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  1. SouthernWake

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Off day family time before the sun came up too much.
  2. SouthernWake

    Power-pole Competition

    I don’t think I could have come up with a better name for a push pole brand.
  3. SouthernWake

    Power-pole Competition

  4. SouthernWake

    29th-5th Report

    We seem to be in a steady summer pattern right now, nothing earth shattering here but maybe it will help someone. Redfish - Best success focusing on deeper holes in back creeks on lower parts of tide cycle. These can often be found against hard banks or in bends. They have not been picky with bait, dead, alive, or artificial. Flounder - Best at high outgoing on gently sloping mud banks near inlets. Most are caught very shallow( 1-1.5ft) against the bank near feeder creek mouths. Paddle tails and popping corks have caught them. Trout - Shell banks and points on higher parts of the tide with cleaner and cooler water have been best for numbers. Also some in back creeks on higher current bends/funnels. Will eat anything.
  5. SouthernWake

    Jack plate problem

    When you say the plate is only going up or down for a few seconds, is the pump motor only running for a few seconds or does it run continuously and the plate only move for a few seconds of it.
  6. SouthernWake


    It’s a great way to hide soft spots when selling ha! I had seadek on my boat previously, it held moisture and dirt to the hull when applied over molded nonskid. It did clean up easy enough and deaden noise on the deck. I opted not to put it back on. From the products I have used seadek is a superior material than the cheaper options.
  7. SouthernWake

    Engine Service

    These are basic maintenance items that are great to learn to do yourself both from a cost perspective and from limiting down time.
  8. SouthernWake

    Watch the Heat

    Big credit to Capt. Troy for recognizing the situation, staying calm, and handling it. drinking a lot of water each day is the main reason I have the ability to get on the water days in a row (that and ibuprofen). I always start with a gallon and am surprised to see it empty around 1030.
  9. SouthernWake

    19.5 ft push pole

    mangrove push pole. not perfect by any means but definitely usable. Has a middle joint with a rough glue job giving it a slight bend. Can probably be corrected or used as is. good for someone that wants to see if poling a boat is for them before they drop a lot on a new pole. $150 located on Charleston SC
  10. SouthernWake


    The cooler weather this week was a treat for June. Had Darren from NC on the boat and after dragging the boat over a few oyster bars we found what we were looking for, happy fished all pooled together due to lack of water, it was like shooting fish in a barrel.
  11. SouthernWake

    Great Time to Book Keys Guides

    Starting around Memorial Day the phone started ringing more and things have been picking up. That being said I am worried travel will go down again with this recent spike here in SC.
  12. SouthernWake

    Motor comes out of water in reverse

    This is actually a great built in feature that allows you to slide over sandbars on lower tides.
  13. SouthernWake

    PRO Sports 18 flats

    I guess I’ll update also to what she looks like now I used to get asked if it was a master angler a lot back when it was green, now I am getting silver king.
  14. SouthernWake

    PRO Sports 18 flats

    I do not but what are you looking to know?
  15. SouthernWake

    What boat do you miss most?

    Years later still on with a growing family so I guess it was all worth it. Women can make you do dumb things.
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