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  1. Ksayles44

    Tampa Fishing Early May

    We had to cancel the trip as the wedding was called off due to Covid. Again thanks for the helpful information and I hope to make it down there eventually for a trip.
  2. Ksayles44

    Peacock Bass

  3. Ksayles44

    Maverick Boats Bass Fisherman?

    Agree. Wind really eats up my trolling motor life. I have a seat post mounted on my front deck but I don't trust it for me as I'm 250 lb. Grew up on bass tracker with foot control pedal but I have hand tiller on Hewes and I like it. Takes a little bit to get used to.
  4. Ksayles44

    Maverick Boats Bass Fisherman?

    I have a Hewes Light Tackle 20 in SC and I pretty much only use it for bass fishing and striper fishing. Works great for what I do and gets some head turns for sure. Fish a big bass tournament every year and I always laugh when I pull up to weigh a fish and the bass boat guys have no clue what that "thing" is on the back of the boat. Huge front deck for fly fishing for striper is nice or throwing top waters you can have two guys up there no problem.
  5. I have a 1996 Hewes LT 20 and an '06 Yamaha F150. OFX3R19PCLYX200 Port 3/8" That is the prop I am running after talking to the guys at Powertech. Love the prop and much better than what I had on it before. Great all around performance and I see ~45 on gps with me loaded up. Probably could squeeze some more out of it running light.
  6. Ksayles44

    Tampa Fishing Early May

    Thanks for the replies. I was curious on the tarpon timing. I have done 0 fishing in Florida so it will all be new to me.
  7. My wife and I are traveling to Tampa area for a wedding on May 2nd and we are staying a couple of extra days. I'd like to get a fishing charter and wanted to know what would be going on during that time of year. My wife doesn't fish and I'm not sure if she wants to go but it would be nice. Any ideas?
  8. Ksayles44

    Good Boat Name

    Figured some of y’all would like this. Don’t know if you will make friends with game warden.
  9. Ksayles44

    Duck Opener

    Awesome. Never thought of taking mine duck hunting. Usually just standing in a beaver pond.
  10. Ksayles44

    1996 20' Hewes Light Tackle Fuel Tank Capacity?

    Mine is 50. Found that out after someone siphoned it down in storage unit...
  11. Ksayles44

    Cooler Recommendations

    I also have a yeti 50 and it makes a very good casting platform as well due to being a little bit taller.
  12. Ksayles44

    1998 maverick??

    I know this boat was for sale in the Clemson area at one point.
  13. Ksayles44

    Need a good reel to

    I have a Lamson Litespeed reel that I really like a lot. I think you can get them at a discount now that they are discontinued. I may pick one up myself.
  14. Ksayles44


    Nice one. I don't see that many other flats boats on Murray let alone mavericks. I have been struggling for striper this year but hoping to get back at it now that duck season is over.
  15. Ksayles44

    1996 Hewes 20' Light Tackle Rebuild

    Did you put a new trolling motor on? If you went with an ipilot what size shaft did you get. Boat looks awesome and someday I plan on doing this with my 96.
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