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  1. whichwaysup

    Skiff Challenge 2021 - No MBG entry

    I want to enter my old 2000 MA. Wonder of MBG wpuld sponsor me. Give ole egret a run for their money.
  2. whichwaysup

    New LAPPY limited edition 21 Redfisher!

    yeah, got me. sheesh. Really coulda had fun with a Lappy MA announcement. . .
  3. whichwaysup

    New LAPPY limited edition 21 Redfisher!

    Would love to see a few more pics of her at different angles
  4. Dang, every time I look at that boat . . . she's purty! Agree on all accounts - go w/ the brackets, close up the holes. Getting those mounted to the transom is a pain (at best) and the brackets have a lot of other benefits. That's what I'll be doing with mine.
  5. whichwaysup

    Trolling motor question for HPX

    I have never run across someone who complained that the 60" was too long or got in the way. I have heard, and experienced buyers remorse over the 54. It is just on of those things where you dont notice having too much, but you sure know it when you have too little. Go 60.
  6. whichwaysup

    2003 Pathfinder 2200V For Sale

    That might be the best looking 22 I've seen. Love the spoiler in the back!
  7. whichwaysup

    March Fishing

    I always enjoy these reports - I know they take time, but keep on posting them. One of these days, I'll have to make a drive down there and try out your neck of the woods where netters aren't allowed.
  8. whichwaysup

    My 2000 Maverick Master Angler 18.5

    I know that boat! You got a gem. Congrats on your purchase!! Where is she living now?
  9. whichwaysup

    21 Master Angler

    This is going to be a funny thread. Grabbing my popcorn. At some point, somebody is going to get clever and pretend to be the owner . . . *spoiler alert* (boat was sold over a year ago, ad was resurrected by a member of the MA cult who still lusts after her. Boat is not currently for sale, and actual owner does not appear to be a member of this forum. However, if after reading the spoiler, anyone STILL wants to buy it, I'm willing to sell it for a great price. Just wire me 10,000, and I'll ship you the boat and send a cashier's check back to you for the difference
  10. Okay, I'm trying to get my head around this. $600+ for a piece of rubber that is <2' x 8'? Did you happen to get an estimate for the material cut but NOT installed? My carpet is detached and tattered, I'd love to get seadeck there . . . but not for half the price of a new power pole! I don't mind doing the miserable work of cleaning and prepping the area. And Ralph, if you can cut the stuff, could do it and do you have the template for an 18 MA?
  11. whichwaysup

    Ode to the Poling Platform

    This ^^^^^^ (Obviously, Troy's a guide and does this for a living, so his comment is going to trump anything I say, but to pile on:) In the right conditions, you could probably pole a 24' pathfinder for short distances and slowly. It's just a matter of how often, far, and where you are going to do it. With a remote controlled TM up front, I just use the pole for surgical strikes once I know I'm in the right general zip code of the fish. But don't underestimate the other value of the platform. Being up high, you see more, even when you aren't on the pole. Sometimes, you're tr
  12. whichwaysup

    Power pole - real world thoughts on which model?

    Yep - I love my Ipilot, but there are many times I want to have the bow facing the point I'm working, vs. the stern. The kids love having the poling platform facing the target, but being able to put the boat broadside or bow forward to the target is better. Plus, it drives me nuts when I hit spot lock and have any momentum going. Minn Kota really needs to program a "stealth mode" into it's spot lock. I'd rather take a few extra minutes to return to a desired position than to blow the spot because the TM goes into a panic to try to reverse course and push 3,000 pounds instantaneously in
  13. whichwaysup

    Power pole - real world thoughts on which model?

    Thanks for the replies, guys, really appreciate it. Looks like the only version that goes 10' is the blade, am I seeing that right? Why WOULDN'T I go with the sportsman 2? I still can't see what the Pro does that the sportsman doesn't. Any one know? Also, want to avoid mounting to the stern, so looking for the bracket- any reason that would be a bad idea?
  14. Hey all - After all the glowing reviews or Power Pole's customer service, I am very strongly considering installing an 8' powerpole on my MA this year. I've never been 100% sure what the real difference is in the three models (sportsman, pro, blade). Obviously the Blade is top of the line - I guess it is faster. I'm a "value" guy, and I'm not a tournament fisher. On the other hand, I've underbought before and regretted it. I'd very much appreciate a layman's explanation of exactly what is different in the three models, and, if you have had the experience with multiple mod
  15. Dino - Any thoughts on running a half PVC along the bottom of the V (upside down) to keep a channel for water to drain through? No matter what, water is going to get down into that foam, you can try to eliminate the risk, but if there is a way to give it someplace to go, why not? I can't imagine a 2" PVC on the bottom with a few drainage holes along the sides wouldn't help things dry out. Just a thought - its what I did on mine in the stern to get water from the outside of the stringers.
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