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  1. JEM

    Shark Eyes Install

    I think Candle is correct with the separation. He is an expert. He ought to be with the name “Candle.” 👌
  2. JEM


    Xactly right!
  3. JEM

    Jack Plate questions

    I have had my Atlas jp for 3 years, and have never had to touch it. At least not yet.
  4. JEM

    Minn Kota or Motorguide

    Your experience mirrors mine. I have a total of 3 years with both the gen 1 and gen 2 version of the MK Ulterra, 24V. The additional maintenance that I do is every 2 or 3 trips, I spray both sides of the rubber belt with Armor All, and every so often, pull the side plates off (2 screws each side) and spray Armor All in there. I have never had a failure in 3 years. My 10' power pole has a custom cover on it, and it went the entire year of 2018 without it being pulled off. I need to sell it! What is an "anchor?"
  5. JEM


    Replacing the hoses and clamps is not a hard task at all. Be sure to use quality marine hoses, made for the particular use, along with quality SS clamps, doubled clamped. I see a single clamp on the live well thru hull drain. A big no no.........
  6. JEM

    Sea Chest grate removal

    Very true. If you haven't confirmed where the leak is coming from, water flowing over the live well tubb where it butts up against the underside of the deck is a VERY common issue.......much more common than a thru hull leak. In fact, I just sealed my Pathy a couple of weeks ago trying to stop that.
  7. JEM

    Sea Chest grate removal

    I would have confirmed that a leak was coming from the sea chest thru hulls first by dropping the boat in the water and immediately looking and feeling all around the thru hull(s) and any protruding screws in the bilge. It is pretty easy to confirm a leak if you see water or feel water on the thru hull from inside the bilge. This is exactly how we found a leaking thru hull on a buddy's new 2016 Pathfinder 2400, which MBG fixed under warranty.
  8. JEM

    Sea Chest grate removal

    If it hasn’t had anything done to it since 2000, you shouldn’t have any problem backing out the screws.....in all likelihood it will just fall off.
  9. JEM

    My "new" 2007 2200V

    I have tried everything. I showed her that picture. Her Shitzu is named Maggie Mae also. All to no avail.
  10. JEM

    My "new" 2007 2200V

    Unfortunately, we had to put him down on January 11, 2018. He was a good buddy, and even though he was a retriever, and not a pointer, he picked out the woman that would become my wife. We still miss him, and Debbie won't let me get another lab.
  11. JEM

    GPS Screen Size

    I will give you credit for at least one truthful statement you made.
  12. JEM

    GPS Screen Size

    The thing is, egret, you haven't educated anybody in here with anything. In fact, believe it or not, you aren't any smarter or more experienced than any of the posters on this thread. I will be willing to bet I have more hours on the water than you, unless you are a professional guide or fisherman. So for you to bust in on the MBG forum (oh, by the way, this is not The Hull Truth) on your second post and tell me that my Garmin MFD is useless......... Well, let's put it this way. It tells me a whole lot more about you than it informs me about my electronics.
  13. JEM

    GPS Screen Size

    Hmmmmm. I must be in the twilight zone because I didn't realize that I was in the "Hull Truth." I can hear the Twilight Zone music ringing in my ears now. That ain't funny! Not even "sort of." Now, you still haven't explained how I have run over half the Georgia coast, day and night, and still haven't banged a fixed marker or ran aground, due to my reliance on a Garmin "pretty useless" chart plotter. Please explain the harsh truth of these proven facts.
  14. JEM

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Looks like you will be back in the water sooner than later!
  15. JEM

    GPS Screen Size

    I run half the Georgia coast with a 7" Garmin MFD. No problem yet. And sometimes, I am running in the dark for more than an hour. I wouldn't call that "pretty useless."
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