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  1. JnamJnam

    WTB Maverick HPXS

    Actually not ready to sell yet... Sorry! Thanks for reaching out. Jesse
  2. JnamJnam

    WTB Maverick HPXS

    What is your timeline? Could you wait a couple months?
  3. JnamJnam

    ENP May 23

    The blind turn that takes you into the wheel ditch. Both boats were hugging the shoreline. Couldn't see until it was too late.
  4. JnamJnam

    ENP May 23

    Hey Dave, The accident was a friend of mine. Head on collision coming around the blind turn in turner. Happened in a matter of seconds... Definitely puts things into perspective! Very fortunate that nobody was hurt.
  5. JnamJnam

    2021 SW FL MOT at The Tarpon Lodge

    FYI.... Tarpon Lodge is booked out. No more rooms available.
  6. JnamJnam

    Back Rest

    Bought my HPX'S with the backrest preinstalled from the factory. Believe it is the same birdshall marine backrest that Maverick uses on all the different models.
  7. JnamJnam

    2021 Islamorada tournament

    It is a "Fun-dament". Will be a bunch of eligible species. Example snook, red, trout, tarpon, bonefish, permit, grouper, cobia, snapper... Each species has its own point value. Different point structure for how you catch them. Bait 1X Artificial 1.5X Fly 2X You win raffle tickets. Big raffle at the end of the tournament with some very nice prices. More about the fun of hanging out and meeting people. Always an awesome time!!!
  8. JnamJnam

    MBG acquired by Malibu Boat Group

    Hope you are wrong... But you are probably right. Especially a ski boat manufacture...
  9. JnamJnam

    MBG acquired by Malibu Boat Group

    Wow... That's bizzare. Yes hopefully no major changes...
  10. Looking for Florida Marine Tracks chip - LOUSIANA edition Curious if anybody moved an no longer needs there chip.
  11. Every year my cousin from Colorado comes down to fish the glades with me. Every year his expectations get harder and harder. He recently got into the fly fishing game. This year he wanted to get a "Slam on fly" and a "Big Snook on fly". The conditions were perfect! 5-10MPH east wind with straight sunshine. No Clouds. Perfect sight fishing / fly fishing opportunities. We landed over 50 redfish, 100 snook, 5 juvy tarpon. CANT BEAT THE GLADES. Truly no place on earth quite like it!
  12. JnamJnam

    Maverick 17HPX-S - 8 Month Review

    I personally have only been in a HPX-T once... however I have a buddy that ran an HPX-T for several years. He is beyond happy with the S. Says the S blows away the abilities of the T. He claims that the HPX-S will run just as skinny as the T. I can say that the S runs scary shallow! At least for what I am used to / need it to (everglades national park). If you were in Florida I would offer you a water test and let you see for yourself.
  13. JnamJnam

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    I will be staying across the road at Kon Tiki as well!
  14. JnamJnam

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    It is a "FUNdament". More of a social event then necessarily a fishing tournament. There are eligible species. EXAMPLE: Snook, red, trout, tarpon, bonefish, permit, snapper, grouper, (some more offshore fish) Every fish you catch you receive points. Points get multiplied based on how you catch the fish. Bait - 1X. Artificial - 1.5X. Fly 2X. You win raffle tickets. Then they do a prize drawing at the end based on the tickets. No money. No tournament pressure. Simply GOOD FUN! Includes a couple meals and a open cooler with beer! Seriously a GREAT time!
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