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  1. Shallowminded6


    A few posts on this but I havent seen many answers. Not sure where you are located for references, but get one made using your other as a duplicate is what I would do.
  2. Shallowminded6

    Need all members help

    That wasnt the idea behind my comment at all. I apologize if thats how it came across. Im saying it was good of you to be open to suggestions and opinions is all. That is more than most would do, Im sorry if it came across differently.
  3. Shallowminded6

    Hatch weather stripping

    Thank you!
  4. Shallowminded6

    Need all members help

    I think allot of this turns into an issue larger than epirb/plb that may not have been as big an issue years past. Which is why it turns into a hot topic. As what Cap. Troy posted, noone has claimed they aren’t extremely useful, helpful, and money saving for rescue/life endangerment issues. I will say SAR and other numbers are highly skewed but expensive all the same. As far as saving people from themselves. That isn’t anyones job, or responsibility(especially gov.), even though we would like to be helpful. DavidG, I think there are allot of good views from this, and having the civil discourse
  5. Shallowminded6

    Hatch weather stripping

    Did you ever find a good replacement? Looking to do the same
  6. Shallowminded6

    '13 Redfisher 18 fuel vent problem

    They are on the fuel supply line going from tank to engine. Its built into the fitting(barbed nipple). Was a problem I heard of people having when I replumbed all my hose lines.
  7. I got duplex for mine thinking of extra chafing protection. But now I have to strip a bunch of coating down to run wires to the bus bar and fuse block. Wouldnt advise doing it that way, it makes it more of a PIA. Sounds like you got it figured tho.
  8. You are doing a hefty refit! If you dont want to replace tank and its the original sender, might want to do fuel sender so you dont have to get under the console when its al. back together. I am currently in the process of doing rewire on mine. Not a task I want to repeat often. What wiring are you going to use?
  9. Shallowminded6

    Need all members help

    This is where I branch off some. When government gets involved and it is mandatory. Costs go up, you HAVE to buy. IE health care. Along with some other medical stuff. Insulin, epi etc.
  10. Shallowminded6

    Need all members help

    I am in agreeance they are worthy pieces of equipment. I would never argue that, I just disagree with adding onto the mandatory list of equipment. Regulations end up being a slippery slope, what would of saved the person this time... The list will always grow and make it very costly to go boating/fishing. Most people dont spend that on a boat, allot of the boats we talking about are in the $5,000-$15,000 area. Understandably, these are not most of the boats on this forum. When you come down to those numbers it starts to change how easily it is to purchase a bit. Also the life expectancy of the
  11. Shallowminded6

    Need all members help

    Im sorry for the loss of your fellow firefighter, I too am on the job and work coastline areas along with the lagoon, lakes and ditches. Seen quite a few boating/diving accidents. I agree they are helpful, but I differ in the terms of making things “mandatory” and more regulatory laws from the coast guard or local patrol. I believe it is your responsibility to keep you and your crew safe. Its your responsibility to turn down trips because of an unfit captain or boat. Relying on government to provide safety land or water is how society has become inept in keeping ouselves safe. So in regards to
  12. Shallowminded6

    75 Hewes redo

    I know nothing, but would like it if you post pics and show/tell what you do. I REALLY want to do a project like this and want to see how its done, hear what was good ideas/bad ideas and what is optimal. Awesome you are doing it, I hope I can find a good project boat in a few years.
  13. Shallowminded6

    Tow Vehicle- Pickup to SUV

    Which eco boost did you get? 2.7 or 3.5? Looks really nice!
  14. Shallowminded6

    Mercury V12

    The transmission could be a good thing, maybe it will work its way down the HP. Could make boats way more fuel efficient thru the mph ranges. Agree thats a ton of stuff to break, rotating lower units. I cringe at the cost of replacing a regular one. Cant imagine that one.
  15. Shallowminded6

    Transducer cable routing

    Haha big fingers on a phone. Wire not wife.
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