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    been retired for 10 yrs. have a 02 pathfinder 2200 that i bought new in 02. currently doing some much needed mods. we live on the water of west galveston bay and the boat gets quite a bit of use. we have 6 grandkids, so we try to keep them entertained.<
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    retired boilermaker/diver
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    fishing and making stuff
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    bayou vista, tx.
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    roger domingue

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  1. smooth move

    Pics from the past - mostly chokoloskee and the 10k's

  2. smooth move

    Water in the bilge

    also check the water pressure hose and speedo hose for kinks and breaks. happened to me twice.
  3. smooth move

    What you think

    we've been living in a yellow house for 40 yrs. two different houses!
  4. smooth move

    Ameritrail / Pathfinder 2200 set up ?'s

    what about tongue weight. i'd think that would be the most important factor for your vehicle.
  5. smooth move

    Fun Tackle Question?

    don't mess with mother nature. there's no way you can come out of this unscathed. i tried for 20 yrs to get my wife to flex a rod and cast like it's designed to do with no results except to get the silent treatment and what i call the little mouth look. you know the one, where she looks at you and her eyes are a little squinted and her mouth is about 1" wide. just be glad you have a wife that enjoys going fishing with you.
  6. smooth move

    2003 Pathfinder 1900v refurbish

    lookin good.
  7. smooth move

    What did you do to your boat today?

    i have a 02 2200V. the guys doing the work are in Dickinson, Tx. called Matrix Glass. they are a father/son team that worked for another shop that did my front deck. they did a great job on the front deck and i feel sure will do just as good this time.
  8. smooth move

    What did you do to your boat today?

    put it in the fiberglass shop to have the bottom redone. 18 yrs of reef rash caught up to us, also had the drain plug bushing redone. it came loose when i pulled the plug. in 18 yrs, i've probably only pulled the plug a dozen or so times.
  9. smooth move

    new seats

    i've had this style for years now and when i originally built the frame, the height was 2" lower than the leaning post. these new seats are about 2" higher because of the thickness. i'll play with em for a few outings then lower the pedestal as much as i can. not so easy job. i have a low RR bridge to deal with so no crash bar and a lowered windshield. the seats are lower than the windshield now, but not by much. my neighbor says i'm pimpin. i think your frame would need to be modified, but not much of a job for a welding shop.
  10. smooth move

    new seats

    put some new chairs on the old girl today. had to drill a couple new holes in the swivel/slide mounts to make em fit and i'll probably end up lowering em a couple inches after a couple trial runs, but they're lookin good to me right now and my old back really likes em.
  11. smooth move

    Cocodrie speck action

    great trip! getting out around here too, but no action like that.
  12. smooth move

    2500 OEM trolling motor plug?

    ditto. haven't had a plug in years, but my boat hangs in slings behind my house. different situation when on a trailer or not kept at the house.
  13. smooth move

    Tunnel Hull or No???

    i have an 02 2200v and my neighbor had the 2200t. his handling and speed weren't as good as mine and he wasn't getting any skinnier than me. i think the tunnel wasn't big enough to really be a true tunnel.
  14. smooth move

    My boat keeps stealing my hats

    several. i usually wear a straw western hat to fish and a ball cap backwards when running. even doing that, i've lost my share.
  15. smooth move

    Trolling motor experiences/advice

    i'm still running the tiller also. mainly because it won't die(motorguide), but pretty sure i'll go remote when it does. seems to me the anchor feature is the best thing about it. i've handled the remote on friends boats and it interferes with my fishing, but i guess i could get used to it. never experimented with any of the other navigation features though.
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