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  1. polliwog

    NOCO Gen4 Install

    Noco makes great trickle chargers that can charge all types of batteries. Lithium ion, AGM and regular wet cell . I now have 2 of them for vehicles as well as boat.
  2. polliwog

    pontoon boats

    In SWFL there are tons of them cruising around the harbors and bays. There are a number rental co s in Naples that are always busy. My cousin has one in Birmingham ,AL, it's great for casual cruises at the cocktail hour.
  3. For some reason there seems to be a lack of info on my 15 fter HPX v that I have been able to find. Any help?
  4. polliwog


    I have had one for 10yrs,and I love it. I fish the 10K area and it does everything I want to do. It is an amazing little boat that doesn't know it's little. Mine has a 40hp Yamaha and will cruise close to 30 with me on it and a full tank,35 WOT. I've had 2 teenage Grand daughters on it for a Wildlife cruise to see Dolphins and a small part of !0ks ,they were very happy . You can tell I'm a fan. I also have a 20ft LT Hewes which is way different,but my Mav is my Fave.
  5. polliwog

    Shallow Water Anchor

    I've got one on my HPX V 15fter and it's all I need or have room for ,lol I'm in skinny water almost all the time so this is the ticket. It is a solid Fiberglass "stick it"
  6. polliwog

    salt build up behind thermostat.

    Good that it is ok, I will never understand why anyone with an outboard used in salt water doesn't flush the engine. Any boat kept in the water at a slip needs to be hooked up to a hose p and run for 10 minutes. If you are trailering run the motor on muffs. I have one in the water and one on a trailer, it's simple to do while you clean up the boat.
  7. polliwog

    96' Hewes Bayfisher 18 Engine Trouble

    Check the anti siphon valve, there have been many issues with these things. I wouldn't have one If it was my boat. Older boats didn't have them when they were new. My 1997 Hewes LT doesn't have one and I've never had a problem with my fuel or fueling.
  8. polliwog

    Please remember

    Still brings teas to my eyes. God bless them all.
  9. polliwog

    Loadmaster trailer replacement lights

    I have another suggestion,which I did 5 yrs ago when my submersible lights failed yet again. I put mine on the top my guide posts and all he problems went away. 5 yrs of trouble free service and counting. If done correctly you won't be bothered by the issue for many yrs. Unfortunately submersible lights aren't water proof.
  10. polliwog

    16 hewes / 90 yamaha prop choice ??

    HoneyB , I just went on the Whaler site and looked their specs for the 17 FT Montauk and they say it weighs exactly what your Redfisher weighs 1700Lbs with out engine. I never looked it up so it's news to me as well. Good luck with your choice of power.
  11. polliwog

    16 hewes / 90 yamaha prop choice ??

    I have your motor on a 17ft Montauk Whaler and it jumps out when you hit the throttle. It will run 40MPH at 5500 rpms. I am sure the montauuk is heavier than the redfisher. The motor isn't the issue,I'm sure you are on the right track to get the prop right. That Yamaha engine is loved by everyone who has one.
  12. polliwog

    Water intrusion with rabuds

    It looks like the boat is dry sailed,but the anode is in tough shape. Hard to believe it sits on a trailer between launches. There is some galvanic corrosion going on somewhere. I have a 10 yr old zinc on my boat that doesn't look anything like yours. You should check it out.
  13. polliwog

    Best cool fishing shirt

    I'm a fan of Simms products, They have some that are very light weight and have vents in the back and under the arms for air to circulate. I got most of mine at Sierra trading post.com ,but they have shut down the web site due to the Covid 19 crap. Very good prices. They'll be back soon I'm sure.
  14. polliwog

    HPX 17 90 vs 115 Yamaha

    why make the change unless you don't trust the 110 2 stroke? I have a 90 17ft Montauk whaler and it's a great combo,so I think if you decide to go for a 90 4 stroke it will be fine. You can also go to a SHO 90 which has extra umph. I don't know the weight difference between the 115 and 90 4 strokes,but it's easy enough to get that info. If you are interested in shallow keep the extra weight off the stern. I remember when I repowered the Montauk the weight difference was substantial for a small boat.
  15. polliwog

    fixing the hook in the bottom of a LT20

    I have come back to this thread after a while and feel better about the boat. I typically run at 4000 rpms and high 30's mph. The boat seems to love this set up. As I increase the rpms the boat noses down like most of you have suggested. I'm ok with 40mph most of the time. Frankly if you try pushing the speed, unless it's very calm you're holding on with gritted teeth. LOL
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