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  1. Hey yall, this last weekend I took the hewes out to Everglades City for some red fishing with the wife. After we backed the boat in I went to start the engine and there was no start. You could hear a click, almost like the starter was deploying to the flywheel but there wasn’t enough juice to spin it. Weird thing is after repeating turning the key on and off several times it would start and run fine. We went fishing all day and when it was time to start heading back it did it again. Mind you we ran and powered off multiple times with no issues. Also, I made sure the throttle was in neutral as I though maybe they could be the issue, so I’d put it into drive and then back to neutral. What do you think it could be? Starter going bad, starter relay? I’m no mechanic. I can’t take the chance any longer of it not starting when doing 30+ miles runs and often not seeing another boat all day(especially with the wife). Thanks for any and all input!
  2. Squanto10

    Powerpole vs talon

    Anyone care to chime in on this already abused topic lol. I’m at the crossroads of the two. I fish in a lot of water depth in that 7-8ft range where my old pro series would struggle to anchor up. I have a 18ft redfisher. I would like to know y’all opinions between the 10ft blade or the 12ft talon. Pictures would greatly be appreciated so I can see the heights. Thanks!
  3. Just curious, anyone on here running a 10ft blade on their 18 hewes redfisher? Currently I have an 8ft, but am contemplating replacing with a 10 so I can anchor in all of my spots regardless of tides. Just don’t know how it’ll look/function with the blade sticking up 2ft higher. Any pics would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!
  4. Hey y’all. So I finally installed my new replacement boat cushions on my Hewes Redfisher 18 and I couldn’t be happier. I had two recessed seat cushions made, a bench cushion(that I never had before) and a rocket seat backrest made by the one and only sandy @soritecushionsandcanvasllc. The quality of work was of factory grade if not better. She already has all the measurements for the cushions. Everything was done via phone and went extremely smooth. I’d HIGHLY recommend. There was a 6month wait but that was due to sandy having surgery(I’d gladly wait again). The pricing was excellent, there were local shops I called and were around the same price, however, sandy works directly with maverick(and referred by maverick) so I figured she was the much better option. If anyone is needing new cushions they shouldn’t hesitate and give her a call! Attached are some pictures! Her contact info: 772-579-6273 email: sorite@comcast.net
  5. Squanto10

    What GPS have you guys mounted on your Hewes

    I’m running a HDS9 on my ‘10 redfisher 18 mounted on top of my console. You won’t be disappointed, I primarily fish Chokoloskee and the 10k islands. The best thing I did was get rid of the factory Garmin. I can get picks tomorrow if you’d like!
  6. Hey y’all, my fuel sending unit I believe is out, the gauge is permanently stuck on full. I’ve ran the fuel down to what I imagined as almost empty. I’ve read that the sending unit could be the issue as the other features on the gauge still work. My question is where is it located and how do I access it. I have a 2010 hewes redfisher 18. I’m quite the novice when it comes to repairs but I’m learning. Any and all help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Squanto10

    Hewes Redfisher 18 rod holder install?

    FSU11 what are the dimensions on your bench cushion? It looks killer and I’m up next on a list for cushions to be made. Thanks a lot I really appreciate it. My hewes is a 2010 that doesn’t have one.
  8. Squanto10

    seat cushion

    Anyone have the dimensions of their deck cushions? My hewes doesn’t have one but I’d like to add one! Thanks!
  9. Does anyone know who makes the port and starboard console factory lights on a 2010 hewes redfisher? The chrome cap popped off and I am looking to replace. Thanks!
  10. Squanto10

    Hewes Redfisher decal (chrome)

    Anyone know where I can get replacement chrome hewes decals aside from mbg themselves? The mbggear.com use to sell them but no longer do. Any help would be appreciated! Like always, tight lines y’all!
  11. Squanto10

    Any pathfinder 23 hps for sale?

    I may be selling my 2010 Hewes Redfisher 18, and I’m wanting to get a pathfinder 23 hps. I’m not in a rush but if the right boat popped up I may pull the trigger. With that said any up for sale??? Thanks, and tight lines!
  12. I may be selling my 2010 Hewes Redfisher 18, and I’m wanting to get a pathfinder 23 hps. I’m not in a rush but if the right boat popped up I may pull the trigger. With that said any up for sale??? Thanks, and tight lines!
  13. Squanto10

    Navionics Platinum Chip VS Florida Marine Tracks

    That was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I switched back from Garmin to Lowrance following that fishing trip.
  14. Squanto10

    Navionics Platinum Chip VS Florida Marine Tracks

    Well said heweymagoos. After all of the positive and encouraging feedback I will be purchasing shortly! Thanks guys!
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