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  1. flatwater

    WTB Lowrance Gen 2 Touch or similar Unit

    Went ahead and bought a whole new boat instead. Haha probably a more expensive solution.
  2. flatwater

    WTB Flats Boat

    It’s probably because those older 90 Yamahas are bulletproof. I know some new hells bay skiffs that run older 2 stroke 90s because some guys swear by them.
  3. Sorry trying to stick to 8k and 10k size reels. I’ve got my butt kicked my too many big fish on 6k size reels. 😝
  4. flatwater

    WTB Golf Cart

    A little off from the normal posts here but looking to buy a cheaper (sub $3k) golf cart to run around the neighborhood in. 4 seater preferred. located in St Pete 727-304-0224
  5. flatwater

    Gandy Ramp

    I no longer launch there.. a couple years ago the docks turned into public fishing piers littered with people sitting in chairs fishing and not moving when you pull up your boat... After coming back from a day fishing I found myself hoping no one messed with my truck and also finding people helping themselves to my leftover bait in my livewell. That was the final straw for me.
  6. bump.. is it tarpon season yet?
  7. flatwater

    1998 Hewes Light Tackle- SOLD

    I remember following your rebuild thread.. this is a great deal for someone!
  8. flatwater

    WTB 10 ft Power Pole

    Bought the pole posted above by gnarlydog. Thanks!
  9. flatwater

    WTB 10 ft Power Pole

    Thanks! Just messaged him!
  10. flatwater

    WTB 10 ft Power Pole

    Looking for a 10 ft power pole in good condition. located in St. Pete 727-304-0224
  11. flatwater

    Shimano Twin Power SW 8000 PG

    I tried to buy it but it already sold.
  12. flatwater

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Did someone say Tarpon? Im already itching to get out and it’s only December..
  13. Still looking for rods, reels, or combos.
  14. flatwater

    LED Strip lighting?

    I ran lights similar to this under the gunnels of my old Lappy. They worked great. FYI the wires they come with are super cheap and prone to break if they are pinched, thats the only downside. I cut the wires pretty short and reduced the longer run of the cheap wire.
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