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  1. pbspecial

    Live well Lid Sticking

    Mine has done the same thing. Hinges are tight although the friction has faded and the lid will no longer stay upright while open. I finally got fed up with it and took a file and filed off a bit of glass on the leading edge where it was contacting the surrounding top cap and now the lid closes and opens much easier. And for the friction-less hinges, rather than replacing again and again, I took an old motorcycle tie down strap and mounted it to the lid and under the lip of the live well so that the lid will not fall all the way back and open. Issue handled....Pictures attached
  2. pbspecial

    PowerTech PTC4R21P

    I have a used PTC4R21P Powertech prop. I bought it used a few years ago and it has been a spare prop that I have kept on my boat, but decided to take it out. I had a new Yamaha hub pressed in and only used it one time. Prop shows some slight edge and surface scuffs but nothing major. $300 shipped to Florida. IMG_2002.HEIC IMG_2003.HEIC IMG_2005.HEIC IMG_2006.HEIC IMG_2007.HEIC IMG_2008.HEIC IMG_2009.HEIC IMG_2010.HEIC
  3. Used one time, I decided I didn't like the left hand retrieve. Awesome reel, 30+ lbs of drag and 8.1:1 retrieve! Comes with power handle and standard handle, plus original box and packaging. I paid $225 for it less than a year ago, been sitting ever since. $175. Located in Stuart, FL.
  4. pbspecial

    2600 TRS cooler

    If you are talking about the fiberglass cooler that you can get from Pathfinder....I find it interesting that yours does not hold Ice. Once mine gets cold, it holds ice better than any Yeti I have. Fill it with Ice and drinks and mine keeps things cold for days....I fill mine with Ice at the end of the weekend, put the boat back in dry storage, and five days later the drinks are still cold...
  5. pbspecial

    Gemlux Friction Hinges

    Does anyone know the Gemlux part number for most of the friction hinges on a 2500? Does #1209 and #1172 sound like they work on the PF?
  6. pbspecial

    Prescription Sun Glasses Recommendation

    Maui Jim. I have progressives as well that I wear as everyday sunglasses. They are pricey, but I think by far best lenses out there. For fishing I just bought a pair of Maui Alelele Bridge with 2.0 readers in them. They are fantastic. The lightest glasses I have ever worn. Keep them on all day and you barely know they are on your face. Good protection and you cant see the readers from the outside. I can tie knots and read my screens. Cant fish without them anymore. https://www.mauijim.com/US/en_US/shop/sunglasses/aviators/alelele-bridge?variantCode=438-02
  7. pbspecial

    2500 vs 2600 Ride in chop

    The 2500 likes to run in a bit of chop vs smooth conditions I have found. Need to get that step aired out...
  8. pbspecial

    Pathfinder 2500 question

    I have two amps, one 600 and one 400 JL, powering two pair of 8.8s and one pair of 7.7's. Sounds incredible, can hear clearly at speed. No sub needed with the 8.8's unless you want to rattle all your screws loose 🙂 . the 7.7s are in the stock holes up on front of the step, one set of 8.8's on either side of the console and one set in the rear bulkhead under the flip up seats.
  9. pbspecial

    2500 prop discussion

    Loving my Rev4XP 18.5. Boat is almost unaffected by load. runs 5800 at 53 mph with four guys (have seen 55 but that's with a tail wind and perfect conditions), fuel and gear. Doesn't seem to make much difference with less load. Holeshot is solid and midrage punch great. I just took the vent plugs out and put in the Mercury plugs what are pre-drilled out, seems a bit better out of the hole, going to try no vent plugs next. Have tried OFX 4 19, Mercury Bravo 1 FS, 21, Mercury Enertia Eco 18, all work OK, but Im most happy with the rev 4.
  10. I will be able to do so on Friday.
  11. I noticed the same thing early on on my 2020 2500, my boat is rack stored as well.as well. However I noticed it early on and added a removable zinc to the bracket, that took care of it and the bracket has no further corrosion on it.....
  12. pbspecial

    Washdown operation help!

    Probably time for a new pump. They last two years max in the salt water. I keep a spare on the boat.. Pentair is great about warranty though. Keep your receipt They have two year warranty.
  13. pbspecial

    Kill Bag in fishbox on 2400 TRS?

    You can request the factory to drain it out the front of the hull. Had it done on my 2500 and its great, just flush with hose at the end of the day. No mess in the bilge.
  14. pbspecial

    2500 Hybrid Atlas Jack plate question

    Mine is the same, jacks to about 4" and thats it
  15. pbspecial

    how do you use the underseat storage?

    Port Side - Bucket with Cast net, holes drilled in bottom for drainage Starboard side - Smaller Bucket with extra cleaning supplies They will fit a 5 Gallon bucket but I have JL 8.8" speakers back there and the 5 gallon no longer fits with speakers cut in... Ya'll might want to check the bracket mounting bolts on those chairs. On my 2500, the factory used a machine screw that went through the bracket and into the fiberglass, with no nut on the backside. They came lose within a few months. I bought nine nylon lock nuts and washers and installed them on the underside of each se
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