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  1. Forgottencoast

    My New (to me) Hewes ‘93 Bonefisher

    DBKEYS- sorry just seeing this reply.. I really like this etec, it has given me zero troubles. Hole shot is decent, trim tabs down and motor trimmed right, it gets on plane no problem even with a load. With just me and a half tank of fuel I get around 38-39mph at WOT. Cruises great around 30mph at about 3/4 throttle. These boats have a tendency to squat as it is so the extra 100lbs or so compared to the original 2 stroke Yamahas it was made for do make a difference in draft, but when poling another person the boat balances out well and drafts around 1’ maybe an inch or 2 less if the bottom is soft. Hard bottom you will need a 1’ to pole comfortably without scrubbing and working your tail off. hope this helps
  2. Forgottencoast

    Simrad GO7 XSR 425$

    is this still for sale?
  3. Forgottencoast

    Poling platform cracking

    OK HERE WE GO!!! 2 months later, the glass work is DONE! I am very pleased with the quality of the work, Mike is a very good glass guy, maybe not the best scheduler, but no one is perfect. Platform is scheduled to be installed on Wednesday morning, but here are some pics of what the finished product will look like. I am very happy with how it turned out.
  4. Forgottencoast

    Poling platform cracking

    Well I was promised to have the glass work on the boat done this week....we will see what happens, I’m not getting my hopes up as I have been told “next week” about 4 times now. Sitting at over 2 months and counting.....
  5. Forgottencoast

    Poling platform cracking

    well, i am currently sitting at 5 weeks since the boat has been at the fiberglass shop...im a little dissappointed as i was quoted "2 weeks, 3 weeks at the most". weather sure is getting good up here and i am going stir crazy having been without a boat for over a month. Anyone know how to fix this in the panhandle area? I will bring the beer.
  6. Forgottencoast

    Poling platform cracking

    Captcrunch- that looks identical to the mounting location that this platform will be mounted to. Were you able to thru bolt any of them?
  7. Forgottencoast

    Poling platform cracking

    hello all, here is a quick update to this post: 1. The cracks were previously there prior to hitting the garage door with it, and obviously they cracked again....After talking to many people we have come to the conclusion that this was a design flaw in the mounting of the platforms in these older hewes/maverick boats. These things were literally held on by 1 1/2" lag bolts and a dab of 5200.... 2. The boat is currently at fiberglass shop in St. Marks getting the cracks fixed correctly as well as filling the holes in the back of the transom where the old platform was mounted. 3. I have a new platform that was made by Metal Fab here in Tallahassee that is ready to go as soon as the glass work is done. I took it up there and we took measurements and came up with a new design that will take the bulk of the pressure/weight off of the same area of the transom. New design has back legs mounting close to where the front legs were on the old design, and the front legs moved forward onto the deck and mounting just in front of the splash well behind seat compartments. I will post pics once everything is done so you can see what we came up with, It should look/function awesome wants its all done.
  8. Forgottencoast

    Jack plate on ‘93 Bonefisher

    Does anyone have any experience running a jack plate on an older hewes? I sure would love to be able to idle/take off in less than 2 feet but am worried about the sacrifice of draft it might come with.
  9. I’m looking to install a trolling motor to the bow of my ‘93 Bonefisher. Has anyone done this and have any tips? I’m thinking I’ll need some sort of backing plate under the the deck to prevent cracking. Any suggestions on where to mount the plug? I’m also planning on keeping the battery in the bow as well to keep as much weight forward as possible as my boat squats a little as is. The more weight I get on the bow, it seems my draft is better. Any tips will be appreciated! I will move this thread to the vintage hewes page if I am supposed to! Thanks!
  10. Forgottencoast

    Poling platform cracking

    It is actual gel coat. It mixes up a lot more runny which made it a pain to work with on the vertical surfaces.
  11. Forgottencoast

    Poling platform cracking

    Here is the finished work on the boat, both platform and near the transom. Turns out this had been cracked before the garage incident so I am confident it’s nothing structural. It is smooth and solid now! (That’s what she said) The darker spots on the transom are not holes, I must have sanded through some color when trying to get the new gel coat even. It is completely sealed and smooth. Wish I would have put some grey coloring in, but I am happy with how it turned out and it should be solid for years to come!
  12. Forgottencoast

    Poling platform cracking

    The platform caught the release rope and the door lowered just enough to catch the platform on the way out....I was more than livid. It was repaired there half *** before I bought the boat. I got on the back of the boat and tried to move it to see if there was any play, there was none. I even got on top of the platform and moved around and still couldn’t get it to move other than normal flex from the poles. To me, there seems to be no structural damage at all. The cracking is in the cap, and I felt underneath and it was solid from the bottom telling me the crack should just be superficial. im going to fix up the gel coat the right way tomorrow and ride with it. If it gets any worse I will be looking at taking it somewhere to get it fixed by a professional. My plan is to take a dremmel tool and channel out the cracks and then fill, dry, and wet sand them. Which would be the correct way to fix a gel coat crack if I am not mistaken?
  13. Forgottencoast

    Poling platform cracking

    Well I had a giant mishap pulling the boat out of the garage yesterday and have found some damage around the platform where it mounts to stern. There’s hardly any flex in it so I am hoping it’s just gel coat, any advice? Can I just fix it with some gel coat repair?
  14. Forgottencoast

    Opinions on Hewes Tunnel

    Curious if you are talking about the blue MA in Jax? I looked at that boat when I was searching. The pics he sent me of the inside looked like it has been trashed and not well taken care of. I backed out quick
  15. Forgottencoast

    Trim Motor Electrical Help

    Clicking usually means bad relay in my experience. That’s with any kind of electrical switch, not just trim/tilt
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