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    16' 160 Sportfish 60hp Yamaha 2 stroke SOLD<br />2000 18' Hewes Light Tackle 150VMAX
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  1. Shallowminded6

    Bring back the Lappy

    Is that Sea Deck or another company
  2. Shallowminded6

    There goes my weekend !!!

    Sorry if my comment derailed it, was not my intent. It is really the only civilized forum I am on, with little to no bickering and everyone is respectful to each other and always helpful. Agree with muddybottom, everyone is stressed and made to sit “idle” when we arent used to it in our country where the government has little say on us(respectively). Hope you can still get out on the water some how and hope you guys stay safe. No reason not to vent. Could be the only way we stay sane, not going on boats we all spend a ton of time and money on for a passion not many have anything to compare to.
  3. Shallowminded6

    There goes my weekend !!!

    I didnt read the order. Just read what others were posting on and local news (TCPALM). Some guides were still going out. Not saying it isnt changing. Maybe the area had more lenient LE or used private ramps I dont know. Not something I would personally do either, or reccomend. Just saying what other people choose to do is what they are doing. I am referencing Treasure Coast FL news.
  4. Shallowminded6

    There goes my weekend !!!

    Agreed. Took the wife and kids out. Hung out on an islandand fished by ourselves. Wasnt anyone withing 1/4 mile or so.
  5. Shallowminded6

    There goes my weekend !!!

    They seem to be in South florida. Might be a state by state or county by county thing.
  6. Shallowminded6

    There goes my weekend !!!

    Read on another forum, private ramps arent listed. Not sure if there are any near you. Im sure its coming(ramp closures) in my neck of the woods soon enough.
  7. Shallowminded6

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Thats a good lookn motor!!
  8. Shallowminded6

    Seastar helm clicking

    The shop that hung the motor did the install. Will keep that in mind going forward. Always nice to get some money back when you can.
  9. Shallowminded6

    Seastar helm clicking

    Found a fix, bought a new one haha. The boat was getting the motor hung at a shop 2hrs away from me, so I couldnt be there to work on it. Have the old one still, gna either fix and sell or sell discounted to someone that wants to fix it. It made the clicking noise for a long time(3-4yrs) and never had any issues working. Just never that loud.
  10. Shallowminded6

    What did you do to your boat today?

    For sure, I plan on it. Couldnt find any numbers on my hull and that motor when I decided on it. The 140 has a ton of torque. Be interested to see what she has after break in.
  11. Shallowminded6

    Prop 140 Suzuki 18’ Hewes LT (Redfisher smooth sides)

    Geeviam!! You nailed the numbers thus far. Only 2hrs into break in. Havent really tested top end other than a few seconds. Top out is 46mph with a 14x20 pitch. Hole shot is on point. Havent ran with live well full yet, but had full of fuel and me on board (#200). They said that I could potentialy raise the motor 3/4” but would hit platform, or go to 22pitch and lose some hole shot but they believed the 20pitch was gna be good. Supposedly the top end could go up some after break in. I am deffinently in unchartered waters here. Thanks for all your help man.
  12. Shallowminded6

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Amongst the craziness going on out there. Got the new engine hung and running!! The company I used made a new dash out of acrylic that looks AMAZING!! Put almost 2hrs on her today. Hopefully the ramps stay open so I can do more in the next week.
  13. Shallowminded6

    Seastar helm clicking

    My seastar helm is clicking while turning right. Tried bleeding it. No avail. Any ideas as to what could be causing it? 92E6B179-C982-45BF-84C2-A04133A825BF.MOV
  14. Shallowminded6

    2004 150 VMAX 2 stroke overheating

    I think a reason why you are getting different reasons across the board with this, is partially due to the low pressure water intake/telltale the V max was known for having. It makes it so if anything is partially blocked or obstructed, it causes issues that might be more obvious(as to what the problem is) in other engines with the same symptoms. Due to that I swapped my impeller annualy, Impeller housing every two years, lower unit oil every six months. I had my engine 6yrs and had to clean the water jackets 2x to keep it running cool along with poppit valve.
  15. Shallowminded6

    2004 150 VMAX 2 stroke overheating

    I had a 2000 150 vmax that did the same thing. Was my water jackets. Had to pull, clean, and reinstall. I did do poppet valves and lower unit service as well. Impeller housing and all.
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