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  1. Boomer

    Power Pole issue

    Terry and ACM are top notch!
  2. Boomer

    Inshore rod recommendations

    Older GLoomis. GLX. Picked up one, my second, in a trade on this site a while back... In the pic it has a 1000 sustain on it. She swam off in good shape...
  3. Boomer

    DIW (Dead In the Water) story

    Bernie, Which one?
  4. Boomer

    Just bought 1995 bayfisher 18

    Wow, What a beautiful boat!
  5. Boomer

    Reds in good numbers.

    Very nice! What's the water temp?
  6. Boomer

    Teaked out 24 Pathfinder

    That’s a lot of work!
  7. Boomer

    Transducer location on HPX S

    The one shown is one one two. The other is a thur hull. Since I fish in the ICW so I’m not sure the depth limit. If I’m in over 6 ft of water I get nervous.
  8. Boomer

    Transducer location on HPX S

    See if this helps
  9. I've got two transducers, a transom mount and a thru the hull. Here's the transom mount
  10. Boomer

    How do you stay in shape?

    Fixing to turn 62 this year and follow roughly the same routine described above, although I don't run anymore. Down from 235 to 197 in 6 months..the "very little sugar" is critical".
  11. Boomer

    Spinning combo shimano Stella 3000 gloomis 844s

    Interested, can I call?
  12. Boomer

    Orvis Helios 8wt

    Is it a Helios 2? Mid or Tip Flex? Thanks
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