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  1. Beak Boater

    PowerTech Pro 3 for sale

    Yes its still for sale
  2. PowerTech Pro 3 RH 19 Pitch. For Yamaha K series gear case. Ran prop 4 times. Too much pitch for me to turn. Prop is perfect no dings $250.00 plus shipping
  3. Beak Boater

    Pine Island Reds

    Fished Matlacha Pass Mon. March 25. Fished Little Pine Creek and caught 17 Reds, biggest was 27 inches. 3 over 24, the rest were between 12=18 inches. Water was crystal clear
  4. Beak Boater

    power pole questions

    Let me begin this by saying Power Pole or JL Marine has excellent customer service. My 8 foot power pole has had issues 3 different times, and they overnighted me parts every time to repair it. That said, I don't fish the boat but 2 times a month, and the failure rate seems a bit high for the usage. One of the problems I traced back to a bad ground, buy the installer. Not a Power Pole problem. I am not the original owner, I am the second owner and the boat was low hours and clean when I bought it, not abused. I love my power pole, I just don't love working on it......although its pretty simple to repair. Circuit board, Cap or motor, not a lot of different things to replace. Once you have a PP vertical anchor, you will wonder how you ever fished without one.
  5. Beak Boater

    Aluminum vs Steel Trailer Wheels

    My Ameritrail trailer has aluminum wheels. I applied Sharkhide two years ago when It was new, I do hose it down with fresh water after each use, but it only sees salt water when I launch. So far they look like new. Fish the boat a couple times a month. Shark Hide aint cheap but it works. I do agree that galvanized are the way to go, less up keep, plus as said a can of cold galvanizing or paint and they look good as new.
  6. Am always catch and release, they say Snook is a very tasty fish, never have eaten it. I would love to see the stock build up for Snook and Reds, nothing more fun to catch. Well, except maybe a big Jack for a fight.
  7. Beak Boater

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    Looks nice. My dash with the square gauges doesn't have enough room the way its layed out. Designing the dash layout to begin with I could see how it would fit. But to retro fit it I would have to move a lot of wiring and electronics around for enough space.
  8. Beak Boater

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    Thank you for your input. Looking forward to running your chip.
  9. Beak Boater

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    Very Nice.....thanks for the site.
  10. Beak Boater

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    Looking at trying a Ram Mount off the side of the console, that I could move out of the way when fishing, or walking around the side of the boat if it sticks out too far. https://www.rammount.com/
  11. Beak Boater

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    Mine is a 2015 RF 18, and that's why I asked, when I put 7 inches on top of the console, unless I was looking way ahead, my vision was impaired also. I guess its a different console height than some others. May have to figure out a different mounting system.
  12. Beak Boater

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    Maybe I am just short. lol Going to remeasure and take another look. Thanks
  13. Beak Boater

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    Question for the folks that mounted the chart plotter on the top of the console, does it bother your vision any looking forward? Was in my 18 Rf doing some measurements and don't have room where the 741 garmin is to put a bigger plotter. So looking at putting it on top of the console but sitting on the seat it looks like it would block my vision looking forward a little.
  14. Beak Boater

    Power Tech Pro3 Propeller

    Sorry guys......decided to keep the 19 and have it tweaked just a little for a few more RPMs. Its at Leading Edge Propeller getting a little love, waiting for a phone call to pick it up. Really liked the way the 19 ran, just need a little more rpm. Rich looked at it and decided he could make a couple of adjustments so I am waiting for it to be finished. Will report back once it is done.
  15. Beak Boater

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    Damit…..why did I click on this link. Curious what FMT was I guess. What a great Idea, never new it existed. Have been wishing their was something like this available. I fish in a lot of areas that are new to me around Charlotte Harbor that have very skinny water and narrow openings, this is perfect. Of course I have a Garmin Plotter. I can see this is going to be expensive. More money. lol.
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