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  1. Goatro

    Seadek on 2300 HPS

    $3500 if anyone was wondering.
  2. Goatro

    Seadek on 2300 HPS

    Thinking about installing Seadek or hydro turf on floor and decks of 2300. 2 colors with solid panels and outer edge different color Pathfinder logo and measuring ruler on front deck Rear deck nothing extra added to decking Under gunnel for reel protection What would be a ball park figure on pricing.
  3. Goatro

    2500 OEM trolling motor plug?

    Changed mine this weekend. Nice size lugs and holds good. Should be a good upgrade.
  4. Goatro

    Deck lighting

    Just take a small screwdriver and pry up on the top or bottom of the light. The light just snaps in place on the white mount bracket. There are 2 screws holding the plastic bracket onto the console. The console has a floor which is about 3-4 inches higher than the cockpit floor. The wires are run under the console floor. That's why you have to access he wires through the access port in the bottom of the console. Unless you want to cut the wires and use butt splices. Which in my case I did not use butt splices.
  5. Goatro

    Deck lighting

    Innovative lighting is the brand. can be found on Amazon or most boat supplies.Normally about $12-15 each. The wires are routed under the console. When you open up the front you will see an inspection port behind the trolling batteries. You can get to them through that port.
  6. Goatro

    THIS is a sunrise

    Cocodrie sunrise
  7. Goatro

    This Is a Sunset

    Cocodrie sunset
  8. Goatro

    THIS is a sunrise

    First stop of the morning. Short run. Maybe 5 minutes from the launch.
  9. Goatro

    Rod holder on console needs new rubber pieces

    Thanks. I found them. Didn’t know exactly what they were called.
  10. I have the black acrylic rod holders on the side of my console. I’m cleaning my boat and noticed the lower holder, which has the rubber fingers in it, are soft and falling apart. Who makes these and where could I get some repplacements.
  11. Goatro

    LED Lights under console??

    So I got lights replaced finally. In the console there is a hatch access cover. I unscrewed the access panel and there were 3 plugs right on top the fuel tank. Yep they were led light plugs. I unplugged them and cut the wires. Picked up some new duestch connector. Installed new connectors, installed new light and looks like it came from factory.
  12. Goatro

    THIS is a sunrise

    Morning run to fishing hole. Had to snap this one.
  13. Goatro

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Added new sound system
  14. Goatro

    LED Lights under console??

    Still gotta get mine done. Boat been getting sound upgrade and I been out of town. May get time this week to knock em out.
  15. Goatro

    Time to step it up a notch

    I decided to drop this off at the shop and let those guys handle the install. I normally do this myself. But I let someone else handle it. What if I bridge the amp and put 2 speakers on one side. Will that make too much resistance and fry the amp. Now you got me thinking about installing another 600/6 and bridging all the speakers.
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