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  1. CorkDork

    SOLD!!!: 2015 Jayco Jay Flight 23MB

    I’ve spent many nights in this trailer. Plenty of room in the bunks to fit my 6’2” frame comfortably. I think Paul has been more meticulous maintaining this trailer than he has his maverick. Doubt he’s even cooked a meal in it because he’s always getting the hook and cook special 😎.Wish my HOA would allow me to keep it in the driveway. Somebody’s going to get a great deal on this one.
  2. CorkDork

    Great Weekend

    Hopefully we can work out some dates to get you up here soon!
  3. CorkDork

    Great Weekend

    Thanks. Up in Jacksonville.
  4. CorkDork

    Zara Spook in Georgia

    Nice Work!
  5. CorkDork

    Great Weekend

    Beautiful weather up here this weekend. Wife and I were daughter free on Saturday. We decided to hit the sandbar for probably the last time this year. Was pleasantly surprised to only find three boats and a few jet skis. Definitely was the most peaceful sandbar trip of Covid 2020. She wanted to fish on the way home and we found her a few trout. Saturday was just as beautiful. Went fishing with another couple and managed to catch a bunch of smaller trout, reds, black drum and flounder. Got lucky at the last spot of the day and brought home a 26 inch red. Looking forward to some cooler weather and the sheepshead bite!
  6. CorkDork

    This Is a Sunset

  7. CorkDork

    Vacation Pivot

    Buddy and I planned to camp this week. Unfortunately hurricane Teddy and the nor’easter made us change our plans. The surge from the weather flooded the majority of our fishing grounds. Ended up searching for new water and finished today strong. Bonus was catching my first snook north of Indian River. Craziest thing was surge dropped the water temperature 10 degrees. Definitely helped out with finding a few bull reds to end the week. I think @bigdave might be right on time for his visit!
  8. CorkDork

    Any quartine projects?

    Looks great Scott. Hard to believe that your son wasn’t born when I bought the Pathfinder from you. Time flies and they sure grow up fast. Hope you and the family are well. Brian
  9. CorkDork

    Fingers crossed

    Congrats on the purchase. Beam is 8’6”. I have the same boat. Check the switch on the console for the trim tab. One of mine failed a few weeks ago.
  10. CorkDork


    Flounder bite has been great this summer. Was able to find a nice trout and upper slot red yesterday. Storms stayed north all morning. Was back to the ramp before it got too hot. Looking forward to fall and some cooler weather.
  11. CorkDork

    THIS is a sunrise

  12. CorkDork

    1900V Leaning Post Backrest

    Here is the info.
  13. CorkDork

    1900V Leaning Post Backrest

    I have the same year and model pathfinder as you do. Here is a picture of the backrest. I had to modify the location of the mounting bracket on one side of the arms to fit the factory rod holder. I’ll try to see if I still have the name and model of the backrest I purchased in my files.
  14. CorkDork

    How are you cleaning up wiring 1997 Bayfisher

    Hey Justfish, I plan on replacing the hummingbird on the Pathfinder this weekend. Do you think you could take a ride north ? I could use a demonstration on how to fit inside the console. I’d be more than happy to pass you all the beer you need.
  15. CorkDork

    Jacksonville ICW

    Made the most of some time off this week. Unfortunately the aftermath of Irma canceled a planned trip to Chokoloskee with @conocean. Beautiful couple of days both on and in the water here in Jacksonville. Lots of small trout and flounder. Ended up bringing this upper slot red home for dinner.
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