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  1. Sunstone

    2200 vs 23HPS

    The 22 drafts 11" and the 23 12".
  2. Sunstone

    Bow Pedestal seat

    My friend has one on his 23, would think about the same.
  3. Sunstone

    Please remember

  4. Sunstone

    2200 vs 23HPS

    I have a 23 and my best friend has a 22. I think the ride of the 23 is much better then the 22. The step hull and the extra length make for a better ride. I also have anther friend that has had both and says the 22 can't compare to the 23 mainly the ride.
  5. Sunstone

    HPS Transducer Install

    Good question. The dealer that I bought the boat from is out of state so too far to have them do any work. Maybe I'll call them and ask how to replace it.
  6. Sunstone

    HPS Transducer Install

    Mine is a shot through also. The dealer mounted it in a goop putty looking stuff. Not sure if it stays somewhat soft and you can just pry it out. I wanted to change it out for a better airmar but I'm afraid of messing it up.
  7. Sunstone

    New to me 2300 HPS

    BradM turned me on to Jocos marines in Tenn. best price on Mercury props. https://jacosmarine.com/index.php/mercury-propellers/
  8. Sunstone

    New to me 2300 HPS

    Your going to love it, congrats.
  9. Sunstone

    2300hps steering binding

    Maybe air in the line, needs bleeding.
  10. Wish I was there.
  11. Sunstone

    Trout bite...topwater

    Nice haul
  12. Sunstone


  13. Sunstone

    Best cool fishing shirt

    I've tried a few, mostly polyester and nylon is there any one that's cooler in the heat of summer? I like long sleeves and a collar. What's your favorite?
  14. Sunstone

    Ameritrail hub size

    Call ameritrail good people to deal with.
  15. Sunstone

    Nizpro Tune and Longevity

    Anybody have a opinion on who is better, Simon or Nizpro? Few years ago talked to Simon motorsports they told me if I had a problem with warranty they would reflash it back to stock no charge.
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