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  1. Looking for Florida Marine Tracks chip - LOUSIANA edition Curious if anybody moved an no longer needs there chip.
  2. Every year my cousin from Colorado comes down to fish the glades with me. Every year his expectations get harder and harder. He recently got into the fly fishing game. This year he wanted to get a "Slam on fly" and a "Big Snook on fly". The conditions were perfect! 5-10MPH east wind with straight sunshine. No Clouds. Perfect sight fishing / fly fishing opportunities. We landed over 50 redfish, 100 snook, 5 juvy tarpon. CANT BEAT THE GLADES. Truly no place on earth quite like it!
  3. JnamJnam

    Maverick 17HPX-S - 8 Month Review

    I personally have only been in a HPX-T once... however I have a buddy that ran an HPX-T for several years. He is beyond happy with the S. Says the S blows away the abilities of the T. He claims that the HPX-S will run just as skinny as the T. I can say that the S runs scary shallow! At least for what I am used to / need it to (everglades national park). If you were in Florida I would offer you a water test and let you see for yourself.
  4. JnamJnam

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    I will be staying across the road at Kon Tiki as well!
  5. JnamJnam

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    It is a "FUNdament". More of a social event then necessarily a fishing tournament. There are eligible species. EXAMPLE: Snook, red, trout, tarpon, bonefish, permit, snapper, grouper, (some more offshore fish) Every fish you catch you receive points. Points get multiplied based on how you catch the fish. Bait - 1X. Artificial - 1.5X. Fly 2X. You win raffle tickets. Then they do a prize drawing at the end based on the tickets. No money. No tournament pressure. Simply GOOD FUN! Includes a couple meals and a open cooler with beer! Seriously a GREAT time!
  6. JnamJnam

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    Fingers crossed! I am going to go regardless. One of my favorite weeks of the year!
  7. JnamJnam

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    Any update on the registration for this yet?
  8. JnamJnam

    FS: Tibor Back Country Fly Reel

    Following to see if any future price drops. DEFINITELY interested. My favorite reel. Already have 6 of them.....
  9. JnamJnam

    Maverick carbon editions

    I believe 175lbs on the 17V and 125Lbs on the 17S.
  10. JnamJnam


    Gotcha! I was gonna say if you were in SWFL (Fort Myers) I would take you out for a water test.
  11. JnamJnam


    Where are you located in Florida?
  12. JnamJnam

    Maverick 17HPX-S - 8 Month Review

    Boat is a 6" resting draft. It will run less than it drafts... You can jack the motor up and trim out ridiculously high with the semi tunnel in the back and still have amazing grip.
  13. JnamJnam

    Good Day April 18

    He is increasing ramp fee effective May 1st. $25.
  14. JnamJnam

    Maverick 17HPX-S - 8 Month Review

    I purchased it directly from Josh at Evolution. I believe he made two of them... Don't know if it is still an option anymore. Its full Carbon weights an additional 3 or 4 pounds.
  15. JnamJnam

    Over Console Grab Bar - Maverick

    Make me an offer! Looks like I will be going the route of the fabrication shop.
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