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    I’ve been working in electric and gas utilities for over 30 years. Pretty much a one hobby person - fishing. Saltwater fishing is my favorite but I also like bass fishing.
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    Fishing and getting ready for retirement so I can go fishing.
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  1. finbully

    How Do I Remove Cooler Seat Back?

    Yes it should come right off once you push up don’t try to pull it out before the brackets are unclamped from the inside of the helm. It should be fairly tight since that compression fit is what holds the pad on.
  2. finbully

    How Do I Remove Cooler Seat Back?

    If you are talking about the piece that is mounted on the helm, lift straight up against the helm from the bottom of the pad. There should be two aluminum 90 degree angled pieces mounted on the backside of the cushion that "clamp" it to the helm. You should be able to look inside the helm compartment to see the pieces I'm talking about. There may be snaps to undo first but these would be obvious to see from the outside of the helm.
  3. finbully

    Shallow Water Anchor

    I have 2 Stick Its for my HPXV18. While stored under the gunnel, they make great tie offs for dock bumpers and they work fine to anchor while fishing. My bass boat has 2 8' PPs and they are great for that boat. I'm for 2 poles of whatever type is used so I can point he boat where I want it. So I like both depending on the intended use. I find myself "anchoring" less with my Maverick than my bass boat so that is one of the reasons I don't use PPs on the flats boat. The other primary reasons are weight and PPs getting in the way when I'm on the polling platform.
  4. finbully

    Adding a jackplate to 18' HPX-V?

    I think a jack plate on this boat is a waste of money. I'm on my second HPXV18 (2012 & 2020) and have never had a situation where I've wished I had a jack plate. Yamaha 115's on both (non SHO and now I have a SHO) When in very shallow water I am not on plane so I simply trim the motor way up to where it is still getting water for cooling. In this configuration, the hull is the depth limiting factor, not the motor. I have a jack plate on my bass boat and it is good for that to get the last few rpms out of the motor while running fast on plane. For me, that is the reason I use a jack plate. More stuff on the boat means more weight and more things that can break. Keep it simple as the boat is intended to be.
  5. finbully

    Battery Location HPXS

    To try without making it permanent take one TM battery out of console move it or equivalent weight to bow without hooking it up. Since this way you are not pulling wires should be fast and easy to test. Put heavier items in bow to help balance too and review what you really need to haul around in other hatches.
  6. finbully

    MK remote NOT pairing?

    Did you remove power from the motor too? Just not power off - remove from power source. If so sounds like time to call technical support.
  7. finbully

    More poaching

    All good enforcement except I disagree with restrictions against hunting wild pigs. Should be able to eradicate those destructive pests by any means at any time IMO!
  8. finbully

    Transducer Location

    I’m getting good side and down scan results from here while going slow which is all I care about for side scan. I have an in hull high/wide CHIRP for the on plane work and traditional view.
  9. finbully

    Group 27 vs Group 31 -24v Trolling motor

    That is not the plug - it's the pass-thru for the power cable. It is simply a SS thru-deck threaded fitting with a #10 rubber stopper with a hole drilled thru the center. Worked great on my last flats boat so I repeated the setup on my 2020 Maverick. When the TM is not installed (rarely) just screw the cap on and no leaks. Also, no leaks with the stopper in place.
  10. finbully

    Group 27 vs Group 31 -24v Trolling motor

    It's my 3rd Rhodan on my 3rd rig. The best for saltwater IMO.
  11. finbully


    I flew into San Diego a few years back for a long range sportfishing trip. Mind you I used to live in SD and "know these guys". Well I went to the docks at Point Loma to see my buddies on their long range sportfisher who had just returned from a long range trip. To my horror, they were proud to show me the snake they netted on the "way up the line" from Baja to SD alive in their main bait tank. It was a very venomous sea snake. I immediately identified it and told them one bite could be a death sentence. Crazy stuff!
  12. finbully


    You are correct. They are very cool snakes and usually docile. Surprised it tried to bite you. Thanks for letting it go!
  13. finbully

    New in Box Pumps for Sale

    500 gph. Clink on the link that I've provided for full details. Thanks.
  14. finbully

    New in Box Pumps for Sale

    Way better to have spares than to have to take time to track down replacements when on a trip. Pretty simple on-the-water changeout too. Be safe carry some critical part spares!
  15. finbully

    Maverick in Sebastian Inlet

    Interesting looking photographs. Not one person on the pier is aware of what may be going on... humm...
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