode. It will do some cool things like move your boat over left or right at 5’ intervals if you want to fish along a bridge and keep the same distance away from the bridge or you can set it so you move along the mangrove edge fishing for snappers. 3 blade prop vs 2 for better holding power. https://www.rhodanmarine.com/product/hd-gps-anchor-trolling-motor-24v/ sorry the pics all ran together
  9. I’m with you Lurem. I have two surgically repaired shoulders from years of abuse like throwing cast nets so I just watch my wife fight with them. Have you been able to get out and fish much this year?
  10. So the Jack tested the drag on her new Shimano Stratic reel and the 20lb leader held up as well. Then she broke in her new Diawa Saltist Back Bay reel and threw in about a dozen snooklets just for fun. Sorry if I sound like an advertisement for Diawa and Shimano but tackle shops have been out of gear for so long it felt good to play with some new toys. She also caught the same poor peligan 3 times but he was released unharmed each time to stalk other fisherpersons. (the old moldy Tarpon gloves came in handy today) Hope you folks are out enjoying this great weather and warming water as well. yes, thats bird poop all over our motor, so rude
  11. GlennF

    17 hpx remodel

    That sure is some beautiful workmanship. Way beyond my skill set.
  12. GlennF

    Maverick - Hewes comparison

    That was a beautiful design, like a hot knife cutting through butter hu
  13. GlennF

    clamp-on anchoring mounts

    Cool. I too liked the extra support but also liked the added security the ram mount has
  14. GlennF

    Maverick - Hewes comparison

    I agree with Shallowminded6. This is going to be good. Maverick owners are a passionate bunch. While I've never owned a Marick but I have fished several and the newer ones are light, fast and have a narrrow beam supporting the easy poling. To me the older Mavericks are almost like a newer Hewes. I have owned two Hewes RF18 (2013 & 2018) and loved them because I liked the heavier - wider hull for crossing rough open water. Comes down to how/where the boat will be fished. I also like hauling a lot of live bait so I loved the Hewes dual livewells. Seems to me the artificial Guys and fly roders prefer the Maverick. You can't go wrong with either. Good luck Rustycoke. just in the interest of full disclosure; we now run a poor man's Pathfinder, a Cobia bay 21 because our Grandkids came along and we need to accomodate a few more heads. It dosen't run anywhere near as shallow as a Maverick or Hewes
  15. GlennF

    more snooklets

    water temps seems to be warming up a bit, bad for fish - good for us
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