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  1. Shallowminded6

    Think I'm finally going to pull the trigger - Power pole

    Do you not have to take the engine off to do the bracket? There is always that 1 bolt. Mine does the same dang thing haha.
  2. Shallowminded6

    Anybody seen the remote?

    See what I need to add to my barn now…. Working on my barn build soon. Any other cool additions? THT has a cool one that has a bunch of cool ideas too.
  3. Shallowminded6

    Backup reel <$150

    Bought my first Daiwa BG 3000 replacing Shimano FJ 4000. Done awesome so far especially at the price point. Hard to spend the money Shimano is asking when kids etc use them.
  4. Shallowminded6

    Transducer Location / Redfisher 18

    I read that its not preferred to install on port side due to prop wash. Might be part of your problem
  5. Shallowminded6

    Need help on a 2000 MA18.5

    Guess im more of a gambler. Got a new motor worth 15k or more(never priced it out but the regular 150 was 13k without rigging it a couple years ago), if you can get less than asking, might be worth a crack. A Maverick hull alone for 10-13k with some issues isnt terible. These boats only have so much to fix/check. Allot of stuff can be dealt with years down the line if you wana just run it. . See where it leads but go in figuring it can be a project, if you dont want a project, walk away 100%. Also work that into your offer.
  6. Shallowminded6

    Need help on a 2000 MA18.5

    10 seems high. I would figure 3-4k for tank replacement with new tank, and 3-4k for rewire at most. Might be able to find someone decent for less. In my area I would be looking about 6-7k total
  7. Shallowminded6

    Fire Extinguishers

    Got mine under the seat as well. Along with all safety gear. Easy and fast access and all in one spot so easy to show guests.
  8. Shallowminded6

    Another stupid question of mine

    Doubt the overheating has anything to do with you or what you have done. As a person that has seen a few things in the other side of your post. Pushing through with the uncomfortable medical stuff will help more than hurt. People/animals(bit of the same) that lay still do worse than those that are active. Within reason. Hope you do well and can use your new Nav lights!
  9. Shallowminded6

    Hewes Redfisher 18 2022 Suzuki 115

    46 if I am really light. 43-44 normally. Only pushed it there 3-4 times over the last 75hrs. Glad to hear it cleared. The 140/115 must have different cowlings or the platforms changed between iur years.
  10. Shallowminded6

    Hewes Redfisher 18 2022 Suzuki 115

    Looks good. Sits nice and high in the water. Were you able to clear your platform?
  11. Shallowminded6

    Hewes Redfisher 18 2022 Suzuki 115

    Lets see a pic of it. What mph are you getting
  12. Shallowminded6

    Another stupid question of mine

    I would Check to make sure you are getting 12v to the light before buying new. They usually last a long time.
  13. Shallowminded6

    Another stupid question of mine

    Make sure to unscrew and refasten by hand. The screws on mine were somewhat easy to strip out.
  14. Shallowminded6

    2200 TRS - Portside LW for fish box?

    Like smilemaker said. It helps if you put towels or something over it. That or gasket around the seal and a good latch
  15. Shallowminded6

    Transducer Location / Redfisher 18

    This is where I mounted mine. Seems to be working well. Bought the stern saver to mount it to.
  16. Shallowminded6

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Whats the warranty last on those? Thought was 2 years.
  17. Shallowminded6

    Blown motor value

    I got $1250 for a blown(one cylinder) 2000 150vmax including the rigging/gauges just over a year ago.
  18. Shallowminded6

    Looking for Garmin 546

    If its in good shape other than that, would call Sea Tronics and see if they can do refurb for you. They were not able to fix my unit I sent them, but were extremely helpful and honest.
  19. Shallowminded6

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Added a new depth finder/transducer. Still working on transducer height(got readings up to 27mph hit or miss). Also going to have to get a splash guard as it throw water all over the engine to the top of the cowling.
  20. Shallowminded6

    #80 thrust 3-1 turn tiller trolling motor

    Price drop $300obo
  21. Shallowminded6

    Redfisher 18 Repower with Suzuki 115

    If it hasnt come up in your search I would take a hard look at the 140 instead of the 115. Believe they are same weight and very little cost difference. I have posted my real world numbers on my 18’ with the 140 in the Hewes section you could use as a comparison. Good luck and post some pics when its done!
  22. Shallowminded6

    #80 thrust 3-1 turn tiller trolling motor

    Price drop $400 obo
  23. Shallowminded6

    Repower Yam vs Zuke

    Are they the newer Suzuki or the old ones? Know they say to replace the anodes every 100 but might do more often if its the newer as it takes longer for inshore boats to get to 100.
  24. I am selling a #80 thrust 3-1 turn trolling motor. Works fine, upgraded to spot lock. It is older and looks its age but works fine. Brushes were replaced this last year. Came off an 18’ Light Tackle(redfisher)$450obo. PM for info or text/call 772-473-9911. Located in Vero Beach.
  25. Shallowminded6

    Repower Yam vs Zuke

    The 140 is the way to go. Quiet beyond belief with excellent fuel economy at a much lower price point and automatic 6yr warranty. Can get all upgraded gauges, prop, and other add ons for bellow what a base Yamaha is Not much to debate it other than the “I prefer Yamaha” argument.
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