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  1. linesider 159

    WTB ??? What's going on ?

    I dont believe it for a second, with increased demand and reduced production backlogs will continue to run. Sure, demand may slow down but a never ending backlog still ensures steady business.
  2. linesider 159

    WTB ??? What's going on ?

    Just went under contract on a house last week. 1.5 days on market with 25 offers, had to go 35k over asking to get it (still a great deal for me). I am in the boating industry and it is absolutely insane with the demand.
  3. linesider 159

    Hewes 18 Redfisher Ameratrail Trailer

    Fantastic deal
  4. linesider 159

    Quick Release RipTide Storing

    You can order just the quick release base from minn Kota and save a few bucks. Do yourself a favor and get about a 1/8 inch piece of starboard and use it as a spacer off the wall. It will make it ten times easier to slide the pin through. Maybe even a touch bigger than that
  5. linesider 159

    2300 HPS Stringer Issue

    You can hang a boat by its transom and bow eye and they wont crack. The bottom of the boat, specifically under the stringer, is one of the strongest parts of the boat. Setting the boat on a clamshell wont detach a stringer. I do wish you best of luck though and hope you enjoy the boat 👍
  6. linesider 159

    2300 HPS Stringer Issue

    You had said a small area had localized flexing, what was causing that? I think the clamshell causing cracking is a stretch but I’ll be interested to see how it pans out.
  7. linesider 159

    RF16 HP rating

    Ive seen manufacturers put the wrong sticker on a boat before. They were applying the stickers to the console and both models used the same console. Ended up with a couple 15 foot boats rated for 150 and 7 people!
  8. linesider 159

    2300 HPS Stringer Issue

    I was referring to impacts causing stringer failures. You would be hard pressed to find a boat that struck something that would cause a stringer failure but not completely sink the boat. It just isn’t something that happens and I think it’s a cop out for any manufacturer (not singling out MBG).
  9. linesider 159

    2300 HPS Stringer Issue

    What is this stringer failure caused by “impact”? 8 years in the industry and seen several boats sink from an impact, yet stringers perfectly intact? If your insurance company denies the claim then they feel it’s not an impact. I can assure you that if you hit something hard enough that could potentially cause a stringer to fail you would know about it, and the bottom of the boat would surely show it.
  10. linesider 159

    2300 HPS Stringer Issue

    Hard to say without a video or photo. You can call MBG with your hull info but youre more than likely on your own. Id see what the glass guy says when he investigates and go from there.
  11. linesider 159


    Just got my quote today, 3300 (tax included) for my boat. A little higher than expected, so marine mat is supposed to come out Wednesday and quote it
  12. linesider 159

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Well it’s stripped and ready. Switched the 12 inch sub to 2 10 inch jls in a box under the console, expect that to be done in 2 weeks. Seadek comes tomorrow afternoon to scan the boat, and Tuesday I drop it at fiberglass to have everything done. The next 2-3 weeks this boat will really come together. Sneak peak of the seats Also, thank God for oak trees and the shade they provide to work under, today was brutally hot
  13. linesider 159

    Hydraulic Power Assist Steering

    Do it! I went with the mercury power steering for my 300r. After running my 400 verado theres no way i could go back to no power steering.
  14. linesider 159

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Hope you guys don’t mind since it’s not an MBG boat, but tore all my seating out today and am getting it all redone. Going with all black diamond stitch. Boat gets stripped this week and goes to fiberglass Monday where it will really begin to take the shape. Motor is 3 weeks out and still piecing parts together, just ordered 2 10 inch subs that will go in an enclosure under the console. Coordinating this build has been a pleasure and a nightmare. Also decided to pick this little guy up, I know it’s not an mbg but what a blast this little thing is!
  15. linesider 159

    Power-pole Competition

    I don’t think it’s even possible to be less reliable than the ulterra. (I say this after I just bought a new black ulterra because it’s cool and I want it to match the boat) 🤪
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