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  1. geeviam

    My new Boat!

    And this one has solid color sides like you wanted. New_Hewes_what.mp4
  2. geeviam

    Prop rec for Mercury proxs 115

    If your motor does not have a Command Thrust gearcase, IMO the best all-around prop is going to be the Merc SpitFire X7 4-blade. If top speed is the #1 priority, the Powertech PRO3 can't be beat in your horsepower range. The PRO3 is a clone of the Yamaha Pro Series.
  3. geeviam

    Motor mounting height

    Not mine, but here is a used Jack Foreman prop for sale, that came off a F70. Looks like some serious tip cup. I'll bet a prop like this, with such good grip, and the ability to stay hooked up when running the motor super high on the transom, would be a good anti-porpoising prop on a non-tunnel hull too, as long as it doesn't generate excessive steering torque. https://www.microskiff.com/threads/jack-foreman-prop.80804/
  4. geeviam

    98 19’ redfisher 175 vmax need help !

    Congrats on finding a Redfisher 19 in such good condition! It's my favorite lappy that Hewes ever made. This is the first I've heard of a hook in the hull or not enough bow lift. I thought that was only an issue with the LT 20. From your description of the behavior, my first thought is to get a high-rake 3-blade prop with extra cupping for good grip and bow lift. A Yamaha Pro Series or Evinrude Raker HO should work well. A Merc Tempest Plus would also be a good choice. With the pad on the keel of the RF 19, and the right prop, you should be able to get well beyond the the top speeds you are seeing now. One more thought... is it possible the hull is nose-heavy because it is holding water? You might try jacking the front of the trailer way up above normal, or park on a steep hill, for an hour or so, and see how much water comes out the drain plug.
  5. geeviam

    Hewes with F300!

    I'm in!! I can selflessly cover Upstate SC and Northern GA lakes for freshwater fishing and bikini model photo shoots at Party Cove - for the brochure of course. Y'all are welcome to bring the convoy here anytime! Gus and JJ, I could meet up with you guys anywhere on the coast from Little River, SC to Hilton Head, SC to test and fish the all new RF/MA 16, 18 and 21 whenever you say GO!
  6. geeviam

    New model Hewes Redfisher 16?

    The Egret 189 is rated for 175 hp, so I guess I could live with that limit, lol. I have a feeling that all these new Redfisher/MAs are going to be more stable and safe at top speed than we've seen before with previous Redfisher/MA models.
  7. geeviam

    New model Hewes Redfisher 16?

    I read them. Lots of interest and suggestions. Looks like new Hewes line will cover the inshore/near-shore market in between the Maverick technical poling skiff line and Pathfinder bay boat/open water line, with the best features of both the Hewes and Maverick Master Angler designs. I hope there's a new 18' to 19' Hewes (RF/MA) in the works too, that'll be well balanced with a VF150 SHO or VF175 SHO or F200!
  8. geeviam

    Motor mounting height

  9. geeviam

    New model Hewes Redfisher 16?

    Yes, a 16 that looks like a smaller version of the MA 18 😜
  10. geeviam

    New model Hewes Redfisher 16?

    More teaser photos of a new Hewes model posted on Instagram. Could it be a redesigned Redfisher 16? Nice forward vee entry like the Maverick MA. Still need to see the bottom running surface and transom though.
  11. geeviam

    Hewes with F300!

    Rumor has it, the next model to come out will be a redesigned Redfisher 16
  12. geeviam

    Hewes with F300!

    I'd still like to see performance numbers with engine height fine tuned, a Bravo I FS prop, aired out. Heck, I'd like to be the test pilot! A Merc 4.6L V8 ProXS 300 with TorqueMaster gearcase would be fun to play with too, haha!
  13. geeviam

    Hewes with F300!

    I've never had a F300 or VF250 to compare, but those fuel economy numbers look pretty good for a big block on a boat that size - don't they? It's amazing how much lift the hull has on plane. And it carries weight well - is balanced without stern squat at rest. Even though it has a 15 degree deadrise, I'll bet it doesn't draft any more with the pad on the keel, than the smaller Redfishers and Mavericks MAs.
  14. geeviam

    Hewes with F300!

    A few more pics of the new 2021 Hewes Redfisher 21 from Instagram (live wells and storage):
  15. geeviam

    Please remember

    Yes, please remember. And, teach your children. We are not entitled to happiness. We are entitled to THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Brave souls gave their precious lives for us to have the freedom to pursue it. Have a great Memorial Day everyone!
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