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  1. Correct, and the setup loses some of its strength and rigidity that way too.
  2. geeviam

    Rum review... Papas PILAR

    Happy Friday guys!!
  3. geeviam

    Is GPS Doomed?

    I just finished installing an expensive Lowrance HDS system on my boat. Then I saw this clip from BoatTest.com. I have heard about the new 5G technology that is being rolled out quietly without much discussion about health, safety and privacy concerns related to signal strength, radio wave frequency, and high speed data transfer. But, this is a new concern that I did not know about: Is_GPS_Doomed2.mp4
  4. geeviam

    Help getting new fuel hose on barbed nipple

    Post removed - suggestion withdrawn.
  5. geeviam

    Don't Be Surprised if US 1 is SHUTDOWN Again

    I hear that. We moved up here for a change of pace and more of a small town atmosphere. However, the population growth, housing boom, and traffic congestion have changed everything here too. I have come to the conclusion that I was meant to live in the middle of 100 acres, far from cookie-cutter subdivisions - if that's even possible anymore. My wife and I got hooked on the TV series "Heartland" recently. Living on a ranch in Alberta is sounding pretty good these days, lol. Btw, we are currently living in a cookie-cutter subdivision 😜
  6. geeviam

    Don't Be Surprised if US 1 is SHUTDOWN Again

    Upstate South Carolina since '97. Lived in Homestead when Hurricane Andrew just about leveled the town in '92. Southern Dade County was never the same after that. I miss everything related to the sea down there - fishing, diving, fresh seafood and beautiful waters - but that's it. Moving out of South Florida was the right decision for us when we had the chance to.
  7. geeviam

    Happy Independence Day!

    Awesome!! He was one of my favorite comedians, and obviously a true patriot. Thank you!!
  8. geeviam

    Don't Be Surprised if US 1 is SHUTDOWN Again

    I haven't been back to The Keys for 23 years. A lot has changed! Looks crowded. If you're standing in a Local's shoes, any excuse to shut down the Mini-Season and slow down the onslaught, probably sounds good to you right about now. Nice bridge system at Jewfish Creek though! Cool video too!
  9. geeviam

    Happy Independence Day!

    Happy Independence Day everyone! I hope your weekend is filled with fellowship and fun, with family and friends. While we celebrate this special July 4th Holiday, with rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air, I'd like to share something you may not have seen before. Our First President, George Washington, was a very special human being. No matter which part of the globe your ancestors came from, or whether they were immigrants, indentured servants, or slaves - if you are now American, with the freedom to pursue happiness and the American Dream - George Washington was the key figure at that pivotal moment in our history, and gave all of himself for the eventual independence for all of us. His farewell speech is one of the best ever. He made this speech more than 200 years ago, yet it is still relevant to things happening in this country today. It's a tough read because his English vocabulary was so sophisticated (and they spoke differently back then anyway). Here attached is a copy of George Washington's Farewell Speech. Stay safe everyone! Geo Washington Farewell Address.pdf
  10. geeviam

    Don't Be Surprised if US 1 is SHUTDOWN Again

    I lived about 1 mile from Jewfish Creek on Blackwater Sound in the 80s. Oceanside access through Adams Cut, and a long run to Flamingo through The Boggies. Monroe County kept the mosquitoes under control back then with expertly piloted aircraft (DC-3/C-47), like in this picture taken in 1988. They flew just above our rooftops and palm trees. It was fun to watch them fly and hear the roar of the big twins.
  11. geeviam

    Don't Be Surprised if US 1 is SHUTDOWN Again

    A friend posted this on another forum: "An early 60’s post card from downtown Islamorada. It looks so peaceful. Can only imagine how the fishing was back then..." Me: I can remember the Keys back as far as the early 70s and it still had that peaceful easy feeling to it.
  12. geeviam

    2011 redfisher 16 prop

    Solid plugs - no venting. Motor all the way down.
  13. geeviam

    Keel roller challenge

    If you do, don't use a 1/2" SS bolt like I did. It became bent under the weight/stress. Go with a 5/8" SS bolt (same diameter as the rod).
  14. geeviam

    Keel roller challenge

    Gus, Unless you can position the rollers where there is bracing on the inside of the hull (like bulkheads), I strongly suggest installing a second set of bunks like SCFD mentioned. Much better support over a broad area, instead of all that weight bouncing down the road on a 1" x 1" point on the roller.
  15. geeviam

    2011 redfisher 16 prop

    That's the same as the VF115 SHO. You're good to go, imo. 👍
  16. geeviam

    2011 redfisher 16 prop

    What is the gear ratio? As long as it's not less than 2.00:1, I think the 13 x 17p Spitfire X7 is still a good choice for your rig. Maybe someone will chime in here with help finding a rental or loaner to try? Prop Gods maybe?
  17. geeviam

    2011 redfisher 16 prop

    Sorry about the steering situation. That's a good looking motor though. Anxious to hear how it runs with the Spitfire X7!
  18. geeviam

    Jack plate problem

    You're welcome. If it ends up that there is a problem with the wiring harness, you can check out this thread I started when I had similar problems with my Atlas jack plate:
  19. geeviam

    Jack plate problem

    The best way to troubleshoot this type of problem, and eliminate the actuator as being the problem, is to disconnect the two main wires going to the actuator (usually green and blue) and touch them directly to the positive and negative coming from the battery. The jack plate will move either up or down. Touch the wires to battery in reverse order and the JP will travel the opposite direction. If the JP works properly this way, you know the problem is in the relays or wiring harness or switch.
  20. geeviam

    New 18 RF

    It looks as good as ever, and the updates are nice improvements, but still kind of a let-down. Like some of the other MA 18 fans around here, I was sure the new Redfisher 18 was going to be another totally new Marine Concepts design like the new Redfisher 21. It's also understandable that the RF 18 was only updated, because it is the most popular Redfisher ever made. So why fix it if it ain't broke - right?
  21. geeviam

    Hewes Redfisher 16 Debut

    The Egret's claim to fame is a smooth ride and Fit & Finish. The new Redfisher 21 looks like it rides as good or better than the Egret 2011 - in the running videos. But the Redfisher 21 is wider and heavier, so it's a few mph slower than the Egret on top speed. If you want to know which boat looks better, just ask your wife. The Hewes wins on good looks every time. Don't know enough about the new Redfisher 16 yet to compare. I will say that the Egret 16 porpoises in the running video on their website. I would not allow that video to be seen if I was selling them. Can't wait to see the new Redfisher 18 when it debuts!
  22. geeviam

    Gel coat rehab

    Looks great Man!
  23. geeviam

    2002 HPX V Jackplate and Cavitation

    Sounds good Dale. I'm all for it!
  24. geeviam

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Awesome! Good info. Thanks!
  25. geeviam

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I have not used these - but has anyone tried this product? (You cannot dry-launch with these bunk covers): https://gatorbak.com/gatorbak-information/ Or this product? (they look like King Starboard material): http://www.surfixinc.com/surfix_trailer_bunkslides.html I have also heard that cypress lumber is the best submersible wood product as well.
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