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  1. OlivierHPS2300

    2018 Maverick 18 HPX for sale

    Nice boat!!!!
  2. OlivierHPS2300

    New 2005 TRS!

    Nice rig...
  3. OlivierHPS2300

    Value of Glock 17L Gen 1

  4. OlivierHPS2300

    Beach Time!!!

    Close... Just north of Jupiter sandbar...
  5. OlivierHPS2300

    Beach Time!!!

    Before the shut down...
  6. OlivierHPS2300

    New HPS!!!!

    Well.. here it is... Martin County boat ramps closed for the weekend - https://www.wptv.com/news/region-martin-county/stuart/martin-county-boat-ramps-closed-for-the-weekend
  7. OlivierHPS2300

    New 2200 TRS

    Nice rig!!!!!!!
  8. OlivierHPS2300

    FS Yamaha HS4 22 Prop - Excellent - SOLD

    The 23 / T15 was the best on my 23HPS 64MPH ... Running a 22 / T15 on my new 2300 HPS and barely get 54mph.. Dealer saying Yamaha pulled back some HP from the new SHO's...
  9. OlivierHPS2300

    2019 hps for $40,500 is this for real?

  10. OlivierHPS2300

    Egret is killing it!

  11. OlivierHPS2300

    Boat Lift

    Cool. That's close to what I got. But apparently permits and electrical are extra... Thanks.
  12. OlivierHPS2300

    Boat Lift

    Just looking for input here.. Looking if anyone knows pricing for 7000LBS boat lift (4 post) with complete install. I got 2 quotes and they seem high. Thanks.
  13. OlivierHPS2300

    TTop Console/ Seat(s) Cover

    Stuart , FL
  14. OlivierHPS2300

    TTop Console/ Seat(s) Cover

    Any advice on where to get one like this?
  15. OlivierHPS2300

    New 2600 TRS

    Are those the 5 X 14 or 7 X 23? Thanks.
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