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  1. Vapor Trail

    2600 TRS cooler

    Its a running joke among my friends that the ice is melted before we leave the dock in mine also. I'll pre cool it down the night before and only put cold beer in it and before lunch all the ice is already gone. It may as well be dry storage
  2. Vapor Trail

    Switch Panel Backlight Replacement

    Just to add a little something: I didn't like how several of the factory accessories on my boat were labeled Accessory so I had the manufacturer of the panel make me a new strip with the proper labeling. In the process of installing the new strip I cut the old light wire being replaced here so I had to replace it too. I think it may be easier to do what I did which is just unplug the large quick connectors inside the console and the whole panel comes out as one piece and you don't have to take all the switches loose.
  3. Vapor Trail

    2600 leaning post question

    I’m wondering if it’s possible to fit 5 group 31 batteries in the compartment under the leaning post? I have them now in the front compartment but I’m thinking about ordering a new boat and trying to make decisions
  4. Vapor Trail

    2600 TRS bucket storage

    I use the bags from livebait.com and put four in the rod locker
  5. Vapor Trail

    Running Livewell Overnight

    Ive done this and the charger wouldn’t keep up with the pump and the batteries were dead the next morning. It wasn’t a self draining boat and a thunderstorm hit and the bilge pump didn’t work because the batteries were dead so it almost sank. Don’t do it
  6. Vapor Trail

    New vortex hub dust cap questions

    I was greasing six of mine and found it takes a large wrench to get them off but if you put them back on more than hand tight they crack and will never get tight again. I had to buy a set of two on Amazon for about 22 dollars. They recently got bought by a different company so the name has changed
  7. Vapor Trail

    Accessing 2020 2600 TRS batteries

    I have this setup and it is very difficult to use. I have had to get all five of my batteries out several times and you lay on your belly and peek upside down into the hatch. You take off the top plastic straps off the front two and lift one up and away from the other and let it rest on the side of the bottom tray. Then force and twist the other battery out between the two rods. Repeat for the next set and then the next set
  8. Vapor Trail

    2600 TRS tackle station

    very good idea thank you!
  9. Vapor Trail

    2500 vs 2600 Ride in chop

    Did it come from the factory with that motor?
  10. Vapor Trail

    Pathfinder 2500 question

    Mine didn’t come with one either even though I added more speakers from the factory so I had a local stereo wizard add an amp and a bug sub. He double checked factory work and discovered one of their speakers was wired backwards
  11. Vapor Trail

    Content Keys Access

    Can a bay boat go up the channel west of Big and Middle Torch Key to get to the Content Keys at low tide? I was looking for a cool place to hang out on a day off from fishing but I don't want to go all the way around.
  12. Vapor Trail

    Strange Thing

    I removed mine. They aren’t necessary and they made my 2600 that is already over width 8 more inches over width
  13. Vapor Trail

    MBG supplied gel coat mixing question

    I got three cans but I haven’t looked in them. I’m going to buy the spectrum patch kit but the don’t have 2019 pathfinder haze gray but they have 2004 maverick haze gray so I’ll try that
  14. Vapor Trail

    MBG supplied gel coat mixing question

    How much of each one does one use and what is the shelf life of it stored properly
  15. I have a chip in my keel and I was going to patch it with the gel coat that came with my boat. It came with two small containers that weren't marked. I assume its the two parts of the mixture for the hull color I have. Is it still good after two years? What is the mixture ratio I should use? Thank you
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