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  1. cmorales

    2200V with 2015 VF250 Yamaha

    What prop are you running to get 60+mph with a T-Top? Pretty awesome numbers. Nice rig. GLWS.
  2. cmorales

    2004 2200 TE with new 250 VMAX SHO

    Hey Red -- could you expand on what you mean by saying 'on my hull', especially after saying you arent a fan, LOL Reading a bit, seems like there is a lot of love for the Mercury Tempest or Bravo 1 FS to eek out even more HP and keep RPMs near that 6k. Feel like I read a few posts of former Power Tech people switching and being happy, in fact. I got no dog in the fight for sure! Ive actually never re-propped before, and just gone with whatever came on it, so I am quite ignorant.
  3. Just re-powered after losing a piston on a 2004 225hp VMAX. New engine is a 2020 250 VMAX SHO. Was getting around 56mph before with the 225 and a 23p 4 blade prop from the previous owner. Curious what recommendations people would have for max speed and fuel efficiency. Thanks!
  4. So unfortunately, my '05 225 VMAX destroyed a piston. I'd only had the boat for a couple of years, and only put another ~50hrs on it, so I think I got screwed with luck on that powerhead (FWIW, mechanic and compression test had looked at it and thought it looked good, and we had even re-sealed the lower unit after I got it). That being said, I now have to figure out what to do: buy something rebuilt, or perhaps a new VMAX SHO. I was curious what others have done in similar situations and what your thought process, outcomes, and time-away from the decision have been like. The hull is the 2200 TE, which I absolutely love, and is in great shape. All of the electronics I redid myself, and its just the way I want it, so I have no interest in buying a new/different boat. I lean towards getting another SHO 225, cause it's been pretty nice hitting nearly 60mph on nice days.
  5. cmorales

    SOLD - 2017 Pathfinder 2300HPS

    How is this still around?!
  6. cmorales

    Replacing cooler tie-downs

    I have a 2004 2200TE with the small round cooler tie-downs in front of the center console that are flush with the deck and have a cross bar on them. Well, on one of them, the cross bar has completed rusted through and broke (I got the boat last year, so I blame previous owners). It appears the tiny drainage holes are clogged and let water sit in the little dimples/pockets instead of draining. These look glassed in, however. Is there any way to replace them? Ideas for repair? Alternatives?
  7. That is crazy clean for the age! GLWS!
  8. cmorales

    Hatch Lining for 22TE,

    I'm cheap, so I lined mine with these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003V0GAIM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Easy to cut, everything stays dry, cheap.
  9. cmorales

    16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    Very nice and clean!
  10. cmorales

    16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    Oh, and I took the old Garmin 740s that was on the center console, and mounted it facing the bow. I had a similar setup to this on my old boat, and it was great for when I was fishing off the front deck.
  11. cmorales

    16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    haha... yeah.. she is a big girl. The only reason I bit is because Defender.com was running such an insane sale on them. I had two 7" units already on order and one had been delivered, but I changed my mind and went for it. For $2500, it's a great value (https://www.defender.com/LowranceHDS_Carbon16.jsp) When I'm running, it's way more screen than I need, but it will be really nice when I am fishing off the back of the boat trying to spot fish.
  12. cmorales

    16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    Stumbled on this today: http://www.fpmarine.com/Pathfinder-Boats-switch-panel-p/fp-panelpathfinder689.htm
  13. cmorales

    More opinions requested- scuba tanks, big fish

    We dive off of our 2200v Pathy, and use this: https://www.diversdirect.com/scuba-diving/six-cylinder-storage-rack We place it in front of the console (we remove the cooler). We place it ontop of a yoga mat so it doesnt scratch, and use the normal tie downs. Works great for dives 20 miles offshore!
  14. cmorales

    16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    All done!... just waiting for the Active Imagining 3-in-1 transducers to ship, now. That crappy looking hole was already there, from the previous owner. I plan to smooth it out and cover it with a clam cover and route the cables through there.
  15. cmorales

    16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    It is not! One of the reasons I got the boat -- very very clean for being a 2004! Seems original. Sorry!
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