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  1. If this is a bravo FS ill take it. Is it a standard bravo 1 or the bravo 1 FS (cut barrel for more bow lift)?
  2. linesider 159

    Powerpole vs talon

    If you fish a lot of mud talons are a disaster. Ive had every powerpole made and ran dual 12 foot and 8 foot talons for a while. Powerpole is by far simpler and more reliable. If you buy a talon get the tilt bracket so you can routinely tilt it up and lubricate the whole thing. I went with talons because I used to travel a lot bass fishing and the extra depth was a huge advantage. Now that I don't do it that much I went with powerpoles and no way id take them off.
  3. linesider 159

    Lighting up your top deck?

    A headlight really is nice to have, but my last boat had a small light bar under the poking platform and it was nice, maybe a little bright though. id go for a small spreader light mounted on the underside of the poking platform
  4. linesider 159

    MBG Warranty 5 or 10 years?

    It is. Since at least 2014 I know its been 5 years for hewes products.
  5. linesider 159

    25 Hybrid

    I already tried 30 min after it got posted and never heard anything. It's a prank anyways (check the registration numbers removed)
  6. linesider 159

    2020 "2500" Hybrid for Sale

    Congrats Jeremy and good luck on the new venture. Would be nice to see y'all back on the tourney trail Shane H
  7. linesider 159

    Fly by wire whos runnning it?

    Not worth it. In a twin application it is nice. I just went from a 300xs with hydraulic steering and mechanical controls to a 400 verado with power steering and fly by wire. If I had to pick I'd do the power steering upgrade because that is so nice to have on higher hp motors
  8. linesider 159


    Sorry but if one of those danger noodles lands on me from above Its going to scare me pretty good. Reminds me of when it happened to Bill dance: https://youtu.be/dZ8NHv48MzA
  9. linesider 159


    I had a snake get into a boat once before. Had the boat parked in the mangroves while we had lunch and I guess he got in when that happened. Ran to our spot and start fishing when my dad, who was fishing on the back deck, screams. He was barefoot and stepped backwards right onto the snake. He thought it was a soft plastic until he felt it start freaking out. Turned out to be about a 3-4 foot water snake, so luckily it wasn't a moccasin. Never laughed so hard in my life We think the snake was under the seat cushions while driving. Can't imagine what would have happened if it came out while we were driving
  10. linesider 159

    Nothing on Console Working

    Check battery connections, especially ground. Does motor have power? Battery switch? Breakers tripped? Next would be to check power to switch panel.
  11. linesider 159

    White or black?

  12. linesider 159

    Stereo / Battery question

    Seems fine to me. Get a jump pack just in case but should be no issue. I run 4 8.8jls and 4 6.5 jls with a 12 inch sub for hours off a single group 31 optima. Definitely takes some juice but ive yet to have to switch over to my other battery. I do have an ACR relay that helps manage charge levels when motor is running
  13. linesider 159

    Egret is killing it!

    Poly tanks have some major downsides too. Its not uncommon to have a fuel sender go bad on a poly tank and not be able to get the new one to seat properly. Poly tanks can warp, and when they do the new fuel sender wont sit right and continues to leak fuel.
  14. linesider 159

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I had a set of optronics led trailer lights that lasted over 2 years until I sold the boat. I fish about 180-200 hours (on my motor) a year, so they get dunked a lot.
  15. linesider 159

    Egret is killing it!

    Better quiet down about that 21 flats comment! Lol 20-22 flats are really nice when you like a flats layout but need to cross open bays. I prefer the speed feel. I recently switched to a 25 but still have the flats boat layout and love it
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