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  1. polliwog

    1998 HEWES 18 LT 140HP OR 200HP

    I think it's all about the need for speed. I have a 20 LT with 150 Yamaha 4 stroke which replaced a VMax 150. I can do 45+ with my set up,but I have the wrong prop on the boat,which I've been trying to figure out. Either a 140 Suzuki or 150 YAMAHA ,maybe a SHO would be pretty quick without going over board on weight. Where I use this boat the opportunity to open it up is pretty limited. NE waters. You may have greater distances and want to get there fast in the Everglades or similar waters. The 150 4 stroke is pretty fuel efficient vs the 2 stroker. At cruising speed 4000-4500 rpms it uses about 5 GPH.
  2. polliwog

    Anchor light replacement

    Just remembered the light is a "Hella"brand.
  3. polliwog

    Anchor light replacement

    Mine is the original flip up or down type It is useful if you are poling,not to worry about hitting it . Basically works fine,but you have to remember to have it in up position if it is raining. the globe will let water in in the down position. They now may have one with a water tight globe. I'll check the name of the product tomorrow.
  4. polliwog

    Battery load tester

    I also have the same load tester as Pathfinder and Wannafish and it works. I also strongly suggest every boater who goes off shore or in the back country carry a lithium ion battery jumper. They are amazing. I used it to start a v6 diesel in my SUV when the battery took a dump just before a trip. They keep a charge for a long time and are about as big as 2 packs of cigarettes,if anyone knows what they are these days. LOL.
  5. polliwog

    shark eye running lights

    I just found a solution for new bulbs for the shark eye lights. Westmarine has bulbs that fit in the same fixture as original bulbs that are LEDs. I'll put them in later today. $14.00 each. A lot better than repalcing the whole fixture.
  6. polliwog

    shark eye running lights

    Does anyone know if there is a LED replacement for the shark eye running lights on the Hewes light tackle boats? Mine are becoming a pain to keep going and really aren't bright enough. Thanks for any help.
  7. polliwog

    Sugar Ants in the boat

    Now you have to let us know how it works for you. Good luck
  8. polliwog

    Quick Release RipTide Storing

    If you are a wine drinker like me ,I just use two empty wooden wine cases upside down on the floor and lay the unit on them. I prefer Bordeaux cases LOL
  9. polliwog

    1999 Maverick 18’ question

    I was going to say the same thing. Need to see a picture and the model.These are usually at least twice that price if no issues.
  10. polliwog

    NOCO Gen4 Install

    Noco makes great trickle chargers that can charge all types of batteries. Lithium ion, AGM and regular wet cell . I now have 2 of them for vehicles as well as boat.
  11. polliwog

    pontoon boats

    In SWFL there are tons of them cruising around the harbors and bays. There are a number rental co s in Naples that are always busy. My cousin has one in Birmingham ,AL, it's great for casual cruises at the cocktail hour.
  12. For some reason there seems to be a lack of info on my 15 fter HPX v that I have been able to find. Any help?
  13. polliwog


    I have had one for 10yrs,and I love it. I fish the 10K area and it does everything I want to do. It is an amazing little boat that doesn't know it's little. Mine has a 40hp Yamaha and will cruise close to 30 with me on it and a full tank,35 WOT. I've had 2 teenage Grand daughters on it for a Wildlife cruise to see Dolphins and a small part of !0ks ,they were very happy . You can tell I'm a fan. I also have a 20ft LT Hewes which is way different,but my Mav is my Fave.
  14. polliwog

    Shallow Water Anchor

    I've got one on my HPX V 15fter and it's all I need or have room for ,lol I'm in skinny water almost all the time so this is the ticket. It is a solid Fiberglass "stick it"
  15. polliwog

    salt build up behind thermostat.

    Good that it is ok, I will never understand why anyone with an outboard used in salt water doesn't flush the engine. Any boat kept in the water at a slip needs to be hooked up to a hose p and run for 10 minutes. If you are trailering run the motor on muffs. I have one in the water and one on a trailer, it's simple to do while you clean up the boat.
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