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  1. Hey Zesty, I'm interested in the PT PRO3 21p. Can you please PM me a price if it's still available.
  2. VS-MasterAngler

    WTB 17 HPX-V up to $42,000

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to purchase a 17 HPX-V up to $42,000. I would prefer 2012 or newer and a 70hp Yamaha... But I'm open to other options. please let me know what you have available or if you have seen one available that I've missed in my online searches. Thanks in advance!
  3. VS-MasterAngler

    FS: Tibor Back Country Fly Reel

    Great price! I already have this size or I'd buy it... Do you happen to have a Tibor Everglades you want to sell?? GLWS
  4. VS-MasterAngler


    A 93 Mirage just popped up for sale on the maid boats for sale thread.
  5. VS-MasterAngler

    How much gas is in your tank?

    Was this difficult to set up or did you have your local dealer do it for you?
  6. VS-MasterAngler

    2018 maverick HPXS for sale (open to trades)

    I believe the HPX-S is 17'8"... But someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. VS-MasterAngler

    Deadrise 17 HPX-V vs. 17 HPX-S

    Than you! I'm in the Matlacha, Pine Island area. I feel the 2-3" could definitely help where I fish... Giving me extra time on a shallow flat with an outgoing tide etc... Plus i'm used to having the jack plate on my current setup.
  8. VS-MasterAngler

    Islamorada - never been, going in a couple weeks

    Thanks for info!
  9. VS-MasterAngler

    Deadrise 17 HPX-V vs. 17 HPX-S

    Hello, I'm between buying a V or S. Can you give me your opinion on why you love about the S and maybe compare the ride quality and draft of the two? Thank in advance, Vinnie
  10. VS-MasterAngler

    Islamorada - never been, going in a couple weeks

    Nice Pathfinder and it sounds like you had a great trip! My fiance and I are are heading down to Islamorada May 16-19th and plan on staying at the Ragged Inn... Did you stay there? If so, how was it?!
  11. VS-MasterAngler

    Maverick HP 1998

    Hey Slates, Is this still available?
  12. VS-MasterAngler

    WTB Maverick HPX or Mirage

    Thank you for the lead!
  13. VS-MasterAngler

    WTB Maverick HPX or Mirage

    Hello All, I have a buyer coming for my 22ft Shearwater and want to get back into a technical poling skiff. Would prefer HPX V, S, or Mirage... But would be open to looking at Tunnel also. Please let me know if you have one that you're interested in selling or if you have any good leads. Thank you in advance, Vinnie
  14. VS-MasterAngler

    Turbo 13-1/4 x 21R Prop (SOLD)

    What boat and motor setup was this on?? Wondering if it will work on my 2200 with yammy f150. Thank you, Vince
  15. VS-MasterAngler

    Yamaha Reliance 17p Prop

    What motor was this on and can you tell me what you cruise rpm/speed is and also WOT rpm/Speed is? Thank you.
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