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  1. Sunstone

    Security Cameras for Traveling with Boat

    I have used a Spartan camera when staying in motels. It won't pick up through glass so I slid my rear window open just enough so it picks up heat and motion. Works pretty good sends a text message that takes about 1 1/2 minutes from the time it was triggered. Just enough time for me to run out and get my butt kicked.
  2. Sunstone

    Best friend

    Lost my best friend last June, woke up one morning and he wasn't in bed. Found him out back throwing up and very sick. Rushed him to the vets and they had to revive him 2 times the third time didn't work. Said he had a tumor on his spline that ruptured. We did almost everything together miss him everyday. September picked up Tucker from the Humane society and what a joy he is. The most affectionate dog I have ever had. Not to crazy about going on the boat, scared to death of piers have to carry him.
  3. Sunstone

    Best Friend

    Don't know how that pic came in with the Jimmy Stewart video but that's my new best friend Tucker.
  4. Sunstone

    Best Friend

  5. Sunstone

    Best Friend

    So sorry to hear, lost too many myself with my Mickey passing suddenly last June at 11. Have a new best friend I rescued 6 months ago from the Humane society.
  6. Sunstone

    2300 HPS measurements

    Grab rail 59" leaning post back rest 48".
  7. Sunstone

    2300 HPS measurements

    Are you saking for the boat floor to the grab rail or the garage floor?
  8. Sunstone

    Whats the law for fishing marinas??

    I was fishing the in front of Bud and Mary's at the edge of the creek channel and was run off via the load speaker. Not really in the maria. Years ago I was bass fishing in a tournament on the Md Nanticoke river and ran to Del. Was fishing in some back waters where a guy had dredged out area about 25 feet by 25. He had 2 4x4's with a rope between them. I floated over the Lilly pads and was casting into the area. He had a pile of bricks and started throwing then right by me and 1 hit my electric motor shaft. I chased him to the house.
  9. Sunstone

    Fuel Tank calibration

    I have a 2015 23 hps and went by the fuel flow meter and ran out of fuel 2 times at 53 gallons used. Turned out I was not getting a full tank. The newer EPA required vapor filters won't let the last 10 gallons in without the gas pump clicking off. I would click the pump nozzle 4 or 5 times, full right no. You can get the last 10 gallons in but it will take an extra 10 minutes of sitting there clicking the nozzle off and on Now I just consider I have a 53 gallon tank.
  10. Sunstone

    Well, I lost!

    No more 65 mph but looks good.
  11. Sunstone

    Zara Spook in Georgia

    I'd say so.
  12. Sunstone

    Trolling Motor Help

    I even have 2 fuses on the house battery. CCE_000001.pdf
  13. Sunstone

    Trolling Motor Help

    My 2015 23 hps has automotive pushin fuses between each battery. They are in a small red case with a snap lid.
  14. Sunstone

    Trolling Motor Help

    There are fuses on each battery 5 total. I would bet you blew all of them.
  15. Sunstone

    Vacation Pivot

    Nice red action.
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