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  1. New open in box. 23.5p mercury racing Bravo 1 FS. $625
  2. I’m located in Swansboro NC
  3. 23M Yamaha and Bravo 1 24P Both good props but just trying to make money for a larger pitch prop. $250 for each 336-552-nine four eight one
  4. CaptJake

    Yamaha Turbo Lightning Prop for sale

    I have a video on here from selling the boat and it was doing 62 MPH at 5900-6000 with half tank, trolling motor mounted on aft deck and casting platform on the front. the video is posted on my boat for sale post under 2018 pathfinder 2200 TE for sale! Hands down best prop ive ever seen on that boat. Boat came with a 3 blade powertech OFX3 21 and i wouldnd run that prop again if you gave me one. Sold the boat with an OFX4 20 and it ran decent but nothing like the turbo prop. no real improvement on holeshot surprisingly.
  5. CaptJake

    Two props for sale 24 pitch

    Still available????
  6. CaptJake

    WTB prop for Sho 250

    I have a 22p Yamaha turbo lightning. came off my 250 sho/pathfinder 2200 TE. loved the prop so i kept it when i sold the boat.
  7. CaptJake

    Two props for sale 24 pitch

    do you know what hub i would for the turbo 24. i have a 250 yamaha sho
  8. CaptJake

    Prop for 2000V

    I had a 250 Yamaha sho. sold the boat
  9. CaptJake

    Prop for 2000V

    Ive got a Turbo prop 22P came off of a 2200 Tournament. Barely used.
  10. 22p Turbo. includes Guardian SQ-Lock hub for Yamaha 250 SHO. One small bur on one blade. $500 This is the same prop used for the performance data on yamahas website for the 2200 TE performance bulletin. http://www.pathfinderboats.com/wp-content/uploads/downloads/Pathfinder-2200-TE-VF250LA.pdf Text for pics 3365529481
  11. Sale pending funds...yall may have missed your chance at this beauty!!!
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