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  1. Took this before my brother and I went out the other AM. Such a great boat
  2. Naples Maverick

    Any updates?

    Echoing above for the pine island area - great water and lots of bait. Got this on artificial last weekend
  3. Naples Maverick

    10,000K Snook bite has been fantastic

    Check your mailbox 👍
  4. Naples Maverick

    10,000K Snook bite has been fantastic

    Put in at Goodland as well. Tarpon action has been good as well. Jumped a couple, and had a few good hits. It's when we don't target them they all show up.
  5. Naples Maverick

    4 blade suggestion for HPX S

    Brand new. No hub issues
  6. Naples Maverick

    4 blade suggestion for HPX S

    Yes sir, with the 3 blade and just me on the boat I can get very close to what you've gotten with your 3 blade. With the 4 blade - I tried all the scenarios with the trim and jack plate (looking for that optimum running) and it struggled to get over 4200 - which was giving me about 20-22 mph
  7. Kept us busy on Saturday, water was a little dirty but that didn't stop them. Buddy got a 40" on fly and I was able to get a 32" on the prior trip
  8. Naples Maverick

    4 blade suggestion for HPX S

    Any suggestions would be helpful. Currently have a 3 blade and it runs fine - at 6000 rpms Im doing 36-37, with just me in the boat. Looking for a little more of a hole shot. The 15 pitch Power Tech sent me only got me up to 4000 rpms. Boat has jack plate, tabs and shallow water power pole if that helps.
  9. Naples Maverick

    2018 HPXS

    Got it last April. Love it
  10. Naples Maverick

    2016 Maverick 18 HPX

    Yes sir! Good eye. Spending a lot of time down south though due to the red tide.
  11. Naples Maverick

    Proud to introduce Lake Maverick!

    Nice work. Congrats on a hell of a facility!
  12. Naples Maverick

    2016 Maverick 18 HPX

    Thanks, already pulled the trigger
  13. Naples Maverick

    Looking to possibly upgrade

    Have a 2007 Tailfisher that's in great shape. Looking at and HPX-S both have Yamaha 70 4 stroke. The tailfisher can get some spray and drifts some. I really like it and it's in great shape. I may have a pretty good opportunity. The HPX-S is a 2018. The engine on my tailfisher is a 2016 with 130 hrs. Does the Hpx-S handle better. I know you'll get some spray and that's the trade off with a technical skiff, is there less on the Maverick? Any insights appreaciated - Thanks
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