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  1. SouthernWake

    There goes my weekend !!!

    Not trying to challenge anything/one, just get an answer.
  2. SouthernWake

    There goes my weekend !!!

    Drove by one of the ramps I use and there are multiple police officers stationed there. I’m out, not operating in that kind of environment. too bad I did all my maintenance before this.
  3. SouthernWake

    There goes my weekend !!!

    I am working on clarifying that now. From what I have right, now which is not definitive: MTP says yes and Charleston says no. Seems to be inconsistencies with enforcement.
  4. SouthernWake

    There goes my weekend !!!

    Looks like us commercial guys are safe from what I have seen. if you are looking to get on the water and have the ability please look into booking a guide. We, like many others, are taking a hit over this virus.
  5. SouthernWake

    Warm weather

    Yes it is This was the first trip this year that wasn’t fly fishing.
  6. SouthernWake

    Warm weather

    He was excited for the first few but then they started interrupting his nap in the splashwell.
  7. SouthernWake

    Warm weather

    Schools are broken/breaking up quickly. Hard banks on deep bends in creeks with blow downs or docks made for easy pickings today. Took the dog out for 3 hours on the incoming this morning and caught about a dozen fish.
  8. SouthernWake

    Seastar helm clicking

    There are a few places that will give you a rebate on a new part if you send in the old non working one. Boatsteer is one I just used.
  9. SouthernWake

    Seastar helm clicking

    My first thought was the check valves but that sounds like a mechanical noise of something hitting.
  10. SouthernWake

    Daiwa BG on Star Rod

    This has sold
  11. SouthernWake

    Hang tough

    Similar up in SC, due to tons of crowds on the water and sandbars, DNR is now out looking to keep boats dispersed. no ramp closures announced yet thankfully. I have an upcoming tournament I am waiting to see if will be cancelled and I am already counting on it being a rough summer for bookings due to this virus. what can ya do though but go fishing and enjoy life as best you can. Some things you cannot control.
  12. SouthernWake

    Simple Redfish Fly

    Simple fly that has been working, can be tied in any color/size/weight. I also tie this on GAMA SC15.
  13. SouthernWake

    Peacock Bass

    Good stuff!
  14. SouthernWake

    New to me 1986 Hewes Bonefisher 16

    Looks good! I've always thought one of these older lappys with the open liner would be awesome to gut out and rebuild super lightweight compared to other models.
  15. SouthernWake

    Best motor for a Redfisher 18 Lappy

    I would try this first as it eliminates a chunk of variables.
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