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  1. linesider 159

    Pinellas County Commision- Bunces Pass

    Absolutely ridiculous legislation. Bunch of non boaters on the commission who more than likely havent even visited the site to view it
  2. linesider 159

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I actually run a 23.5 bravo fs now (7k rpm rev limiter). Im going to be tied up until after next weekend but then Ill send you a message and see about running it. Appreciate it!
  3. linesider 159

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Mulligan, who did the prop work? Need good hands to work a bravo back properly
  4. linesider 159

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Tore out my wet sounds sub and added a 12 inch jl sub, check out the difference! New amp goes in today to power the sub, went with a jl m600/1 for the sub, and then a wet sounds sdx6 to power the 8 jl speakers. Should be able to stun the fish to the surface without the need of a fishing rod lol!
  5. linesider 159

    Hewes with F300!

    That pricing is MSRP for a loaded boat. I bet they sell for 70-75 all day long if its close to the industry standard, which isn't even that bad. Sterling 22 loaded out is 75-90
  6. linesider 159

    2300 HPS 300 Pro XS

    Probably the best performing motor you could get for that boat, you don't see many because Pathfinder has relations with Yamaha
  7. linesider 159

    2015 Yamaha VMAX SHO 200

    We're the ones that just repowered your Mav!
  8. linesider 159

    2015 Yamaha VMAX SHO 200

    Im actually a key west dealer, if that's a 210 it will haul the mail with a 200 SHO. Whats the price?
  9. linesider 159

    2015 Yamaha VMAX SHO 200

    Rebuilt or replaced? Rebuilding a 4 stroke, especially a sho, is nearly impossible unless they put an entire new powerhead on it. Send link to boat if you can
  10. linesider 159

    Hewes with F300!

    300 Yamaha runs same speed as a 250 sho, and this boat is bigger than a redfisher 21 so its not surprising its maxed at 65. I think getting that motor up and switching to a bravo fs may help some though. The Yamaha props do have a lot of lift though
  11. linesider 159

    Hewes with F300!

    Maybe I’m missing something but seems a 250 sho would be a way better fit. 20 inch shaft and a fair amount lighter
  12. linesider 159

    21RF Max HP

    My 2004 was rated for 250. I say keep the sticker off, over 20 foot you don't need it anyways
  13. linesider 159

    New product?

    Looks like an lt20 hull with a 21 redfisher cap
  14. linesider 159

    White Bait/ Upper Tampa Bay

    I live on upper tampa bay and it is very sporadic depending on the time of year. Best bet is chum the flats outside of "A cut" and see if they show, then head down the Culbreth isles and look for them. You can get white bait at the CCC at night depending on tide, but again it varies. Howard franklin where the bridge meets land on west side is very popular as well
  15. linesider 159

    Stern Squat?

    CB Marine design on facebook. The "SCB" logo was custom because my boat was an scb. You can do all different colors and engravings.
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