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  1. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    2020 SW FL MOT

    I received a refund from Eventbrite for the tickets and received an email from Tarpon lodge in regards to the cancellation.
  2. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    2020 SW FL MOT

  3. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    Boat Lift

    With a stepped hull ask about the bunks being designed for stepped hulls. I’ve also found having walk boards on both sides of the boat to be invaluable.
  4. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    Hydromotive Props

    Great write up; do you have a T-Top and what tempest pitch did you run with to achieve 70 mph? Seems like you have a lot of experience with identifying the best prop for hull design; have you looked into the Nizpro ECU flash?
  5. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    2020 SW FL MOT

    Is there a link currently to register for the event?
  6. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    Boat Lift Drain Plug Access

    There is a flange with a o-ring on the drain plug that would prevent the drain plug from screwing in from the bilge. The flange and the o-ring are seated in the transom when screwed in to create a seal. Close-up photo of drain plug for reference.
  7. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    Boat Lift Drain Plug Access

    I apologize about any confusion; the drain plug is threaded in from the outside of the hull. Please note this on a 23HPS; but I’m assuming that all Pathfinder drain plugs are the same. The drain plug is extra long with two large openings on the backside of the drain plug to grab from the inside of the bilge and screw back into the hull.
  8. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    Boat Lift Drain Plug Access

    The drain plug when seated is tight against the hull with the o-ring compressed between the hull and drain plug. When the drain plug is opened it hangs out the back of the boat; the drain plug actually can not fully detach from boat.
  9. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    Boat Lift Drain Plug Access

    The drain plug is designed to be unscrewed and screwed back in from the access hatch down in the bilge. You can also apply grease to the threads prior to screwing back in the plug.
  10. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    New HPS!!!!

    Congratulations! Great looking color selection.
  11. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    Talons. Mounting on 2300 HPS

    I’m not able to speak for Talons, but here is my current setup with PowerPoles. No issues with swim platform.
  12. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    2300 HPS / F300

    Hi Josh, currently I’m running a Yamaha HS4 22 pitch. It maxes out at 61 mph due to limiter, the cruise is great around 3.4 at 38 mph, and it will jump out of the hole with tournament load and 3 guys.
  13. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 3000

    Sent message.
  14. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    Yamaha HS4 SDS 22 Pitch

    This prop has been sold.
  15. AFE CUMMINS 6.7

    2300 HPS / F300

    You sound dialed in with the four blade prop. Are you thinking a Mercury Racing Tempest Plus in 23 pitch?
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