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  1. RacerxV6

    What did you do to your boat today?

    That's what I was laughing at in Outlaws quote, not that he dropped a hondo!!!!
  2. RacerxV6

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Ordered my new prop with the help of Geeviam's advice. Went with the Michigan Apollo XHS 13x17 3 blade SS. Returned the 4 blade SCD from Propgods as it just did not feel.right.
  3. RacerxV6

    Spinning reel drag system

    What does everyone do to keep their drag systems performing at top notch on their spinning reels?
  4. RacerxV6

    Born Again Boating Videos

    I watch everything he does. He is an amazing glass guy and all around tech
  5. RacerxV6

    Hewes 21 Redfisher restoration.

    Wow Josh, Just wow !!!!
  6. RacerxV6

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    sweet catch SouthernWake
  7. RacerxV6

    Aluminum Boat Revolution!

    Sorry you feel that way. Feel free to remove my account as I guess I have nothing to bring to the MBGForum as a boater. If posting pics and or videos of other boat manufacturers and having conversations about the industry and the way it is going in the General Forum of this website somehow turns into pushing a product, then do as you see fit.
  8. RacerxV6

    Aluminum Boat Revolution!

    Mr. Mod, We are not trying to sell other boats here. We are simply having conversation about boating and what is transpiring across the industry.
  9. RacerxV6

    Aluminum Boat Revolution!

    Muddy, these boats have a combination of welding and rivets. While the entire exterior is all -welded some of the flooring is riveted along with welding at the gunnels and where the lockers meet the floor and such. Unless they changed their building specs from 20' to 22'. The gauge aluminum is .125.
  10. RacerxV6

    Aluminum Boat Revolution!

    Welcome to the Avid family Rock SI. The 23 Fusion is an awesome looking boat....would love to see some pics of her. you can try to post them here but they may remove them. If so, send them to me via the mail box...
  11. RacerxV6

    Hewes 21 Redfisher restoration.

    Whisper grey would look awesome with black accents on the console and other items perhaps. Only if your repairs don't come out to where you and your father are happy...I think we all know how that's going to go by the way everything else has gone....Lol Boat looks just beautiful and I love the all black Yami... "to decal or not to decal" that must be the question now....and what's another $4,500 for a new Ameritrail... JK...new wheels and she will look fine....
  12. RacerxV6

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Love you're hull, she looks awesome
  13. RacerxV6

    What did you do to your boat today?

    LOL!!! never noticed but yes....plenty of clearance
  14. RacerxV6

    Minn kota talon issues

    Can you grab the spike and pull on it while you try to engage it
  15. RacerxV6

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Mounted new prop between rainstorms. Of course I needed to weight for my new prop wrench.
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