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  1. Capt Larry

    Charlotte Harbor

    Since I'm relatively new to the area I haven't had the pleasure of pompano or sheepies though I have seen a few sheeps off my dock. Caught many trout and a few good jacks, a few snook but still trying to figure out the latter. Blue bills, mergs, buffleheads know them well and have hunted them very successfully for 25 years.
  2. Capt Larry

    Charlotte Harbor

    Been a lot of banging going on over this side of the harbor. Someone has been smoking em. Haven't been since I mined down here last year but have enjoyed some very good ducking off the jersey Del coast puddles and divers. Trying to get a few of these fish dialed in. This tide is crazy.
  3. Capt Larry

    Charlotte Harbor

    I'm looking forward to a better bite over the next few days, as I said hit and miss....maybe some others will chime in. What's your go to pompano bait?
  4. Capt Larry

    Charlotte Harbor

    Awful quiet here! How's everyone doing on the harbor? Trout been good on the east wall, lots of big Jacks in the pgi canals...any reports or input?
  5. Capt Larry

    2004 Pathfinder 22TE For Sale

    Larzee58@aol.com please!
  6. Capt Larry

    2008 22 XLTE

    Can you shoot me a few pics to larzee58@aol.com thanks
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