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  1. J.N

    2021 Hewes 21 VMAX250 Proping

    I was impressed with the 23P Bravo 1 fs. Just traded it for a 24P Bravo 1 fs in hopes of running high 60's. I'm running the new v8 Mercury pro xs 250. The 23P hole shot was enough to raise concerns about transom failure on my ole 21 RF.
  2. J.N

    Hewes 21 Redfisher restoration.

    One of these days I will have a shop and a backup boat to allow me to really get into my 21 redfisher. I would love to remove my cap and cut out all of those plastic storage containers. I thought about the possibility of a pad, but 65 to 70 mph is plenty fast enough for me. Those Lake&Bay guys are loco!
  3. J.N

    21 RF repower

    Ended up going with a Mercury 250 pro xs because Yamaha wasn't an option. Dealer had no problem selling it to me, but they wanted me to wait for 2 to 3 months for hanging it. I did it myself along with some console repairs and a full re wire. New motor is amazing! Getting 65 mph loaded heavy and a full fuel tank. My 23p Bravo 1 fs isn't enough pitch for lighter loads. My wife only got a quick video of the mercury stretching it's legs before I lost my Hewes hat. https://youtu.be/Zy2ALWA_SHg
  4. J.N

    21 Redfisher hull hook?

    Josh B, Wow that ***. I've been keeping a close eye one my hull bottom over the years and it's holding up okay so far. It's not a slow 21 anymore!
  5. J.N

    21 Redfisher hull hook?

    She's showing some age but it's 100% paid for. I waited many years to own this boat and it was well worth it.
  6. J.N

    Bravo 1 prop

    Anyone try the Solas Rubex L4 bravo 1 copy yet? I hear it runs really good for half the price.
  7. J.N

    21 Redfisher hull hook?

    Update for a very old thread. I've inspected another 21 rf hull and it's exactly the same. The hook is on the lifting strakes only and by design I'm assuming. New trailer now with full support and I trued the bunks 100%
  8. J.N

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Maybe some big solid bunks to help support the hull bottom better?
  9. J.N

    Hewes with F300!

    Front livewell? Nice to see a bulkhead under the front deck. Would've been nice to have one in my 02 21 RF.
  10. J.N

    Redfisher or Master Angler?

    I'd be happy with either one. Both are nice boats.
  11. J.N

    21RF Deck Drain

    If I reverse gently the water doesn't push into my cockpit. I never use my drain plug.
  12. J.N

    21RF Deck Drain

    My 21rf came with them. I don't know where to find more?
  13. J.N

    Any 21 Redfishers or 21master anglers for sale

    Your going to love having those huge casting decks! I wouldn't ever trade it for anything smaller.
  14. J.N

    Help pricing an 2003 18 (needs work).

    That's a good motor that doesn't like sitting. I'd replace all the fuel filters and get the injectors cleaned and flow tested before thinking about running it.
  15. J.N

    Suzuki 140 vs 150

    I think you'd be disappointed when comparing the 150 vmax vs the 140. The 140 would be nice if shallow draft is the number one goal.
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