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  1. Vapor Trail

    Battery Switch Box and Panel

    Looks great and works great. Would be a good upgrade for your boat or for a project boat. Labels on black plate can be changed to suit your needs. Text 606-465-2510
  2. Vapor Trail

    Sealant or Caulk MBG uses

    I had my dealer call them. They said they use Sikaflex 291 for some things and Sikasil GP for others. I hope this helps someone in the future.
  3. Vapor Trail

    Sealant or Caulk MBG uses

    It must have been in the last year because I’ve talked to him via email in the last year and before I posted this question here I sent him an email and it was returned for invalid address so no longer active
  4. For sale is the battery switch box and panel off a 2019 Pathfinder 2600. Excellent condition. From the same manufacturer MBG gets them from the box is 250 and the panel is 200. I’ll sell both for 175 plus 25.00 shipping. Email rblayman@gmail.com
  5. Vapor Trail

    Sealant or Caulk MBG uses

    I had to remove a battery switch hatch on a 2019 Pathfinder and I would like to put it back with the same sealant or caulk they used. Does anyone know what that is?
  6. For the box that houses the battery disconnects on the 26 TRS leaning post, where would I get that? I need a longer one. Thank you Skip
  7. As the title states I was trying to figure out who supplies the tackle station and the battery disconnect box to the manufacturer. I need to get some parts for a project and I want them to come from the same supplier. Thank you
  8. Vapor Trail

    Trailering Covers for Console and Helm Chair

    Has anyone gotten any covers made for any boat? I could call and see if they make any for my model.
  9. Vapor Trail

    26 HPS chirp thru hull transducer

    I purchased a Humminbird Solix 15 with down and sidescan. It comes with a transducer that mounts on the back. I mounted mine directly under the jack plate and it works very well. It's in the water at slow speed but not on the keel so it's protected from backing into the ground in shallow water. I put a B75M in the hull for reading high speed depth. It's a good system
  10. Vapor Trail

    Trailering Covers for Console and Helm Chair

    I did this commercial suran wrap. Tried to get from Kentucky to Florida and had to adjust it at every stop. In the middle of the night I pulled into gas station and had been trailing 60 feet of it past the motor. I would probably rather wash the cover then try to clean a million love bugs off on vacation.
  11. Who has the best covers for trailering? I hate to arrive somewhere and all the pipe work and windshield be covered with bugs. Coming through south Florida this year we got into love bugs I guess and it was brutal getting them off. There were literally people driving down the interstate with their heads out the window to see. I have a 2600 TRS. Thank you
  12. Vapor Trail

    Trying to Buy a Pathfinder

    Sounds like you should just order one from your local dealer. I priced mine at four dealers but they would all sell to me because there are no dealers within six hours of me.
  13. Vapor Trail

    Pathfinder 2600 TRS Questions

    I use the fortress aluminum anchor that is recommended. I don't remember which it is but it is not even close to fitting in that anchor locker. This winter I will build a new stainless steel one that will fit in there. I use about ten feet of 1/4" stainless chain and it holds fine. I had 9 people on the boat tubing this weekend and it never seemed uncomfortable or even noticeable. We were doing some pretty extreme maneuvers and the kids on the front seemed completely fine holding onto the rail and leaning against the backrest. It has a deeper front deck than the rest of the bay boats we looked at. I have the factory dual battery setup. One that runs everything and one backup that does nothing and has no way to charge it. I replaced the batteries that came with it with the Odyssey Group 31 AGMs. I ran live wells, graphs and stereos for hours on end with no issues. This winter I will change the whole system to match what was recommended on my Hull Truth thread about this boat. It will then run as Mercury recommends and both will be charged. The engine will run off one and everything else will run off of the other. I don't keep fish so I don't know. I haven't checked the draft so I can't help with that.
  14. Vapor Trail

    Minn Kota Heading Sensor Puck

    Mine is mounted on top of my T top and I don't have that problem. It could be interference from some other metal item also.
  15. Vapor Trail

    Cracked T top

    It's probably cheaper to buy a new frame than strip the powder on that one, weld it up, and then re powder coat it. I recognize the danger and problem with powdered pipe work but to me it looks so much better so my boat has it too. I don't care how much trouble it becomes.
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