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  1. Mike45q

    Bilge Pump 2003 19 Pathfinder

    I think it was TH marine but Fort Myers Marine had the hatch in stock and installed during a 100 Hr service. I think I saw on this forum that the hatch was not available now. Makes easier work on live well pump set but still impossible for an old guy like me to change the bilge pump. Next challenge is an access door in the front of the console.
  2. Mike45q

    Bilge Pump 2003 19 Pathfinder

    Great idea, i added the Hatch to replace the Pie Hole several years ago but this would allow access to the bilge pump. What size and where did you get the hatch?
  3. Anybody know what type of fittings are used on Bobs Machine Jackplate hydraulic hoses. I want to relocate my Jackplate pump from underneath the inner hull to the stern bulkhead where the two cycle oil tank was formerly located. The existing hoses come up from the inner hull thru thru-hull grommets . Looks like the easiest way is to extend the existing cables And leave the older hoses as is. I saw two foot extensions cables on Bobs Machine sho website but need two fittings. Can anyone help or have a better idea. Thanks in Advance Mike
  4. Mike45q

    Tricks or Tips for Rigging Tube Access

    Thanks Guys, some real good ideas. I can cuss with the best of them but will start before I try the next time
  5. Ok I am frustrated I have tried my tricks to try to get some replacement wiring thru my rigging tube. The last time work was done the mechanic did not leave the original rope For pulling wire thru the rigging tube. I tried a electric fish cable and dryer vent cleaning rods. The fish cable was not rigid enough and dryer vent cleaning rods were blocked. Need some new ideas tricks to try. How do others do it. Thanks in Advance Mike
  6. Mike45q

    Relocate Bobs Jackplate Pump

    Having to replace Solenoids on Bobs Jackplate pump on my 2003 22V and it is a pain in the butt because of the way it was originally rigged in the stern but underneath the floor. Now that 2 stroke oil tank is gone with the repowered to 4 Stroke, how big a deal to relocate to the stern where the oil tank was mounted. I think I would need shorter hoses but do you have to pull the motor to change hoses. Anybody done this and is it worth it? Thanks Mike
  7. Mike45q

    Relocating Batteries to Console

    Question is " how many amps does the Yamaha 200 Sho req '
  8. Mike45q

    Relocating Batteries to Console

    “Finally think I have a good handle on how and what I need to do to relocate the batteries from the stern to the console. Only issue now is to source the parts I need and confirm that a 2 AWG battery cable will e large enough. Can you confirm sizing or tell me why I should go bigger. Trying to balance size versus getting cables thru rigging tube. Thanks in Advance for all the help. Mike
  9. Mike45q

    Relocating Batteries to Console

    Bever, Good Stuff and Great information . I downloaded the "Wiring Guide" from New Wire Marine. The Jeff Cote videos may be a little too much info but still great stuff just a lot to go thru. Your sketch reminds me of my sketches but it is also very good. I think I have all of my questions answered including some that I didn't ask. Now I just need to execute. I just need a smaller younger person to fit inside the console and work in the bilge. My float switch on my Sahara bilge pump is also bad and it is almost impossible to access. Thanks, this why i love this forum. Good Luck on your project and thanks again. Mike
  10. When I re-powered and replaced my trolling motor, the installer “undid“ my original wiring of one battery in the rear with backup from one of the trolling motor in the console. And He installed another battery in the rear. So I at least want to go back to the original wiring if not move everything to the console. For those of you who have moved all the batteries to the console is it worth the expense. Did you move the battery switch also to the console? What size battery cable did you use? How did you wire the Bilge pump? The float switch now comes directly from the battery and bypasses the battery switch! A sketch of what you did would be great. Thanks In Advance Mike
  11. Mike45q

    Fuel tank cleaning/service prior to Repower?

    M-Squared , Hi I repowered a 2003 22v in 2015 and did not do anything to clean the 60;gallon tank. Important to not that I only used Recreation fuel, no ethanol what so ever, used Stabill Fuel additive in the SW Fla summers when the boat was not used as much and the Yamaha Ring free additive. I had approximately 1000 hours on a 2003 200HPDI when I repowered with a 200 SHO. I did have to reprop with a 17” OFX from a 19” OFX because of a different gear ratio.
  12. Mike45q

    2004 Pathfinder 2200 - Fuel and Prop Question

    My rig is a 2003 22V with a Tee Top with 200 HPDI. I ran the OFX 19 4 Blade and had a great hole shot and top end of just under 50MPH. I have a Jack Plate and the OFX likes to run high. Height was limited to be water input to lower unit. A water pressure gauge also helps. Run your own tests and optimize Trim and Jack Plate Height. Marcus can help with prop selection and how to optimize it. Fuel quality was important to me and I aways ran Recreational grade ie Non-ethanol and again important to me was to use the Yamaha Ring Free additive. I live in SW Florida and in the summer when the boat was not used as much i used Fuel Stabilizer. The motor lasted 12 years and 2000 hours and lack of use was probably the main problem. Good Luck With your new rig.It is a great combo.
  13. Mike45q

    pontoon boats

    Does anyone use their Pontoon as a Mother Ship for Kayak fishing. Always thought it would be a good way to get closer to the fish in the shallows with out a long paddle.
  14. Ok I missed something. What is the fitting that screws into lower unit and has tubing on the ball valve side.
  15. Mike45q

    Installing Second Bilge Pump

    You can also buy a manual pump. Cheap insurance for bilge pump failure. Most marine stores sell $40 to $60. By the Way , my bilge pump on a 2003 22v is almost impossible to access unless you have really long arms. Are later models more accessible?
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