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  1. bigsnook35

    2021 SW FL MOT at The Tarpon Lodge

    Hoping it is a go this year. Me and my pops will be there. May have to bring the new wife now.
  2. bigsnook35

    Draining the Live Well

    You should be able to unscrew it most of the way without taking it all the way off. Then it will drain around the threads.
  3. bigsnook35

    94 LT 20 purchase

    I have A 1996 LT20 that does run a little bow down. But i have not played the prop game yet. Still i low 50s boat and handles great in a chip with the ride and no tabs.
  4. The cap is “glued” down usually with some type of adhesive. Then there are screws that go down the side that are covered by the rubrail. Different screws than the ones that hold the rubrail on. When i redid my boat i added some 5200 in a few spots where there were gaps. I also went around and redid all of the screws. I put 5200 in the screw hole and then reinserted screws. I haven’t had any issues since then. Hopefully that helps. If you have any other questions I will try my best to help.
  5. bigsnook35

    Jack Plate: Atlas vs Bob's

    Bobs all day.
  6. bigsnook35

    LT 20 trolling motor

    60” and 36V on my LT20
  7. bigsnook35

    trolling motor for LT20

    I have a 60” ipilot on my LT20 and love it. I also went with the 36V
  8. bigsnook35

    Hewes with F300!

    I’m curious if it has the master angler bottom. I know they talked about bringing it back, but in the Hewes lineup because that is there flats boat line.
  9. The characteristics of the LT are for it to run bow down. To fix that problem you would have to do bottom work to the boat. The faster mine goes the more boat in the water. Also makes the boat ride great in a chop.
  10. bigsnook35

    1996 Hewes 20' Light Tackle Rebuild

    Actually changed out the trolling motor again since this post. It now has a 60” 36V i-pilot. Got tired of barely moving in a strong current. Switched out the 8’ blades for 10’s. Also the platform is off the boat and not going back on. I just Repowered with a new 200hp Mercury Pro XS. And loving it so far.
  11. bigsnook35

    gas tank replacement

    If you derig the console. The panel the console is on comes out. The tank is below that. I checked my tank while doing my remodel. I have a 1996 20’ LT. My tank was good. So i simply left it in place. But it is doable without having to cut the floor.
  12. Unfortunate the 25” shaft motor is a no go. It will be too long below the keel. 20” shaft is the correct and only length motor for these boats.
  13. bigsnook35

    36v Minn Kota Riptide SF (tiller)

    I’ll buy you a case of IPA. What’s your flavor of choice?
  14. bigsnook35

    Hewes Redfisher poling platform screws

    West Marine sells them. They are called finish washers.
  15. bigsnook35

    Yamaha 2014 250 SHO for sale

    Sent another one inshore.
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