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  1. HoneyB

    My Garmin 740s died - need replacement

    Your right electronics seem to cost the same no matter where you look.
  2. HoneyB

    26 TRS prop recommendations

    Edit to say: Never mind
  3. HoneyB

    26 TRS prop recommendations

    Odd that they don’t want to talk about the new prop. Even after you asked about it.
  4. HoneyB

    Social distance = family time

    My baby boy, Neal having a great day practicing distancing from the general population.
  5. HoneyB

    26 TRS prop recommendations

    The recommendation for the merc Bravo 1fs is to go up one inch pitch size from nicer 3 blade props which as tempest plus. You did not mention if your wot rpm were at max. If you are making good rpm’s I would guess start with the 22 bravo 1fs.
  6. HoneyB

    26 TRS prop recommendations

    I can understand why one would pony up for mercury props. For the same reason you could have bought a sea pro but you wanted a pathfinder. For the same reason you could have bought a zebco but opted for (inset favorite reel here). I know folks love to save a buck on the PT props but I thinks your being a bit condescending to others by berating there choice.
  7. HoneyB

    Enertia 19 pitch $325 shipped

    Eyeball from the edge of the blade to center I would agree 14 inches
  8. HoneyB

    Enertia 19 pitch $325 shipped

    The info on line looks to be 14 inch diameter
  9. HoneyB

    Trolling motor

    my 2012 2200trs looks nothing like that and I am not very jealious of anyones that does! mine is in the stern
  10. My own experience with the Bravo1 Fs I be cautious with having it tuned up. I did and it changed the prop dramatically.
  11. I was thinking he must have been saying it was not a standard Bravo1 but a FS... but I’m not sure either.
  12. My Bravo 1FS has a t part number. But the op’s prop does look like a FS. The shorter barrel should be about one inch from the top of the blade.
  13. Googling the part number shows it to be regular Bravo 1 not the fs. If you can believe everything you read on the internet that is. I have not read up on the standard Bravo 1 but I am betting it would still be a great prop on a bay boat. I have ran several pitch versions of the FS but not the standard Bravo1
  14. Man I wish you would have listed this two weeks ago!!! I just bought a 23
  15. Nice looking little sled for sure
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