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  1. Hampton

    2020 Trs 22 foot

    I think I will be making a additional drain hole lower, Skip said it was drilled to high
  2. Hampton

    2020 Trs 22 foot

    I've never posted a picture on the forum , I'll have to get instructions. I did send the picture to Skip's email
  3. Hampton

    2020 Trs 22 foot

    Skip can I email you a picture?
  4. Hampton

    2020 Trs 22 foot

    Thanks Skip I follow you on Instagram , I’ll shoot you a picture when I get a chance. Thank you
  5. Hampton

    2020 Trs 22 foot

    Do they have a fix ?
  6. Hampton

    2020 Trs 22 foot

    No you shouldn’t have to do that. Awesome boat but they need to fix the problem. I’ve owned a Hewes for 20 years and just bought this Pathfinder. I think the factory should help us out on this issue.
  7. Hampton

    2020 Trs 22 foot

    Under the 3rd row seats there’s a great place for storage but the drainage tubes are to high and takes forever to dry out. What’s the solution.
  8. Hampton

    on board charger

    Just read about the stealth , interesting, where did you buy yours?
  9. Hampton

    on board charger

    What is a good one to buy? I've 2 pro mariners which I'm not impressed with.They get very hot
  10. Hampton

    EZ loader trailer for Bayfisher 16

    Did an axle replacement a couple years ago, got the axle from quality in plant city I think, only took an hour or so to replace, it is a do it yourself job no problem
  11. Hampton

    Bayfisher question

    I have a 19 ' bayfisher and havn't seen any issues
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