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  1. Good news.phone took a charge so I at least have these................that's all I have now. Second pics is starboard stern storage compartment. I moved the starting battery forward to console....you can see some of the new wiring and the new fuel filter/hose.
  2. I'll post more pics in couple of days........my phone died. FYI it is a stock, standard layout for that model and year. I'm the forth owner.
  3. SOLD>>>>>1999 Hewes Bayfisher 16 ft w/ 1999 Yamaha C90. Tampa/St Pete area 453 hours; new water pump, thermostat, poppet valve and seals. Carbs rebuilt 2016; motor runs strong! New wiring, new bait/release well pumps, running lights. 80 lb thrust Great White, 3 new batteries(2 ea 31's and 1 ea 27), and three bank charger. Aluminum Trailer has new tires, springs, axle, and lights. Simrad and Transducer NOT included. $9250 obo
  4. Par8head

    Aluminum Gas Tanks

    JB Weld Fix update. Our patch is holding,(yes only two months), but no evidence of any fuel leakage. Grandson did good job of putting it all back together and has had it out on 6 trips. We'll keep an eye or nose on it of course....but for the moment it's run it and fish it. Hope everyone has a great new year.
  5. Par8head

    Push pole holders question

    Waterguy, Can you pot pic of final Accon recessed install? I to want to recess mount and have questions about rearmost mount cut out. Seeing where yous are would be a help. Thanks
  6. Par8head

    2001 Redfisher 16 Restoration

    Who did your Push pole platform support. I like the simple functionality. Very Classy. Also the baitwell paint.....what brand, did you brush apply of spray? There's a lot of thought in what your doing. Thanks
  7. Par8head


    Well done.
  8. Par8head

    bilge hatch access

    Had to trim 3/4 inches off of front of hatch bottom..........think I paid $40ish at local store. I set it hinged to stern. Replacing all pumps etc while it's wide open, but will be able to access all much better than the factory pie plate. Gotta love a Dremel.
  9. Par8head

    16 RF out of Port Richey

    Sallow Minded...very nice, and some big fish. Exactly which Moonlighter did you go with? I'm needing one for my 1999 16 BF. Thanks - PH
  10. Par8head


    Flats Rat.where did you get the goodies? Boat/Trailer look great.........
  11. Par8head

    97 LT 20 has major fuel leak.

    Some good info on this thread.
  12. Par8head

    Garmin gpsmap 498

  13. Par8head

    Aluminum Gas Tanks

    So we cut the fiberglass vertical riser which gave us limited access. You can see the foam creeping around the front. When we scraped it off note that it had removed whatever coating they used on the tank in 1985. Also of note, and as mentioned by many others, in well ventilated, non foamed areas the coating is in place and still doing it's job of protecting the aluminum. We abraded and cleaned the two screw holes and patched with original JB Weld. Filling up the tank and a water test to see if these two holes were the problem is next............wish us luck.
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