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  1. Mangroovin

    Hewes 21 Redfisher restoration.

    Looking awesome!
  2. Mangroovin

    21 RF Leak under livewell

    Hey Josh. Yeah mine is a 2003. All fixed up great now and no more water getting in. Multi skilled guy who does fiberglass, wiring, all kinds of boat stuff fixed it up for me. To get to it, he drilled out the center of the livewell with a 5" hole saw. Put in new drain and pipe and re glassed it. Works as its supposed to once again. He showed me the corrugated pipe he removed. Put a slight bend in it and it cracked right in half. Very brittle after 18 years. Fittings are expensive initially but my baby sunk to the bottom would've been much worse. LOL. Good to take a look in the back hatch once in awhile and make sure everything is looking good - with the boat IN THE WATER. Lesson learned and crisis avoided.
  3. Mangroovin

    21 RF Leak under livewell

    BTW will be putting an inline shut off between the bottom of the livewell and the thru hull at the stern. 😀
  4. Mangroovin

    21 RF Leak under livewell

    So the culprit was a cracked drain hose under the livewell. Have a good fiberglass guy who is also excellent at rigging boats taking care of it. Probably will have to make an opening in bottom of livewell to properly get to and fix everything. Not an issue since he can fix fiberglass easily. This was a bit of a wake up call. Had the hose cracked further, there's a good chance that water would have been pouring in too fast for the bilge pump to keep up. Lesson learned. Just wanted to share and recommend to all to occasionally take a look in the hatches where pumps etc are - with the boat in the water - and be sure you don't have any water getting in. I will be doing so much more regularly after this experience.👊
  5. Mangroovin

    21 RF Leak under livewell

    Very true Dino. I have an access panel in the floor under the hatch just in front of it. If I can't get to it from there, then I think cutting out around the drain is really the best way to do it correctly and get to everything. Maybe get an artist to paint some underwater scene in there to keep my pilchards happy.....lolol.
  6. Mangroovin

    21 RF Leak under livewell

    Not sure what caused mine, but thinking I am going the same direction as you in order to get to it. Thanks!
  7. Mangroovin

    21 RF Leak under livewell

    Thanks guys for your help! 👊
  8. Mangroovin

    21 RF Leak under livewell

    Hi All. Been getting water in the bilge for awhile and think I found the culprit. Sorry video is not very good and I'll try to get better. This is under my rear livewell. Note that the livewell is empty at this point. To me looks like the drain hose underneath is leaking (cracked maybe?). Since this is below the water line Im thinking the water is coming back in through the rear drain fitting for this well. Thoughts? That spot is hard to get too! Boat is in the water while the "not so good" video is being shot with iPhone. Thanks for any input! Joe IMG_3196.MOV
  9. Mangroovin

    Costa or Maui Jims progressive prescription glasses ?

    I had Maui's for years then switched (for some unknown reason lol) for about 2 years to Costa. The lenses seemed good but frames are junk and kept falling apart. Back to Maui's and very happy with them. Don't have progressive lenses. Their customer service is great!
  10. Mangroovin

    21 RF repower

    Nice! Good work!
  11. Mangroovin

    Hewes 21 Redfisher restoration.

    JoshB - My 2003 RF 21. Looking forward to watching this very closely. FishnChips some pics of my seat setup if it helps.
  12. Upper 10k with my brother Kevin. Wrestled with some nice Tarpon.
  13. Mangroovin

    Hewes 21 Redfisher restoration.

    Excellent! My 2003 RF 21 has the kevlar as well. Looking forward to watching your progress! Good luck sir!
  14. Mangroovin

    Best friend

    David, This hits close to home for me. My big gentle giant yellow lab, Doc, basically had the same thing happen that happened to your buddy. Had to say goodbye to him about 3-1/2 weeks ago. He had just turned 9. Now starting the process of looking for a new pal. I always tell people, the day you have to say goodbye is truly the ONLY bad day of dog ownership.
  15. Mangroovin

    Seating options on 2002 21' Redfisher

    Seats on my 2003 RF 21. Work great!
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