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  1. Rick88

    WTB Mirage II, or early HP/HPX

    Yeah I’ve been talking to him, waiting for detailed pics, but worried about water intrusion w the hull repair seems like a decent deal but needs work
  2. Rick88

    WTB Mirage II, or early HP/HPX

    Seems like price ranges are all over the place by the sellers but overall the boats that sell are mirage 1s from 8-10k mirage II from 10-12k mirage HP from 13-15k Any input on those price ranges? Seem accurate after trolling through 3 forums from the last 3-4 yes of FS ads
  3. Looking for another skiff if anyone knows of one collecting dust in a garage somewhere or just going unused pass the info along cash in hand I’m happy to kick a 1000$ finders fee for the right deal! Rick-9044227737
  4. Rick88

    96 mirage for sale

    Helping a friend sell this one 1996 mirage 2014 f70 with 400hrs asking 12k boat is currently in tx but being brought to mosquito lagoon area shoot me a text I'm rarely on this forum so phone is best thanks for looking 9044227737
  5. Rick88

    Hpx v project

    If it still had the f115 that "wasn't fast enough" I'd agree with you....not an hpdi Yamaha fan
  6. Rick88

    Hpx v project

    Yep overpowered and he rattle canned the outboard I knew it was filthy but the structural and gel coat stuff was unexpected Listed at 25 I asked him what he expected to get for it and he said 19 (alleged pay off amt)haha Honestly I'm not sure if it would be worth it for 10k
  7. Rick88

    Hpx v project

    https://jacksonville.craigslist.org/boa/5541081299.html Save yourself a trip unless you want a project This boat has been destroyed DIY patched small holes in the deck The console was ripped off and put back on with about 10 lbs of un even silicon the bottom is oyster rashed badly Cap was separating from the hatch where the driver sits It would need to be dropped off at Maverick and overhauled cosmetically. I wasted a 45 minute drive and was mad I'd ask for very detailed pics if you consider driving more than an hour (buyers trying to get 19k)
  8. Rick88

    2002 Maverick 17HPXV with 2 Stroke 90 Yamaha

    This boat ever sell?
  9. Rick88

    Wtb hpx v or mirage $20k range

    Yep the ones that are priced to sell fly off of here quick hopefully we'll get lucky at some point
  10. Rick88

    Wtb hpx v or mirage $20k range

    Yeah that's how it's looking, the overpriced ones hang arround forever and the ones priced right go in a day
  11. Been looking for a while for one hpx v or mirage Just wanna see if anyone has one they are willing to part with before I buy a master angler instead Don't mind traveling to pick up cash in hand Rick 9044227737
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