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  1. polliwog

    Anybody have a new head unit put on a 2 stroke?

    Down here in FL the guys who have the 90 Yamaha 2 strokes love them. At this stage they are all old,and if not babied will die of corrosion as my 150 VMAX did. My 2006 90HP is living in Canada with my son and will last forever in fresh water.LOL I repowered my LT 150 with a 4 stroke Yamaha because I loved the boat,not because it was a good financial decision. Old engines need to go to the junk yard,fixing a 20yr old motor doesn't make sense.
  2. polliwog

    What are your Thoughts on this LT20 Layout

    I am an owner of a 1997 LT with a 150 Yamaha. Love the boat ,but I'm amazed it has a 250 SHO. It is actually only rated for 200HP. The engine is worth $15,000 as long as it doesn't have large amount of hrs on it. I would never run the boat with a 250 on it at WOT if you don't want to have an accident. I assume you would refit the deck to fish with it. I would be sure do do a good inspection of stringers and fuel tank if the tank wasn't already replaced. There a lot of issues to look at. Not my cup of tea.
  3. polliwog

    94 LT 20 purchase

    cgray, just ran across the older thread. Did you buy the LT? I assume you didn't.
  4. polliwog

    WTB Hewes LT18 or LT20

    Did you find your LT ? As a proud owner I am curious.
  5. polliwog

    Poling Platform Install help

    . A 200 lb poler can be tough on the platform bolt connections I didn't pole my 20ft LT very much LOL.
  6. polliwog

    Poling Platform Install help

    This is a discussion near and dear to my heart. I have a similar set up on my 1997 20ft light tackle. This set up was fine for 15 yrs and then the rear transcom support started to leak. The starboard side can be reached by a 6 in circle hole drill in the battery compartment. and then through bolt the plate. It has work perfectly for 10years. I never had a problem with the port side. Hard to believe these platforms were lag screwed at the build phase of construction. I probably would never have known of the problem it I was trailering the boat instead of keeping at a slip. Fortunate
  7. polliwog

    What was your favorite gift this year!!!

    At this point in my life it's all about the family experiences. Covid screwed this year up to a fairly well, but we did have a chance to have our Ohio family here for Thanksgiving. It was special,since it was a year since the last visit. Life is too short now for this to be happening. Great pics of your son and little one. southern wake
  8. polliwog

    MBG acquired by Malibu Boat Group

    I have never had a Pursuit,but all reviews for their boats are pretty good,so unless they downgrade the quality things should be fine, as they" time will tell".
  9. polliwog

    Battery Issues, what would you do?

    I think the OP was saying his 2- 12v batteries in a series for the trollers. I would say that if the batteries were warm and water levels on one was low,something is wrong with the charger. It should not create heat to the touch. You should get at least 3-4 yrs out of good 12v wet cell batteries.
  10. polliwog

    Whats the law for fishing marinas??

    I fish docks all the time, never had an issue. Owners that don't want you around the docks usually put dock lines or wire to prohibit casting,which I understand and move on. Usually see some fishing lines hanging down from people who try anyway,LOL. Life is too short to argue about fishing. If I don't have fun ,I quit.
  11. polliwog

    Deserted Beaches???

    Ron, I have never posted a picture here what is the trick,can't find any info on the site. I have photos on my Cell phone.
  12. polliwog

    New 4 stroke - boat rides stern heavy

    I made a change from 150 Yamaha Vmax to a 150 Yamaha 4 stroke. on a 20ft LT, The real difference is about 75 lbs , when you remove the oil reservoir and related oil injector equipment. I moved the batteries up front and the trolling motor to the bow. Boat doesn't show any difference with the motor shift. I think as others have said the Jack plate is the main issue to get rid of to balance the boat up. If anything my LT is bow heavy now at high speeds. I need a new prop to give the bow a lift. Working on that now.
  13. polliwog

    Deserted Beaches???

    My C&C was "Showdown", Willmington,Del. Boat was documented,home port was Rye,NY. American YC. I'll get a Picture of my Lobster boat a Wilbur Dirigo 31 ft,and yes it is like the Picnic boat. We are now in Essex,Ct with that boat as well as Hewes 20ft LT for striper fishing. Love the area.
  14. polliwog

    Deserted Beaches???

    'I raced a C&C 34 all over LIS and Block island area for 20 yrs,back in the 80"S, great part of the world in the SUMMER !! I'm now a converted to being a stink potter, Main Lobster boat.
  15. polliwog

    Gas left in tank for long time

    Pure gas and a stabilizer will keep fuel fine for at least a year. I store my HPX over the summer for 5 months with the same fuel as you have,no issues.This year because of the pandemic I've been out less which is different than most. Took the boat out last week and it ran perfectly after 7 mos of storage.
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