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  1. Used Power-Pole Adapter plate S-2-2 Starboard 2" rise, 2" setback **buyer pays shipping cost or free local pick-up (Lakeland, FL)
  2. Costa Del Mar - Diego DGO 011 Black frame, Copper 580p lens Brand new, never worn - comes with case and cleaning cloth ***buyer pays shipping cost, or free local pickup (Lakeland, FL)
  3. Hello Maverick friends, Needing to replace the thin fiberglass style tabs on our hatch lids (picture below), over the years they've become very brittle. Any recommendations of who would carry these or any recommendations on an updated latch that would fit, total of 5 (1 being the front live well)? Also, what brand/ size gas shocks fit for the seat hatch? When we purchased the boat the gas shocks were removed but the brackets remained. Thanks for the help
  4. ACsnook

    Hatch Lifting Tabs

    just curious if you ever found these lift tabs as we need to replace the ones on our '99 MA and having no luck finding them pre-made online.
  5. ACsnook

    light recommendations for '99 MA

    thank you, I'm assuming you did not install these in the livewell, but interior and rod lockers?
  6. Have a '99 MA that we are looking to have some lights installed in the livewells, rod lockers and interior. Looking for brand/ style recommendations.
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