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  1. DWoodham

    Replace Pathfinder Fiberglass Cooler with Yeti

    If you are opening and closing the lid all day, a yeti won’t hold ice much longer. They hold ice longer if the lid is closed. The real reason to buy a yeti is because they last forever ( don’t have to replace igloos every 2 years) and you can stand on them. For your application a yeti won’t help much imho. Yetis are also small on the inside so they don’t hold as much. If it were me, I’d check the gaskets and add more ice or one of the new sub zero ice packs and ice. btw I have a 65 yeti in front of my console good luck
  2. DWoodham

    Good ½ day fish’n

    I wish I’d have seen it sooner. I stand behind my words.
  3. DWoodham

    Good ½ day fish’n

    I’m not surprised. The law has been on the books for a while. It is often discussed on the other 2 forums that you put the same reports on. So no real excuse for you not to know the law Don.
  4. DWoodham

    Reels built in the USA

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but those reels are not made I the USA. I want to say Chinese I agree about the stradic roller bearings ( I have never felt like I didn’t have enough drag, only need 3 lbs w 10 lb braid) I looked at ffp reels, but my repair guy said he was seeing a lot of those coming in early and was less than impressed. I’m switching to diawas this time around
  5. DWoodham

    Stuck gas cap

    Someone at the marina filled my boat up ( 06 22’ T) this weekend and now the gas cap is stuck. I’m not sure if he overtightened with whatever that little tool is called ( mine has been in the glove box since new in 06) or of the spring just broke. It will turn a little( seems less than it was/is in the fresh water tank, but will it pop up. She is now at big bend marine where they will get it fixed. Has anyone else has anything similar happen? Thanks y’all
  6. DWoodham

    Balzout LLC Mounts ???

    Sorry about the turned pics. Mine is the 6’. Triplec, did you mount your on the seadek or is it cut around the base. I was going to do the top of the console with some, but wasn’t sure which way to go. Thanks
  7. DWoodham

    Power Pole pricing

    You won’t really find any “deals”on them, unless your talking used. They cost about the same wherever you get them.
  8. DWoodham

    Balzout LLC Mounts ???

  9. DWoodham

    U.S.A We’re Stronger Together

  10. DWoodham

    Fun Tackle Question?

    Why would a 6-6.5’ rod be “lighter” that a 7’? You can get a mh in a 6’.
  11. DWoodham

    Custom Dash 2200 Pathfinder

    I just added a 12” screen to my 22t. My console is smaller than yours. I used a balzout mount( super quality, but not cheap). It gets the unit closer to you, you can get the angle you need and it doesn’t require cutting a hole in your console.
  12. DWoodham

    Transducer Mounted on Trim Tab?

    I guess you need to decide between a couple of tiny holes on a transom( that probably couldn’t sink a boat) or a big hole right in the hull. No brainer for me. I had a thru hull on my first pathfinder. Worked so so, but no water temp or side scan( which is really nice).
  13. DWoodham

    Amazing IMS & Stealth charger customer service

    That’s great to hear, I love good service. But how often do these issues arise? Has anyone had a trouble free experience?
  14. DWoodham

    Amazing IMS & Stealth charger customer service

    I spoke to someone at jl and they had very vague answers for the questions I asked. I’ll look up Danny and reach out. Thanks Gents
  15. DWoodham

    Amazing IMS & Stealth charger customer service

    Good to hear. I’m having a hard time deciding between the stealth and the jl system, but want to pull the trigger pretty soon
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