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  1. JHinton

    Live well light, 2300 HPS

    Anybody changed out the light on the livewell on said craft? 2016 model. Haven't dug into it yet, but figured I would try and gather some info before I did. Thank you.
  2. JHinton

    yamaha keys are universal????

    I'm not saying they are all the same...but the key from my 2001 60hp 2 stroke works on my 2016 250 SHO....
  3. JHinton

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Picked her up from the wrap installers today...
  4. JHinton

    Livewell light replacement

    For sure.
  5. JHinton

    Livewell light replacement

    Anybody replaced the LED livewell light in the center livewell? Haven't dug into it yet, just noted that it's non-functioning at this point. It does not look easy to get to or replace. Hoping that looks are deceiving in this case. 2016 2300 HPS. Thanks for your input.
  6. JHinton

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Negative. So I should have just said “I towed it to the installer!”
  7. JHinton

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Getting some color via 3M vinyl. We’ll see how long it lasts. Also added a wet sounds/fusion system last week. Two 600w amps in the console pic.....
  8. JHinton

    To Cover or Not?

    Searching cover info.......can anybody share a cover they have for a boat with power poles? Do they cover the poles or not? Starting to embrace the cover life.
  9. JHinton

    Come to the marina now

    I can just picture the guy trying to troll his way off of the dock since the 400R was high and dry.
  10. JHinton

    2016 2300 HPS

    Thanks for working me into your schedule to check out your HPS today....Looks better in person, I'm sure she is a fishing machine!
  11. JHinton

    WTB....2300 HPS

    Thanks....Checks most of the boxes. Not so sure I like the bottom paint look, but I could probably get used to it!
  12. JHinton

    WTB....2300 HPS

    In search of 2300 HPS. $55K. Wish list would include grey, ice blue, or sea foam hull. 250 min, trolling motor, PP, garmin, raymarine or simrad. 252 567 5699. Also - no top.
  13. JHinton

    21 Redfisher, 2007

    Sorry, tried to post only the Hewes, but link displays all boats for sale.
  14. JHinton

    21 Redfisher, 2007

    http://www.carolinaboatbrokerage.com/?page_id=606 Broker in Pawley's Island, SC
  15. JHinton

    2016 2300 HPS

    Nice boat and catches Captain. I'm in the 252 area as well. Love to fish the Pam.
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