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  1. geeviam

    Trolling Motor

    TrollingMotors.net has them on backorder as well. However, they have a cool feature, to put you on the waiting list. I got an email saying they had one available, sooner than expected. Good luck with your search!
  2. geeviam

    Hewes 16 or 18

    Not mine, and no promises that these are legit: https://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/boa/d/tampa-hewes-redfisher-16/7299076694.html https://lexington.craigslist.org/boa/d/lexington-2016-hewes-redfisher/7286033201.html https://savannah.craigslist.org/boa/d/savannah-hewes-redfisher/7298350939.html Good luck with your search!
  3. geeviam

    Skiff Challenge 2021 - No MBG entry

    Running a soft riding MA in the event would be like cheating, lol. The skiff has to be 18 ft LOA or less, with 70 hp max. It's a gruelling event that's difficult to find volunteers for. All teams were beat-down and haggard by the end of the run, last time.
  4. A couple links to posts on MS. The aerial photos from 2018, when the Tampa Bay area suffered the worst Red Tide algae blooms in decades, will make you sick: https://www.microskiff.com/threads/the-state-of-florida-authorizes-to-contaminate-tampa-bay-waters.89301/post-869788 https://www.microskiff.com/threads/red-tide-and-algae-blooms-in-sw-florida.54050/post-458622
  5. I wonder if Captains For Clean Water could step in here and put some pressure on the right people? 400 million gallons of toxic waste water being released into Tampa Bay will be a catastrophic event imo.
  6. geeviam

    Prop Recommendations

    Now, if price was not as important, and I had a Redfisher 16 or Bayfisher 16 with a Yamaha 90 - this rare find would already be in my shopping cart: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-OEM-YAMAHA-Propeller-13-1-2-x-17-PART-62A-45976-00/114644996067?epid=1527468381&hash=item1ab15fcfe3:g:dpQAAOSwRrhgCztR After adding this to my Watchlist, the seller made an offer (expires in 3 days) to drop the price to $550. Heck, maybe Powertech should buy this new Yamaha Pro Series K-17, and use their Scanalyzer to make a copy of it for their PRO3 line!
  7. geeviam

    Prop Recommendations

    You've got a great looking Redfisher there HB. It's setup nice! 42 mph top-end is awesome! The 2S 90 is a great motor for that rig. The Maverick MA always seems to get top honors for ride, but I know what you mean - my RF 16 was a beast in a chop as well.
  8. geeviam

    Prop Recommendations

    Dale, is the 2000 Bayfisher that the OP has, the same lappy hull as your '98? If so, the OP may want to go with the same pitch as you had. My recommendation was based on the pitch that HoneyB went with on the Redfisher 16, with 2-stroke 90. Thanks. Edit: However, If I remember correctly, Stiletto props are known to have more pitch than labeled.
  9. geeviam

    Prop Recommendations

    Ha! Only a prop nerd like me would post a photo shoot of a sexy propeller!
  10. geeviam

    Prop Recommendations

    Save some money and buy the less expensive 3-blade Michigan Wheel Apollo XHS 13.25 x 17p, part # 993144. You'll also need the XHS II Hub Kit # 208 (or a Mercury Flo-torq hub kit if you already have one). It's a great CAD designed prop, with progressive pitch, good cupping, extra rake, and vent ports for quicker hole shot. It resembles the Yamaha Pro Series. If it needed a little more grip in turns, more cup could easily be added at a prop shop. But I don't think it would be necessary. Here's some pics of the 17 pitch:
  11. I was thinking the same thing! Like a french drain at the bottom of the foam, with perforated PVC pipe
  12. Great thread DC! Even though you are adding some weight to the boat with the increased fuel capacity, it looks like you've removed quite a bit of extra weight in all the water-logged foam you found. Just my opinion, but if it was my decision at this point, I would not put any foam back in the boat below the waterline - sealed or not. There are more ways for water to find its way to the lowest point in a hull. It can even permeate the outer gel coat/glass/cloth lamination itself, depending on how porous the layup is. All gel coat is porous to some degree.
  13. geeviam

    Gas Shock Hardware

    Another source worth checking out, with all the COVID inventory woes: https://www.liftsupportsdepot.com/products/Mounting-Hardware/
  14. geeviam


    Absolutely beautiful!! GLWS
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