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    been retired for 10 yrs. have a 02 pathfinder 2200 that i bought new in 02. currently doing some much needed mods. we live on the water of west galveston bay and the boat gets quite a bit of use. we have 6 grandkids, so we try to keep them entertained.<
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    retired boilermaker/diver
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    fishing and making stuff
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    bayou vista, tx.
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    roger domingue

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  1. smooth move

    Shipping Advice

    really nice work!
  2. smooth move

    2500 shaft length 72” a must?

    it's a must in any kind of chop.
  3. smooth move

    2400 TRS switch panel replacement toggles

    Dang hand, that looks real good.
  4. smooth move

    2002 2200V T Top

    looks good!
  5. smooth move

    Where should I put fish on the 24' Pathfinder?

  6. smooth move

    Where should I put fish on the 24' Pathfinder?

    i have the 22v and i have 2 livewells in the back. one for bait and one for live fish. for iced fish i keep em in the cooler under the leaning post, a 110 rubbermaid.
  7. smooth move

    Faux Pas tournament in Venice

    scheduled for last week end of July. as of now it's still on as far as i know. anyone have a info? the social distancing thing won't effect the fishing, but will put a big damper on the party.
  8. smooth move

    Anyone done a fuel fill hose replacement on a 2200V?

    also check the fuel pick up tube. where the 90 fitting goes into the tank is a aluminum fitting. it will corrode and break off. i thought ran out of gas late one night, but wouldn't start after putting gas in, so i had to be towed in. next day i found the corroded and broken pick up. tank was sucking air from the broken fitting. i had to tap the fitting with a 3/8" tapered pipe thread tap to get the new fitting in. not a fun project.
  9. smooth move

    towing tubes

    i pull a tube with my 02 2200V. no problems. seems to me the height of the tow eyes would be less important than the location of the eye on the tube.
  10. smooth move


    when in skinny water, remember, that ain't sand, it's limestone. can be a prop eating, lower end destroying nightmare.
  11. smooth move

    Pics from the past - mostly chokoloskee and the 10k's

  12. smooth move

    Water in the bilge

    also check the water pressure hose and speedo hose for kinks and breaks. happened to me twice.
  13. smooth move

    What you think

    we've been living in a yellow house for 40 yrs. two different houses!
  14. smooth move

    Ameritrail / Pathfinder 2200 set up ?'s

    what about tongue weight. i'd think that would be the most important factor for your vehicle.
  15. smooth move

    Fun Tackle Question?

    don't mess with mother nature. there's no way you can come out of this unscathed. i tried for 20 yrs to get my wife to flex a rod and cast like it's designed to do with no results except to get the silent treatment and what i call the little mouth look. you know the one, where she looks at you and her eyes are a little squinted and her mouth is about 1" wide. just be glad you have a wife that enjoys going fishing with you.
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