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  1. gnarlydog

    Rewire Project - '00 Hewes Bonefisher

    Thanks for the info guys. I have a starting battery and a battery dedicated to my trolling motor. Engine cables are connected directly to the starting battery and battery switch. Only wires on my TM battery are from the TM. These junction posts don't appear to have any power going to them, but I'll take your advice and disconnect them to be safe. I'm interested to see what's on the other end!
  2. gnarlydog

    Rewire Project - '00 Hewes Bonefisher

    Random question. About half way through the project. While troubleshooting my trim tabs, I came across these connections. I had previously assumed they were related to the tabs, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Any idea what these wires/posts are for? I don't think the wires are running to the console. Heavy guage. Just curious before I start pulling on stuff I shouldn't.
  3. gnarlydog

    Rewire Project - '00 Hewes Bonefisher

  4. gnarlydog

    Rewire Project - '00 Hewes Bonefisher

    Printed labels that say Nav, GPS, Trim, etc that you can shrink wrap on the wire. I'm using duplex wiring, not color coded, so the labels will allow for easy identification. They sell them for 0.75 each. Only a few bucks for all of my accessories and it'll provide a nice clean look.
  5. gnarlydog

    Rewire Project - '00 Hewes Bonefisher

    I ran 10 gauge to the fuse block and 14 gauge for all my lights (nav, anchor, courtesy). I bought a three wire bilge cable, which was also 14 gauge. Left my tabs with original wiring for now. I bought most of the wiring, terminals, shrink wrap from tinnedmarinewire.com. I bought switches, switch plate and heat shrink labels from newwiremarine.com. I bought the fuse block, courtesy lights, anchor light and crimping tool (Titan 11955 - works great) from Amazon. Have most of the new wiring ran, just waiting on some some additional supplies to arrive this week before I can start connecting.
  6. gnarlydog

    Rewire Project - '00 Hewes Bonefisher

    Thanks for the info! For some reason I was only thinking about having the lights under the gunnels, but putting them on the console is such a simpler task. I'll definitely go this route, your lights look great.
  7. gnarlydog

    Rewire Project - '00 Hewes Bonefisher

    So the wires running from my under gunnel lights / courtesy lights didn't want to budge. Tried pulling from both the light end and the switch end and nothing was giving at all. Tried for a solid hour and nothing. Put a little extra force in it and they broke. They never worked since I had the boat, so I won't miss them. But running the wire from the existing location (though a hole in the gunnel) is a no go. Have any of you guys installed completely new courtesy lights/wire or ran the wires in a new location? If so, how'd you do it? If it's simple enough, I'd like to add them.
  8. gnarlydog

    Rewire Project - '00 Hewes Bonefisher

    Below is an image of the rewire plan. Found a similar diagram on the web and modified it for my project. I'm leaning towards using duplex wiring and labels. What size fuse are you guys running from your battery switch to fuse panel? I had a 20A on mine, but that seemed low based on other posts I've read.
  9. gnarlydog

    Rewire Project - '00 Hewes Bonefisher

    Thanks for the info, if they are open I'll check them out. Hardest part might be pulling some of these wires. I think they are running to the gunnel lights but neither the positive nor ground wires want to budge. Patience and beer. One I lack and the other I have plenty of.
  10. gnarlydog

    Rewire Project - '00 Hewes Bonefisher

    Thanks guys. I'm located in South Dade (Palmetto Bay). I'll provide updates so the project moves forward.
  11. gnarlydog

    Rewire Project - '00 Hewes Bonefisher

    Well with all the parks and marinas closed in South FL, I figured now is the time to tackle a much needed rewire project on my 2000 Hewes Bonefisher 16. I've read dozens of rewire threads on various forums and feel as prepared as I'll ever be. I'm somewhat of a novice when it comes to electrical, so any additional advice is welcome. My set up is simple -- starting battery, battery switch, trim tabs, bilge, nav lights, under gunnel lights, GPS, stereo. 1) Any tips on rewiring the under gunnel lighting? These have never worked since I've owned the boat. I believe the wires were ran through small holes below where the lights were installed. Should I be able to tie a small rope on the terminal end of the wire and fish them out from the light end? If that fails are there any somewhat easy alternatives? 2) Should I spend the time rewiring the trim tabs? The port side tab seems incredibly challenging to get to from inside the boat. No idea how I could reach it, but figured I'd ask. Haven't had any issues with the tabs. 3) Any opinions on buying new new Yamaha wiring harnesses for the gauges/trim? Haven't had any electrical issues with the gauges or trim/tilt, but if I'm rewiring most everything else, figured now might be the time. 4) what's the best way to add/wire a new fold down anchor light? Where do you run the wires? I'm planning on buying ratchet crimpers (anchor single crimpers seem to have good reviews), anchor wiring and heat shrink terminals, liquid electrical tape, dielectric grease. Blue Sea Systems fue block with bus (12 circuits in case I want to add anything in the future). Any other tips/suggestions? I'll post up a wiring diagram soon of the initial plan.
  12. gnarlydog

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Replaced the hatch catches/latches on my Hewes. If anybody is looking to do the same, below is a link to the exact replacement. I have a 2000 bonefisher. https://www.amazon.com/Southco-Passivated-Plastic-Grabber-Concealed/dp/B076Y3NQQY
  13. gnarlydog

    WTB 10 ft Power Pole

    Not mine, but posted a few days ago on Florida sportsman: https://forums.floridasportsman.com/discussion/274854/power-pole-blade-10#latest
  14. gnarlydog

    03 Redfisher scupper plug replacement

    HoneyB -- how'd you ground the yellow scuppers down? I'm in the same boat as you. Thanks!
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