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  1. calsmith1990

    Maverick HPXT

  2. calsmith1990

    WTB Pathfinder 2000V or 2200V

    Hello All, Is anyone preparing to sell a Pathfinder 2000V or 2200V, maybe even a 1900V? 4 stroke preferred - in South Carolina, Georgia or N Florida? Please let me know. Ready to buy. Thanks.
  3. calsmith1990

    Maverick HPXT

    Pending Sale
  4. calsmith1990

    HPX Cushions

  5. calsmith1990

    Maverick HPXT

  6. calsmith1990

    2006 Pathfinder 2000v for sale

    Still for sale? Tried calling and texting
  7. calsmith1990

    Up to 25K for Maverick HPX, V, Tunnel, or Micro

    My HPXT is listed on the forum
  8. calsmith1990

    Ready to buy Pathfinder 2200v

    Need to buy in a month. Please let me know. Thanks.
  9. calsmith1990

    2006 Pathfinder 2000v for sale

    Still for sale?
  10. calsmith1990

    Maverick HPXT

  11. calsmith1990

    Maverick HPXT

    2004 Maverick HPXT Yamaha 4 Stroke 60 HP - roughly 770 hours Motor recently serviced 2 Powerpoles 2019 Minn Kota iPilot TM - 80 pound thrust 2019 Simrad with Transducer and CMAPs Wesco Torsion Axle Trailer with Ameritrail Upgrades in 2019 New Trim Tabs LED 2020 New Trailer Jack and Winch/Strap New Trailer Bunks - dry launch capabilities Vmarine Products New Batteries and wiring New Seadek 2019 Baystar Hydraulic Steering 2020 Stiffy 21 Push pole and Custom Boat Cover $21,500.00 Firm
  12. calsmith1990

    2006 Pathfinder 2000v for sale

    How many hours
  13. calsmith1990

    WTB Mirage II, or early HP/HPX

    Selling my 2004 HPXT soon
  14. calsmith1990

    WTB Maverick 17 HPX

    I’ve got a 17 HPXT
  15. calsmith1990

    Up to 25K for Maverick HPX, V, Tunnel, or Micro

    Selling my HPXT for $20k, haven’t Listed it yet if you want first dibs
  16. calsmith1990

    WTB Cobia 21

    Anybody getting ready to sell a Cobia 21? Thanks
  17. calsmith1990

    HPX Cushions

    Selling the whole set, bench cushions and console back rest. New EEV foam - $200. Buyer pays shipping.
  18. calsmith1990


    I’ll be selling mine for an HPX soon
  19. calsmith1990

    Bilge pump ‘05 HPX-T

    Could you email me a pic of the valve SthurmanFW? Thanks
  20. calsmith1990

    HPX-T ideal motor height

    Could you let me know what the valve looks like? Would really appreciate it. Thanks. alec calsmith1990@gmail.com
  21. calsmith1990

    2008 Maverick 17 HPX-Tunnel

    Great looking T
  22. calsmith1990

    Bilge pump ‘05 HPX-T

    My 2004 has a livewell on the Port-Stern hatch. How do you turn off the valve in the back hatch? Do you have any pictures? I have a bilge pump in the hatch where the seat is. I always have that off, but for some reason immediately when my transom hits the water, the livewell starts filling up from the white nozzle in the upper part of said livewell. There is one drain hole that goes straight through the bottom of my hull. I leave it unplugged when polling, but on plane and water escapes it fills up again. Any help would be appreciated. Maybe next week I can upload photos. If I turn on the live
  23. calsmith1990

    Looking for cushions for

    Still for sale?
  24. calsmith1990

    WTB hpx tunnel

    My friend in SC is selling his
  25. calsmith1990

    Bilge pump ‘05 HPX-T

    Does your livewell fill up with water automatically? I have a 2004 HPXT and it drives me nuts
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