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  1. Prop has less than 3 hours run time on it. Prop has the PVS system and box. Does not include the hub kit. Asking $375.
  2. Right now it's promised to someone. Anything changes, I'll let you know. Thanks.
  3. Prop has less than 3 hours run time on it. Prop has the PVS system and box. Does not include the hub kit. Asking $375.
  4. BCPD199

    3 Cylinder 115, 140 & 150 from E-Tec

    C.A. Richardson is running the 140 on his Marquesa. Lightest engine out there in that H.P. class. Now, would he run it if he actually had to pay for it???? Who knows; but, he says he loves it. Really wakes that boat up compared to the Merc 115XS or the Yammie 115 SHO.
  5. BCPD199

    2020 2300 HPS Options

    Sounds like a good idea. Pathfinder holders or somebody elses? Also, did you get the optional "additional flush mount gunnel rod holders" for $195?
  6. BCPD199

    2300 Hps coming soon!

    Question for both you and Brad M. (others feel free to chime in), in reference to the forward cooler, did you go with the standard Engel cooler or the optional FRP cooler and why?
  7. BCPD199

    2020 2300 HPS Options

    Any update? I'd really like to see what the Bow/stern lifting hardware and the Black helm seat trim looks like. Thanks!
  8. BCPD199

    2020 2300 HPS Options

    Thanks! I do know they're busy at the dealer meeting this weekend.
  9. Getting ready to pull the trigger on a new 2300 HPS build. Is the center live well the only one that comes standard? I see the option to make the large portside one into a release well; but, I thought one of those large tubs was already a release well. Does anybody have a picture of the Bow/stern lifting hardware? Also I see an option for Black helm seat trim. Any idea what that is (pics)? Also, are the Flush-mount gunnel rod holders just two extra holders? Thanks in advance.
  10. BCPD199

    Pathfinder 22 Tournament Edition Walk Through

    What happened to the 22 Tournament Walk Thru video? This is on the 25.
  11. BCPD199

    Time to step it up a notch

    Now I thought (and still do!) the same; but, I spoke to the JL rep at the iCast show and he said all they need is 100 watts. Again, not disagreeing with you, just tell you what the rep said.
  12. The Rolls I had under my Young 20 was a tandem. *** thing floated like a boat! If somebody had told me their trailer floated, I never would believed them. As HewesYourDaddy posted, it's easy enough to fix by adding some lead weight or Dan can mount some bar stock on it. Great trailer, my second one. I can't comment on Ameritrail as I've never owned one.
  13. I have a pair of 10 foot Power-Pole Blades. They are brand new in the box. $3,400 for the pair.
  14. BCPD199

    Trailer brakes advice needed

    Actually, it's not that hard of a job. Hardest part is bleeding the new calipers/brake system.
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