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  1. B2TB

    How Do I Remove Cooler Seat Back?

    Thanks finbully I got it off!
  2. B2TB

    How Do I Remove Cooler Seat Back?

    Thanks - Yes that is what I have. So, do I push the cushion up and then pull it out from the bottom? When I look inside the helm compartment I can see the brackets
  3. Have a 2014 18 HPX-V. Once by accident, the seatback on my cooler/seat came off. Now I want to remove it so I can access some wiring, and I can't get it off. The dealer showed me once but I forgot. What's the secret? I know the newer model have a hinge but the 2014 doesn't.
  4. B2TB

    Shallow Water Anchor

    Thanks for the info guys. I have an 18 HPX-V. Looks like my next purchase will be an 8' Stick
  5. B2TB

    Shallow Water Anchor

    Anyone have any experience with a shallow water anchor, either the Power Pole Spike or Stick It Anchor Pin? Since they are 6-10 ft long, it looks easier and more manageable than staking out with a push pole.
  6. B2TB

    Stern Light for HPX

    To Hella's credit they did respond and sent me a free LED sealed replacement. Hella says the new LED versions are sealed and water won't get in no matter which position it's in.
  7. B2TB

    Livewell question. 2200v

    If you keep it on while running, it will burn out quickly. That was my experience.
  8. B2TB

    Stern Light for HPX

    Has anyone found an alternative to the Hella Marine fold down stern light? I’ve tried drilling the hole in the light and it’s not practical to keep it in the up position so it always floods. The “new” model says it’s sealed and I have tried contacting Hella but they don’t respond. I prefer a fold down to a fixed mount
  9. B2TB

    Slow Fuel Fill 18 HPX

    Have a 2014 18 HPX - Have seen several discussions here about this topic so it appears to be a design issue. I can't take it anymore. Yesterday it took 1 hour to get 20 gallons. The tank is in the bow. See the picture. Occasionally if someone stands on the starboard side, it will fill quicker. I only fill the tank on the water . Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks
  10. B2TB

    What to do??

    Don't think anyone answered your question about "chop". I have only owned the 18 HPX so I can't compare it to the other boats you mentioned. What I can tell you is that it handles chop very well. During the winter months in the Keys when it's too windy to pole, I spend most of my time on the "outside". I can't tell you how many looks I get when I;m several miles out and the guys in the 23-25 ft Center consoles are looking at me wondering what I'm doing out there. My guess is the 18 Redfisher probably handles even better but for me is too much for what I like best, which is poling/fishing on the flats.
  11. B2TB

    Storm Shutters

  12. B2TB

    Storm Shutters

    Just came back from checking my townhouse in Marathon. We have shutters over the windows and French doors and not a drop of water got in. The shutters extend several inches beyond the doors and windows so nothing gets in. Our front door is solid wood so no shutters, and some dirt and debris got in.
  13. B2TB

    Hella Marine Nav Light

    I'm on my third light ( installed by a local marina) in a short period of time. Water seems to get inside and the light shorts out. I read a post on another site from someone saying you can't wash down the boat with the light in the down position on the poling tower. Has anyone else had this experience?
  14. B2TB

    Poling HPX-18??

    I'm 68 years old and find my 18hpx easy to pole. It's the only boat I've had so can't compare it to anything else. I should let you know that I'm in good physical shape and run 2 miles a day however I think someone who may not be in shape can still push it fairly easily.
  15. B2TB

    First Boat

    Check out the topic heading "Scott Deal Talks Flats Boats" a few post above yours for a video where he discusses some of the differences.
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