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  1. DWoodham

    Scalloping and fishing

    I don’t think the water is cold during scallop season. scallop numbers are dictated by factors like fresh water influence( rain).. If I were set on scalloping, I’d make a reservation in a few places and decide where to go closer to the season when numbers have been published.
  2. DWoodham

    Best Extreme Rain Gear

    Scotch guard doesn’t work. But all “ breathable “ fabrics need to be touched up. Nikwax and nikwash are the best out there. again, look at Aftco. Better than Simms imho
  3. DWoodham

    Best Extreme Rain Gear

    Aftco anhydrous not cheap, but the best on the market
  4. DWoodham

    Best Extreme Rain Gear

    Aftco hydronaught. They just came out with a red color. Aftco makes excellent rain/foul weather gear
  5. DWoodham

    Thinking of switching to Pathfinder

    Scopolamine patches are the only thing that works for my seasickness. I saw on tht where someone put a sea keeper on a 22’ mako. Maybe an option for you
  6. DWoodham

    chili------beans or no beans?

    No beans, Texas Chili is the way to go
  7. DWoodham

    Fishing pole shortage !

    This must be the case. The local tackle shop in Tallahassee has full inventory. Also, st croix sent an email for 20% off their discontinued models. I don’t see any type of rod shortage where I shop. Kevin’s sells online also, so look there if you can’t find what you want
  8. DWoodham

    24’ Pathfinder Casting Platform

    Looks fantastic
  9. DWoodham

    Power Pole issue

    Don’t worry. Power pole will fix it. You could have probably called them and they could have walked you through it without taking your boat in
  10. DWoodham

    New Swim Platform/Ladder

    That looks great. The weather has been so bad all month , I haven’t been to the marina to take a pic of my transom.
  11. DWoodham

    22’ Pathfinder swim / boarding ladder

    I’ve been trying to get to the marina to get a pic. Finishing a move today, so I hope to get down afterward.
  12. DWoodham

    22’ Pathfinder swim / boarding ladder

    This is the next thing I do to my boat. Outlaw sent me info last year but something came up that couldn’t be ignored (MFU died)..... Will this one fit on any 22’ hull? Mine is an 06 T. It looks too good to pass on
  13. DWoodham

    SeaDek, Marine Mat, Etc Etc

    I do some animal dentistry in my practice. Extracting teeth is my least favorite thing to do. Im doing it the way I was taught( with elevators, no drill) , but man, I find it difficult. Bad teeth are easy, but a chipped tooth with healthy roots is a bear. sorry for the hi jack. There has never been a busier time for folks making boating accessories. Everyone is backed up
  14. DWoodham

    Big beachside snook

    My god. That’s better than my pb triple tail. And a snook anyone would be proud of
  15. DWoodham

    Replace Pathfinder Fiberglass Cooler with Yeti

    If you are opening and closing the lid all day, a yeti won’t hold ice much longer. They hold ice longer if the lid is closed. The real reason to buy a yeti is because they last forever ( don’t have to replace igloos every 2 years) and you can stand on them. For your application a yeti won’t help much imho. Yetis are also small on the inside so they don’t hold as much. If it were me, I’d check the gaskets and add more ice or one of the new sub zero ice packs and ice. btw I have a 65 yeti in front of my console good luck
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