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  1. KeepinItSimple

    White Bait/ Upper Tampa Bay

    SeNt you a message
  2. KeepinItSimple

    White Bait/ Upper Tampa Bay

    Good afternoon, Any idea or tips on where to find white bait in the Upper Tampa Bay Area (Courtney Campbell Causeway). I know I can run south but curious if there is anywhere up this way.
  3. KeepinItSimple

    WTB Shimano Spheros 8000 and Shimano Teramar 8' XH or XXh

    I have a like new Shimano Spheros 8k on a Teramar XXH rod. Shoot me a message if interested
  4. KeepinItSimple

    2001 Pathfinder 1900T

  5. KeepinItSimple

    2001 Pathfinder 1900T

    Spring Hill FL, north of Tampa. PMed
  6. KeepinItSimple

    2001 Pathfinder 1900T

    Pictures added
  7. KeepinItSimple

    2001 Pathfinder 1900T

    Let’s get this sold
  8. KeepinItSimple

    2001 Pathfinder 1900T

    Not sure why it’s not working but message me for pics. Changed the price to 17,500
  9. KeepinItSimple

    2001 Pathfinder 1900T

    2001 Pathfinder 1900T Tunnel Hull (Blue and White) Tohastu TLDI 115 (Bought new in 2016) Only used synthetic oil, always rinsed, warranty until 2021 (75 hours) Multi-Function Tachometer (Tohatsu Onboard Communication System) (TOCS) GPS Enabled Speedometer PowerPole Pro II 8ft White (Bought 2016) MarineMat Decking (2016) Rewired, NFB Steering, Lumitec Interior Blue Lights, New bilge pump (Jan 2017) Optima Bluetop Battery (2017) NOCO Genius GEN3 30 Amp 3-Bank Waterproof Smart On-Board Battery Charger (2017) (2) Deka Master trolling motor batteries
  10. KeepinItSimple

    WTB 1900v

    Mine, I officially haven't listed it yet but will be shortly. Need to go bigger
  11. KeepinItSimple

    WTB 1900v

    What about a 1900T?
  12. KeepinItSimple

    Bimini Top - Pathfinder 1900

    What are the dimensions, do you have any pics of it on the boat opened up?
  13. KeepinItSimple

    Boat cover

    Let me know if it falls thru
  14. KeepinItSimple

    Florida Marine Tracks - Anyone Using On What

    How are FMT for the Nature Coast area? Hudson to Yankeetown?
  15. Looking for the fiberglass leaning post storage tray for 1900v, I'm not sure if other models will fit. Lmk if u have one
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