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  1. whichwaysup

    Cool image

    LSS - but I had to undo the surface clarity setting to get it to give this kind of image. What a difference that made!
  2. whichwaysup

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Grew up on that lake - good luck!
  3. whichwaysup

    Cool image

    We went back with my Lowrance and I may have to rescind my comment. What do you all think? Which one is the better image? Keep in mind that these are photos of the screen, not screen shots.
  4. whichwaysup

    New to Me - MA 18 w/ Questions

    CRD, I think I have one on mine. will check
  5. whichwaysup

    Is this a 1 off or custom?

    Initially, I think you are probably right, but when the supply outweighs the demand for long enough and payments on a boat you dont use get old enough, deals happen. But I agree that we are probably a year or two out from that. I do hate it for folks who get caught up in this cycle. I am tightening my belt and getting ready for a crash but it seems everyone else is assuming it will go up forever. I sure hope they are right!
  6. whichwaysup

    Charlotte area mechanic

    Hey bud, I am down here in Wilmington. A bit of a haul for you. You may want to look at some SC waters, no nets down there. But if you ever end up dowm this way, PM me. The Pamlico is my happy place, if you want something amazing and are willing to drive. Go look at Richard Andrews (TarPam) website. He is a great guy, great guide, and he will make your arms hurt. . .
  7. whichwaysup

    engine hits dead spot

    Well how bout a pic of her!!
  8. whichwaysup

    Why does seagrass affect my motor but not others?

    Sorry, misspelled it - Poppet Valve - There are much smarter folks than me on here, but I have the same engine you have. I was having the same issue, but for me, it was caused anytime I stirred up silt - which then got sucked into the cooling system. The Poppet is a relief valve that redirects and maximizes water flow through the engine at lower RPM, then is pushed open at higher RPM when the flow is higher. The original shape would get stuck at low RPM, which ultimately led to the overheat alarm going off. Running the engine at a higher RPM for a short period of time would clear it,
  9. whichwaysup

    Why does seagrass affect my motor but not others?

    Have you replaced your poppit valve? The old valve is "T" shaped and would get stuck in that year model at low RPMs. The new version is mushroom shaped and doesn't get stuck. EASY replacement - I would start there.
  10. whichwaysup

    Is this a 1 off or custom?

    I am starting to hear this more and more.
  11. whichwaysup

    New to Me - MA 18 w/ Questions

    I get a sneak peak into what CRD has been doing along the way and I have to say - if this boat ever shows up in the classifieds, you will have to fight me over it. The level of detail that he is going into to make sure this thing is better-than-new is incredible. CRD - one piece of advice on that bilge hose through hull I forgot to mention - make sure it has a "reverse drip loop" - i.e. - make sure that the hose goes UP from where it connects to the through hull before going back down to the pump. Several of us (not just MA owners) have discovered water in our bilges when a big gu
  12. whichwaysup

    New to Me - MA 18 w/ Questions

    Yep - bingo. We found the same issue on mine when we reworked the stringers. Initially, when those screws were sealed, it was probably fine, but 20 years later, the sealant isn't sealing anymore and you get wet foam. Exactly how floatable is waterlogged foam, anyway?
  13. whichwaysup

    02 Pathfinder 22

    My favorite part is "Used, normal wear". Wow, I am way too easy on my stuff . . .
  14. whichwaysup

    02 Pathfinder 22

    Oh no you didnt. Heck, if it was that kind of crap Id have to pay people 150k to take it!
  15. whichwaysup

    02 Pathfinder 22

    I will say, that is one of the prettiest pathfinder pics I've seen. Not sure why you are asking such a low price for it. . .
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